169 – The Tenth Stratum – The Realm of Demons and The Awakened Interceptors 2

There is a reason why I dont want to fight here.

No matter how much my Magical Energy organ was tempered by my masters teachings, summoning this many strong Contracts at once is exhausting.

I dont plan on using the Magical Energy stored in the horn just yet, so it would be foolish to remain here while I am regenerating my Magical Energy.

Also, I ordered them to do as they please this time.

I did not issue any proper instructions.

I could wait a little and support them with Black Magic…but Aerial would forcibly try and make his way to me.

Hes only going along with the match because he understands the rules of this stratum, but if at any point he thinks that I am not worthy of being cautious over, theres a good chance hell try to take my head.

And that isnt my intention either.

「Lord Lemegeton, please retreat. You can leave it to us.」

Said the Elf Monster, the Archer of the Deep Woods Stolas.

I nod once, stopped to think for a bit, and then said this;

「Take down that Hunter where he stands.」

That was the whole reason Lily chose to become a Monster in the first place.

To defeat the Faceless Archer Suuri.

I hope you can fulfill your original purpose as well.

I feel like I could sense her smiling behind the cloth covering her lips.

「…Most definitely.」

「Very well.」

I wave my robe, turning my back on the enemy.

「Ooh no…you aint gettin away that easy.」

They arent so naive as to let an enemy that they could defeat escape.

Hamill let loose his Flying Slash.

It was aimed to the side of Stolas, right at me.

I guess Hamils the only one who took the bait?

「…What the fu-」

Just before Hamills Flying Slash hit me, my body disappeared from the first area.

The last thing I heard was his dull, surprised voice before the scenery changed completely.

I teleported to the second area.

You could say it was Spatial Mobility, but I didnt use magic.

This time, I equipped myself with a Recording Stone.

With that, it becomes possible for me to move between areas.

However, teleporting Recording Stones are normally placed in a point where the viewer cant see.

Other than Safe Rooms, they are installed behind walls or inside a giant rock, where you can enter and leave through a door.

Of course, I have also teleported into the Staff-Only room in the second area and then I leave it.

In each area, Lemegeton will summon Contracts and Lemegeton himself will only fight the remaining people who have reached the deepest part of the tenth stratum.

This is a method that can be used because of this format.

Teleporting Recording Stones dont normally teleport with the teleporter, this one is special.

In contrast with the regular ones that draw Magical Energy from the Dungeon in order to teleport people, the one I have teleports people only by using the wielders own Magical Energy.

It isnt something that can be conveniently used by everyone.

「Now then…」

What will happen?

While regenerating my Magical Energy, I think about the battle in the first area.

「Hmm, perhaps I got here too early.」

A voice.


A voice that I know all too well, but also a voice that I shouldnt be hearing here. Even if I were to hear it, I expected to hear it much later.

How could something like this happen?

Even if this area is connected to the last by a door, I teleported to this area.

Also, it has been barely a minute since I came out of the door.

So then why…why is he in front of me?

Why is the Storm Hero Aerial here?

「I guess the welcome party hasnt been set up yet, huh? Or…could it be that this is where I get to fight you?」

「…To me!」

Whether this is unexpected or not, what I have to do hasnt changed.

My Magical Energy organ screams as I shift it into high gear, summoning my Contracts.

He shows great interest in my decision.


Like a child who was given a new toy as a present, he smiled happily.

Mankinds strongest drew near.

Just not too long ago, I didnt have the slightest idea that I would become a Monster.

The Faceless Archer Suuris true form is a senior disciple to me, and my fathers best student, so I noticed it immediately.

While it may be called Godspeed, there was no mistaking it.

There is only one thing that I cannot forgive. Just one.

And that is hiding his racial identity.

He is treating his pride as an Elf as if it was something to be ashamed of.

I think it is wrong to avoid discrimination and adapting to the outside world by hiding your true self.

It is true that Elves are criticized harshly. It was very harsh and it changed for the better in a few years, but cold-hearted words are still thrown at me when I walk around town.

Even when I walk in the Adventurer part of town as an Adventurer, people would say「This aint no place for a Demi-Human, girlie.」「You guys locked yourself up in the forest during the war but now that Dungeon Clearing has become a safe sport, you show yourself, huh?」「An Adventurer is an occupation for pure Humans!」and other such things.

That has decreased significantly now, and when I am with my allies, I almost never hear it, but it is not uncommon for people in the industry to respond differently to Humans and Demi-Humans without explicitly saying so.

I know of the past.

Elves are conservative people and respect the tradition of being born in the forest and dying in the forest. It is also a fact that we remained neutral during times of war. That fact cannot be changed.

But what does that have to do with me diving into a Dungeon with my allies? I didnt choose to be born as an Elf, nor do I have anything to do with my ancestors refusing to fight in the war.

If I am not being useful, then say so. I have no choice but to accept that. My incompetence is my fault.

However, those people attack me simply because they dont like me.

I dont believe it is right to attack the part of a person that they cannot change.

I will never yield to such injustice.

That may be one of the reasons why I always clash with Alba in the same party.

I am an Elf. I have never felt ashamed of that.

I have no choice but to live as Lily the Elf.

And neither does he, the man who inherited all of my fathers techniques, the senior disciple I respect.

He is working as an Adventurer while hiding his face.

It is impossible to not care.


Lem-…Lemegeton, purposely turned his back towards the enemy to trick them into attacking him.

In the end, Sir Hamill was the only one who took the bait.

Come and r

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