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“Huh How could that be” Liao Xintong was stunned when she heard this.


and Madam Liao were even more helpless as they stood rooted to the floor.

Lu Weijian walked over and said, “This is the report.

Look at it yourself!”

The three of them trembled as they picked up the report and flipped to the last page seriously.

They kept muttering, “How is this possible How can this be Gun Gun is a child of our Liao family…”

However, such words were completely unconvincing in the face of real evidence.

Liao Xintong lost her balance and almost fell.


Weijian.” Her voice turned dull from shock and despair.

“But Gun Gun is really my sisters child…”


Liao glanced at Madam Liao, who immediately said, “Liao Qing is our child.

Its absolutely true.

You cant suspect that Liao Qing isnt your child.”

“You dont have to suspect each other.

Gun Gun has no blood ties with the three of you.

This already proves that Gun Gun is not Liao Qings child at all.

Whatever you say now is a lie!”

Lu Weijian did not stand on ceremony with the three of them.

Liao Xintongs heart churned.

She really did not expect things to turn out like this.

Now, not only was Gun Gun not a child of the Liao family but the Lu family had also been deceived by them.

Would they suffer in their hands

She immediately tried to explain to the Liao family, “Mr.

Weijian, we really didnt know anything.

At that time, my sister was in a car accident in America.

She said that she had given birth to this child.

My mother and I immediately rushed to America to bring the child back, but when the child was brought back, he was very sick.

We had no choice but to send the child to the Lu family.

All of this is true.

We didnt lie at all.

We really didnt lie.

Were not liars…”

How could she care about claiming to have a relationship with Gun Gun now The only thing she had to do now was make the Lu family believe that they had not been deceiving them.

The three people from the Liao family really did not know about this.

Lu Weijian said, “Regardless, the three of you dont have to show up here in the future anymore.

Read the report carefully.

As for the blood that youve always drawn here, you can take it and do the test again.

Dont say that the Lu family went too far and lied to you with the fake report.”

Liao Xintong and her parents were filled with despair.

They never expected Mr.

Lu to suddenly bring them here for this reason.

They were completely unaware of this matter.


Liao Xintong, once youre done clarifying things, you can leave.

As for Gun Gun, hes not sick at all.

Hes fine now,” Lu Weijian said.

“Butler, send them out!”


Weijian, even though Gun Gun and I arent related by blood, weve still been together for so many years.


Weijian, I still want to see Gun Gun.

Ill still be good to him in the future…” Liao Xintong said to Lu Weijian while crying.

Lu Heting was standing not far away.

His cold aura made her not dare to beg him.

Lu Weijian was unmoved.

Gun Gun would be fine without the Liao family, would he not

Seeing that Lu Weijian did not give her a chance, Liao Xintong immediately turned to Madam Lu.

“Aunt, I beg you.

On account of my relationship with Gun Gun…”

She knew that without their agreement, this would be the last time she stepped foot into the Lu family!

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