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Su Bei did not know that Lu Heting was investigating Gun Gun.

Anyway, whatever Gun Guns identity was, it did not affect her feelings for this little fellow.

At this moment, the outside world had already spread the news that Su Bei had offended Sheng Tang Entertainment and was about to be banned by the company.

The news that Su Bei had resigned from acting in Sheng Tang Entertainments new movie spread like wildfire.

However, everyone thought about it carefully.

Back then, the publicity for Sheng Tang Entertainments new movie had always been focused on Su Huixian.

Moreover, be it the opening ceremony or the interview, Su Huixian had many scenes and was a hot topic.

When they thought of Su Bei, it seemed she had been deliberately avoiding getting involved with this movie.

So, did Su Bei never really care about this movie from the beginning

However, no matter what, the split between Su Bei and Sheng Tang Entertainment was real.

For a moment, the fans were extremely worried.

They asked Su Bei about her situation repeatedly, wanting to know how her relationship with Sheng Tang was.

Yue Ze took this opportunity to announce the termination of Su Beis contract with Sheng Tang Entertainment.

[Su Bei has really offended Sheng Tang Entertainment.

I didnt expect so many things to happen to her in such a short period of time.]

[Its not that I want to say this, but Sheng Tang Entertainment has always been very respectful toward female celebrities.

They also protect their rights very much.

Su Bei publicly terminated her contract and left.

Its probably Su Beis fault, right]

[Its definitely Su Beis fault.

Su Bei mustve done something, so Sheng Tang couldnt tolerate her anymore.

The female celebrities in Sheng Tang Entertainment all have good reputations.

Su Bei might just be a bad apple that ruined the entire basket.]

[To think that I used to like Su Bei so much.

Im really disappointed in her.]

It was no wonder that everyone would make such guesses and gossip about Su Bei.

In Tang Xinrus hands, Sheng Tang Entertainment had indeed protected and respected their female celebrities.

They had built themselves a good reputation in the outside world.

However, Su Bei kept encountering problems.

Those who did not know would definitely think that it was Su Beis fault.

Fortunately, Tang Xinru posted a long Weibo post to speak up for Su Bei.

She tried her best to say that there was nothing wrong with the collaboration between the two parties.

Su Bei and Sheng Tangs contract was terminated under normal circumstances.

Su Beis character was fine, and there was no conflict between the two parties.

Her statement suppressed the discussion about Su Bei.

Tang Xinru did this to protect Su Bei and save Tang Yue some dignity.

She was saving Tang Yues and Sheng Tangs reputations.

However, when Su Bei found out that the insulting comments were all from the same source, she knew that this was undoubtedly done by Tang Yue.

Su Bei took into consideration Sheng Tang Entertainments reputation and only settled the matter with Tang Yue internally when she left.

Unexpectedly, Tang Yue did not even plan to let her leave in peace and even looked for people to slander her.

At the thought of this, Su Bei did not stand on ceremony anymore.

She posted the surveillance footage of her and Du Luo in the company.

She also shared the news to the paparazzi regarding how Tang Yue had deliberately chosen to use Su Huixian as the female lead in the movie to suppress her.

The paparazzi naturally wanted to create trouble after getting these things.

They quickly released the news, causing the discussion to turn to Tang Yue.

Su Beis fans were also triggered by these ugly things.

They all asked Tang Yue to give them an explanation and ask Sheng Tang Entertainment to apologize to Su Bei.

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