157 – The Morning of the Demon King Armys Chief of Staff

The way I spend my mornings has changed a lot as of late.

At least, ever since Ive been on active duty in the Demon King Castle.

Milla has helped me so much that it wouldnt be a stretch to say that I am indebted to her, and she helps me in the mornings as well.

Unsurprisingly, waking up in bed next to a gorgeous woman, who is only pretending to be asleep because I can tell that she put on make-up and did herself up before lying next to me, is bad for my poor heart, so I started getting up a little earlier.

Before I do anything else, I go over the maintenance of the various Black Magics that I cast on myself. Adjusting the effectiveness of some of them.

For example, the spell that shoves a blank space in between your thoughts is very troublesome when Im awake, so I concentrate it when Im sleeping, something like that.

As a part of my training, I am always casting Black Magic on myself.

Magic doesnt simply improve the more you use it, but the part where the organ that produced Magical Energy is used is trained up. It grows very steadily, but it definitely is getting stronger.

Using up my Magical Energy while sleeping is mainly for the purpose of strengthening my Magical Energy organ.

Next, I check on the horn. The horn that was handed to me by my master.

Majin horns store Magical Energy, compresses it, and purifies it.

Speaking of its efficacy, it is tremendous enough to even interfere with the laws of physics.

Ever since the Fenix battle, I have been giving a larger portion of my Magical Energy to be stored in the horn.

「Alright, not bad.」

Check complete. Condition is good.

I get off the bed and gently open the bedroom door.

When Milla sees me waking up, she looked a little disappointed but then smiled.

「Good morning, Lem.」

I also smile naturally.

「Good morning.」 

「Why not sleep a little longer?」

「…Ahaha. I thought Id go for a run.」

「Hmm… is it Amduscias again?」

Milla puffed up a cheek, pouting.

It is precisely because her mature womanly allure falters occasionally, showing childish gestures, that makes her loveliness stand out.

「Hey, hold on, Foras is there too, OK?」

What started all this was my desire to get along with my three subordinates, that is, my new allies.

What I mean by that is that I want to build a strong, trusting relationship between us, rather than becoming good friends or having them stick to me all the time.

For Adventurers, the Hero is essentially the leader. They cant form a party without a Hero, they are like the protagonists in a Clear.

But this doesnt mean they can do whatever they want.

Adventurers are people too, there are bound to be those who dislike the person giving the orders.

A party disbanding due to bad relations is unfortunately not uncommon.

The Minotaur Foras, Amduscias who has unicorn blood in her, and the Lamia Botis.

I am now the boss of these three.

If the boss gives an order, the other three have to follow it to the letter.

In terms of a party, it feels like when it is just newly formed.

Like in the mock battle with the Ellie party, lead by the Undefeated Hero Ellie, you can put on a coordinated performance by fighting exactly according to properly defined roles.

However, if you were to say that that was enough, I would say otherwise.

Of course, I dont want to overstep if they dont want me to.

「Well, whatever. It is important to mingle with your pig-…subordinates. Keeping their morale high and preparing an environment that allows them to demonstrate their best performance can be said to be the duty of those in charge.」

Said Milla, very convincingly.

The Demon King Castle is the best because of the Vampires who work together well and are in high morale and the Werewolves who all call each other brother and stand side by side.

「All Im doing is going on a run together with them, though.」

I actually heard from Foras, I essentially call my subordinates by their Dungeon Name, that he was doing some morning runs so that he could memorize the topography of the neighborhood.

In that case, I offered to join him, an

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