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Madam Lu sighed and said, “That child, Gun Gun, suddenly fell sick.

The doctor said that they might need a donor.

Weve already done the tests to check our compatibility, but none of us are eligible.

Im afraid youll have to do it.”

When Liao Xintong heard that, it was no wonder the atmosphere was so tense.

It turned out that Gun Gun was sick.

However, this was also a good opportunity for her.

Since Gun Gun was sick and the Lu family could not help out, they could only rely on the Liao family.

If she could really be a donor for Gun Gun this time, how could the Lu family not care about her She and the Lu family would really be inseparable from Gun Gun!

She immediately said, “Aunt, let me do it! No matter what, Gun Guns health is the most important.

If I can be a match, Im willing to donate any organ or have my blood drawn!”

Her thoughts were exactly what Mr.

and Madam Liao thought.

Gun Gun was their child, so how could they not care


and Madam Liao immediately expressed their determination.

“Yes, yes, yes.

As long as we can save Gun Gun, everything will be fine.

Lets get our blood tested now!”

The three of them did not hesitate at all.

Instead, they fought to roll up their sleeves.

Madam Lu looked at Lu Heting before saying, “If its really a match, wont you regret it”

“Of course not.

Gun Gun is also a child of our family,” Mr.

Liao said immediately.

He knew that this was a good opportunity.

He had selfish motives, but he still had some love and care for Gun Gun.

If it were not for the fact that the Lu family had always been unwilling to let them raise the child, they would have been willing to raise Gun Gun themselves.

“Even if I have to risk my life, I have to save him!”

Madam Lu said, “Then come over.

Lets have your blood drawn first.”

The three of them were unafraid of death and could not wait for their bodies to be of some use.

The doctor came over and took a syringe of blood from each of them.

The three of them did not say anything and appeared very calm.

They were also very worried about the childs situation.

Liao Xintongs face was pale as paper, but she was looking forward to it.

It would be best if she could be a match.

In that case, the situation would only get better.

They really did not want anything to happen to Gun Gun.

“When will the results be out Do we need to take special care of our bodies” Mr.

Liao asked.

“As long as we can help Gun Gun, we wont do anything or go anywhere during this period of time.

Well just stay in the hospital.”

“No need!” Lu Heting, who had been silent all this while, spoke with a serious tone.

He suppressed Mr.

Liaos words.


Liao usually did not dare to speak to Lu Heting, but now, he raised his voice and said, “Mr.

Lu, this concerns Gun Guns health.

Gun Gun is your biological son.

We cant just sit idly by!”

“Yes, Gun Gun is my biological son, but what does he have to do with you” Lu Heting glanced at the three of them indifferently.

Liao Xintongs eyes instantly became wet as she advised him in a low and gentle voice, “Mr.

Lu, I know youve never liked Gun Guns background.

But now isnt the time to play games.

Its better to prioritize Gun Guns health.

No matter what, well always be by Gun Guns side.

Please put down your prejudices so we can treat Gun Gun as soon as possible.”

Lu Heting glanced at her indifferently.

Lu Weijian, who ran in, said loudly on Lu Hetings behalf, “Gun Gun has nothing to do with you.

Why do you need to show your loyalty here Ive already checked.

Gun Gun is not related to any of you!”

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