168 – The Tenth Stratum – The Realm of Demons and The Awakened Interceptors 1

About the reborn tenth stratum.

First, lets go over my weapons. There are three.

The first is my Black Magic that surpasses that of ordinary people.

The second is the Magic Tool that her Highness lent to me, the ring that can summon Contracts.

The last is the fact that I know a lot more about these adventurers than the average person because I am an Adventurer fanatic. In other words, knowledge.

Making use of all of that, I have established a stratum with key differences from the previous strata.

On top of that, Ill have the Monsters that have appeared in the previous ninth stratum play an active role.

The result of that is this, the realm of demons and the awakened interceptors.

A space ruled by the Demon King Armys Chief of Staff, where he will call upon a variety of Monster races and command them all to intercept the enemy.

The interior is the same. A black passageway with black pillars on the side.

It feels like the previous tenth stratum.

「…To my side.」

Heeding the will of the summoner, the Contracts cross over to this space.

Through vast amounts of Magical Energy, strong Monsters who are bound by a Contract all start to appear.


The robed man, the Faceless Archer Suuri, wasnt exactly shaken, but more surprised.

That is to be expected.

I was immobile. With his Godspeed, he intended to shoot down a defenseless Lemegeton. A course of action that is both quick and correct on his part.

But there was someone who shot it down. It was a surprise.

Furthermore, he was shot at from a different direction.

The arrow that he evaded pierced the ground and dissolved into it with a sizzle.

「Well done, my faithful subordinate… Archer of the Deep Woods Stolas.」[1. TL Note: Stolas is a Great Prince of hell that is depicted as a raven or a crowned owl with long legs.]

「I am merely doing what is to be expected of a subordinate, Lord Lemegeton.」

An Elf archer.

Previously the Hunter Lily of the Fenix party, but now the Archer of the Deep Woods Stolas.

Her long hair was shortened to about shoulder length in her Monster Avatar.

Her bow was modified to be black and her outfit, which originally was of a color that made one think of the fresh verdures of the forest, now makes one associate it with the image of twilight in the deepest parts of the woods.

Wearing a cloak reminiscent of the wings of an owl, suppressing her curly hair, and instead, there is a small crown-like ornament on her head.

She wore a mask over her eyes and a piece of cloth covering her mouth, but her long ears, the proud characteristic of her race, are majestically exposed.

Through a voice-changer hidden behind the cloth. her voice becomes indistinguishable from her real voice.

The one who shot the poison arrow was the Black Wound Hunter Leraje.

But she couldnt be seen.

She was made invisible by the Invisible Slaughterer Glasya-Labolas, so the Adventurers cannot see her.

「Oh Faceless Archer, I have heard tell that your Godspeed was originally a bow technique of Elf origin. Pray tell, just where did you learn such a thing?」

Suuri does not answer.

I already know the answer. He is an Elf, just like Lily. A man who became 5th ranked while hiding that fact.

Lily does not approve of how he hides his racial characteristics.

「Lord Lemegeton asked you a question. Answer!」

Stolas piles on, but he still doesnt say a word.

Instead, he answers with an arrow.

It soared in the air. But the arrow was blown off course by a gust of wind, rendering it harmless.

「…Wha-! Th-thats…!」

The Gale Hero Ewan shouted.

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