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If she continued to sit still without doing anything, she might really have no chance of winning in the future.

However, even though Liao Xintong tried her best to bribe the paparazzi, she could not find out who Da Baos mother was.

Moreover, she did not dare to alarm Lu Heting.

The paparazzi she bought off were all quite expensive.

She had spent a lot of money, but she did not manage to find anything.

What she did not know was that Lu Heting was already waiting to expose her true colors.

She was thinking about this at home when the Lu familys chauffeur suddenly rushed over and said, “Miss Liao, Mr.

Lu wants to invite you over.”


Lu Liao Xintong was overjoyed and said, “Ill be right there.”


and Madam Liao, please come with us,” the chauffeur said with a bow.

Liao Xintongs heart skipped a beat.

What was it that was so urgent

She did not dare to guess blindly and quickly got the butler to call her parents over.

She gave the chauffeur a red packet and said, “I wonder what Mr.

Lu is looking for us for If we have some information, perhaps we can prepare in advance.

Its better to be prepared.”

“I really dont know.

I just know that Mr.

Lu is quite anxious.” The chauffeur was on Lu Hetings side, so of course, he would not tell the truth.

Moreover, he really did not know the truth.

“Is he happy or unhappy, then”

The chauffeur said, “Youre making things difficult for me.

How would I dare to guess Mr.

Lus mood”

Hearing this, Liao Xintong was relieved.

Lu Heting was cold and difficult to approach.

Even if she stood in front of him, she might not be able to tell what he was thinking.

It was no wonder that the chauffeur could not make out his mood either.


Liao was now someone with some dignity.

He said, “Its okay even if we dont know the situation.

Lets go over first.

Were already familiar with the Lu family anyway.

Whats there to be afraid of”

With that, the three of them got into the car.

Liao Xintong agreed with her fathers words.

She wondered if it was because of Gun Gun.


Lu only had an average impression of her, but he was the same with all other women.

He was a man who couldnt tell what his likes and dislikes were when it came to women, so Liao Xintong still had an advantage over others.

Due to their intimate relationship, she was still a little confident in herself.


and Madam Liao were also wondering if something good was about to happen.

Previously, the Lu familys chauffeur would only bring Liao Xintong over.

It had always been Liao Xintong who went.

The two of them never had the right, but Old Master Lu had secretly given them a chance.

It was enough for them to rise quickly in the capital.

The three of them came to the entrance of the Lu familys old residence.

Standing at the imposing door, Liao Xintong was calm.


and Madam Liao did not think much of it just now, but now, they felt their legs go weak.

After all, they were not officially in-laws.

How could they not panic in front of the Lu family

The butler came forward to welcome them.

“Please come in.”

Seeing that it was the butler who came to pick them up and not the servants, the three of them were more at ease.

They walked all the way into the living room.

When they arrived, Mr.

and Madam Liao were nervous again.

Liao Xintong skillfully greeted, “Grandpa Lu, Grandma Lu, Aunt.


Lu, youre here too”

The four of them looked a little gloomy.

It looked like something serious had happened.

“Aunt, whats going on Is there anything I can do” Liao Xintong only dared to ask Madam Lu, who had always been good to her.

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