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“Let me show you something.” Lu Heting held Su Beis shoulder and brought her to a corner of the dining room.

“Yeah, okay!” Su Bei opened her eyes and looked forward to it.

She did not know what Lu Heting wanted to show her.

Her face was red, and her long eyelashes were fluttering.

Lu Heting reached out and pressed a button.

The wall opened like a curtain, revealing a new world in front of Su Bei.

She cried out in surprise.

In front of her was a wide hall.

It was far larger than the place she was staying in now.

Lu Heting had mentioned to her before that he had cleared the entire floor.

In order to expand the space, he had also made sure to clear the top and bottom floors.

Then, he used other methods to reinforce them.

Now that the renovated space was displayed in front of them, it still made their eyes light up.

The simple apartment building seemed to have transformed into another building entirely.

It was bigger than a villa, and the decorations were impeccable as well.

Moreover, it retained the original three-bedroom apartment.

The two sides could be connected but were relatively independent.

This way, it ensured comfort while also ensuring privacy.

“Wow, its not bad.

I like it so much!” Su Bei walked in and looked at the independent play area and the independent study room.

“I used to think that when I had money, I would buy a bigger house for them to live in.

This is my dream!”

Lu Hetings smile widened.

Of course, he knew what Su Bei liked, so this place was practically tailor-made for her.

He first considered Da Bao and Gun Guns needs, then he completely took into account Su Beis aesthetics.

It was a given that she liked it.

“Wow, is this for me” Gun Gun ran over and cried out in surprise as he ran around happily.

Lu Heting said seriously, “Its for Bei Bei.”

Gun Gun was even happier.

“If Bei Bei likes it, Ill be even happier! Im very satisfied! I like it!”

Seeing the smile on Su Beis face, he laughed even louder and ran to the second floor.

Da Bao sighed helplessly and followed him to protect him.

Lu Weijian stood at the side and sincerely envied Su Bei.

“Brother, Sister-in-law, can you give me a room here”

“Why are you still here” Lu Heting said calmly, his voice filled with disdain.

“…”Alright, pretend I didnt say anything. Lu Weijian covered his mouth.

“Lets go upstairs.” Lu Heting held Su Beis hand and went straight to the room on the second floor.

Su Bei was looking forward to it.

“Then are we staying here in the future”

“Up to you.

However, we can try… the bed on the second floor tonight.” Lu Heting leaned close to her ear and said in a low and hoarse voice.

This was the first time in five years that Liao Xintong could not attend Gun Guns birthday banquet.

In the past, when Da Bao was not around, she would be the honored guest at Gun Guns birthday banquets every year.

Even if there were times she might not be able to see Lu Heting, she still attended.

But this time, everything had changed.

She did not go, but she heard that Da Bao had gone.

The servants also said that Da Baos mother was with him.

At the thought of this, Liao Xintongs eyes turned red.

What kind of woman was she What kind of charm did she have How sincere was Mr.

Lu toward her

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