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How could she be willing to let all her efforts go to waste

Madam Lu sighed and said, “Xintong, stop working so hard.

Just leave.”

“Aunt, I really love and care for Gun Gun.


Madam Lu said softly, “Do you know why Heting asked you to come over to get your blood drawn At least you were willing to get your blood drawn and showed the intention of saving Gun Gun.

That means you still have some conscience and truly didnt know about this matter.

You didnt deceive the Lu family.


Madam Lu did not finish her sentence.

So, that was how it was.

No wonder Lu Heting did not tell them the truth when he already knew it.

He was just putting on an act to test them.

If the Liao family had hesitated at all when they drew their blood just now and if they had known about Gun Guns identity, they would not just be chased out of the Lu familys old residence now.

If they had deceived the Lu family, Lu Heting would not stop at just destroying their family.

Lu Heting had already left them with enough dignity!

Lu Weijian asked her a few more questions and got her to tell him everything.

Liao Xintong knew that it was useless to beg anymore.

After explaining everything, she walked out in despair like a zombie.


and Madam Liao were not any better.

Their hair was messy, and their eyes were red.

Their years of hope had turned into a dream!

After they walked out, the door of the Lu familys old residence was slammed shut behind them.

This also closed off the last bit of thought they had of trying to cling to the Lu family!

Madam Lu sighed and said, “Sigh, we were too careless back then.

We only investigated whether Gun Gun was Hetings son and didnt look into his ties with the Liao family.

Who would have thought that the child brought back by the supposed mothers family was not the mothers at all”

Old Madam Lu said, “Its not your fault.

We didnt expect it either.

Its just that we dont know who this childs biological mother is.”

Lu Heting stood up and said, “Ill investigate it.

Grandpa, Grandma, Mom, you must all be tired.

Rest early.”

Lu Weijian hurriedly followed Lu Heting and left.

Old Master Lu said, “At least its confirmed that hes a child of our family.

Its not a big problem.

The Liao family isnt presentable, so its not a bad thing that Gun Gun is not related to them.”

Old Madam Lu and Madam Lu nodded secretly.

However, when Madam Lu thought of Su Bei, she felt a little troubled.

Why did she not listen to her advice and insist on staying in the entertainment industry Were there any good people in that industry

Lu Weijian got into the car with Lu Heting and said, “Brother, it looks like the three of them really didnt know anything.

They hadnt been lying to us.

According to Liao Xintong, Liao Qing took advantage of her position as a nurse to steal a few bottles of sperm cells that were left in the hospital back then and made test-tube babies.

After she gave birth to Gun Gun in America, she got into a car accident.

She couldnt bring Gun Gun back herself, so she got Liao Xintong and Madam Liao to bring the child back.

“She passed away very quickly.

Liao Xintong and Madam Liao never thought that Gun Gun was not from the Liao family.

However, Liao Qing is already dead.

If we want to investigate Gun Guns biological mother, we have to make a trip to America.

Brother, are you sure you want to investigate”

Lu Heting held the steering wheel and pursed his lips.

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