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The whole classroom was like a canister of candy that had been knocked over. In front of Cui Anyu was the outer packaging of the familiar bait, and there were traces of brown sugar stains on the corners of her mouth. Her eyes were filled with tears, but her face was full of the happiness brought by sweets.

She stared at him with her big, innocent eyes, blinking like stars reflected in the river. Any man would be moved by her, and t heavens would be happy to help her fish for the moon.

Except for Yu Guang.

His face was blank, and his thin lips opened and closed. In the end, he said in disbelief, “You ate it?”

Cui Anyu was frightened by his look. Her cold face, which had not changed for thousands of years, was stained with a blush of embarrassment. She stood up and said, “Im sorry! I couldnt help but eat your chocolate! Im sorry! Ill return you one piece! Or ten pieces will do!”

Cui Anyus parents were both officials. Although chocolate was a rare high-quality product, it wasnt to the extent that they couldnt afford it. Moreover, it was indeed her fault this time. No matter how much Yu Guang blamed her, she had no complaints!

Yu Guangs state of mind collapsed on the spot!

That beast bait did look like chocolate, but it was still for beasts to eat! Was it really okay for humans to eat it? Would a human not mutate? But looking at Cui Anyu now, she seemed to be eating happily.

He stared at the dialog box that only he could see. On it was a 24-hour countdown.

In other words, before the number reached zero, the contract wouldnt be fully established. He still had a chance to get back the beast bait!

‘Hold on! Theres still a chance! Theres still a way before the contract is established!

Yu Guang encouraged himself. He then smiled and said to Cui Anyu, “This isnt a good place to talk. Lets go somewhere private. I have something important to tell you.”

“Where?” Cui Anyu became alert. She recalled Yu Guangs action of putting one hand in his pocket and immediately had a bad thought.

“Dont misunderstand. I want you to accompany me to the dormitory to get something.” Yu Guang made up a random excuse.

If Cui Anyu was unwilling, he would take her away even if he had to knock her out! Otherwise, there was no way to get the beast bait in a public place like the classroom!

“Really?” Cui Anyu confirmed.

“Really!” Yu Guang nodded solemnly.

His heart was filled with a myriad of curses.Stop wasting time! Youre going to digest all the beast bait!

Cui Anyu hesitated for a moment, then looked at the person who had invited her. He was a famous top student. Hes also handsome and had just become an SSS beastmaster, so he probably wouldnt do anything out of the ordinary.

Moreover, she had eaten someone elses food first, so it wasnt impossible for her to accompany him. Perhaps she could even ask him about the problem of her subdued beast skill, to see if there was still hope for her.

“Alright, were only going to talk anyway,” Cui Anyu said shyly.

If the rest of the class saw her blushing, their jaws would drop. After all, Cui Anyu only had one expression, and she was very competitive. She had never shown such a girly side before.

“Lets not waste any more time!” Yu Guang didnt waste even a second.

Feng Jin Academy was a completely closed school. The male and female dorms were on both sides of the school. This way, it would be easier for the faculty and staff to manage the school.

However, today was different. The school suddenly had an SSS grade Yu Guang. Everyone in the school attached great importance to it, including the cafeteria auntie and the dorm manager. They were all called to a meeting by the principal, while the other students began to decorate the school. They were preparing a grand celebration.

In other words, other than Yu Guang and Cui Anyu, there was no one else who was wandering around the school. Therefore, they didnt meet anyone on their way to the dormitory.

“Come in.” Yu Guang opened the door and stepped aside to make way.

Although there were two people in the school dormitory, his roommate had dropped out of school last year due to an endocrine disorder caused by overwork and insufficient sleep. Speaking of which, it was also his own fault. In the same dormitory as Yu Guang, he had made up his mind to study hard and die at the hands of Yu Guang.

Who knew that he would be dragged into the hospital, so Yu Guang had always been alone here.

It was Cui Anyus first time in the male dormitory, so she couldnt help but feel a little nervous. She hesitantly stepped inside the room, and before she turned around, she heard the sound of the door being locked!

“What are you doing?!” Cui Anyu yelled in surprise.

“Dont misunderstand me. I closed the door because I was afraid that someone would eavesdrop, because what Im about to tell you might be beyond your imagination!” Yu Guang explained.

Cui Anyu was skeptical. She retreated to a safe corner beside a table. “What is it?”

Yu Guang took a deep breath. “The chocolate you ate was actually my subdued beast bait!”

He briefly explained the effects of the subdued beast bait. He only said that the old man at home had obtained it by chance and gifted it to him. The original purpose was to let him choose a better subdued beast.

After listening to his explanation, Cui Anyu felt as if she had just heard a fairy tale. She had an expression that said, “Dont take me for a fool.”

“You must be joking. How can there be such a magical thing… Even if there is, its only targeted at the familiar. Im a human, so it shouldnt work, right?”

“Thats what Im worried about,” Yu Guang said solemnly.

No matter how much he said, he might as well try it out himself! His gaze became stern.

When Cui Anyu saw those eyes, it was as if they were exploring her depths. She felt as if her heart had been struck by a heavy hammer!

Then, she heard Yu Guangs magnetic voice say, “Get me three cups of water. One cold, one hot, and one lukewarm.”

Hearing this absurd order, Cui Anyu wanted to open her mouth to refute, but her body couldnt control itself and picked up three disposable cups from the table. She half-squatted in front of the water dispenser happily.

Not only that, after hearing the order, her heart actually surged with endless joy like a spring, as if she had finally found the value of her existence!

Half a minute later, a cup of cold water, a cup of hot water, and a cup of lukewarm water were neatly placed on the table.

Cui Anyu stood by the table as if she was taking credit for it. She shyly said, “What other instructions do you have? Ill do anything for you!”

Yu Guang held his forehead and said helplessly, “Just be normal.”

The effect of this familiar bait was ridiculously good. It could tame the body and even the soul, but why did it have to go into a persons stomach?

Cui Anyu, who had received the order again, regained control of her body. She trembled, and there was only one expression left on her delicate face.

She recalled how she acted like a good girl just now and felt both angry and furious. She stomped her feet and said anxiously, “How could this be! Quick, think of a way to get the thing out! I dont want to become your slave!”

“I dont want to either, but youve already eaten it…”

“If I had eaten it…wouldnt it be better if I just spit it out…”

A thought flashed through Yu Guangcais mind, and he turned to look at his hands. His knuckles were cracking, and his fists were shaped like a meteor hammer that weighed a thousand pounds.

He stretched his wrist and said to Cui Anyu, “Can you spit it out if I punch you? With your physique, you should be able to withstand it.”

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