141 – The First Stratum – The Watchdogs and Hellfires Realm 3 Part 2

Understanding what he means, Scathach nods regretfully.

He has consumed a lot of Magical Energy, and hes lost an ally. Theres also another that lost all his fingers and his Magic Tool.

They planned for them to be the central figure for the first stratum, but to insist on that considering the situation would be the height of folly.

Having gotten permission, Aerial nods once and shifts his sights to an empty space.


At his call, a pointy hat and robe-wearing woman holding a staff truly dressed as a wizard drew near.

Until Fenix appeared, she was the strongest fire elemental user known only as the Crimson Wizard.

Normally, she is a sisterly figure with a warm and snug air about her, but as soon as she enters battle…

「Is it okay? Ill burn them~ Ill burn them all~」

She becomes unusually high energy.

She cheerful waves her staff, and then it happened.

Several fireballs the size of a huge rock were created, and they were let loose upon the ground, aiming at nothing in particular.

Shes probably trying to flush out the Invisible Slaughterer.

Due to the damage he received prior, a direct hit from one of those would be enough to defeat him.

Perhaps being grazed by one of the fireballs, Gla-la let out a pained groan.

「You may be charged to defend this place, but we have business to attend to at the bottom. With the master of this castle.」

The Demon King Castle is an underground labyrinth. Stacked layer upon layer, the Adventurers head for the very bottom.

Should they finally reach the bottom, they aim for her Highness who awaits them in the eleventh stratum.

Aerial readies his two-handed Holy Sword overhead.

I suppose he was weaving through the fireballs to get closer to them, the burned Gla-la, who lost one wing, nevertheless resolutely swings his sharp claws at the Storm Hero.

「Your coordination was truly amazing.」

His downswing was faster than Gla-las claws.

In the next moment.

The Invisible Slaughterer Glasya-Labolas was split vertically, and behind him, all the way on the far off fake Demon King Castle, a fissure appeared as if it were cut.

The people in the video room, who were excited by the actions of the first stratum, are now looking at the screen stunned.

When Gla-la was defeated, the wasteland fell silent.

All the invisible Monsters that were on the Aerial partys side were all defeated.

Fran was already rescued by Wraith.

「Hmph, we didnt get to do anything.」

Said Herv, frowning.

「Thats the Demon King Castle for you. These party members can get through most of anything, but theyre coming up with plans that cost us extra time to get through each of them.」

As usual, Wraith makes remarks that seem beyond his years.

「Indeed. I feel bad for Scathach and team, but thanks to them, we got to see how they operate.」

「Right? They keep pushing us to come up with an Adventurers most optimal solution.」

It seems that Aerial and Wraith werent the only ones who noticed.

「Hah, thats just perfect. A Hero crushes things head-on, right?」

Naturally, Herv would say that. 

「About that, let us leave that to the leading party of each stratum.」

Aerial concluded with that.

That statement sounded more like it was directed at the Monsters in the Demon King Castle.

As if to say, weve noticed that you guys realize what our plans are.

Without any particular objections, the sixteen people already resumed their march towards the fake Demon King Castle.

「So? Whats the plan? We gonna let the four ofem fight the Floor Boss?」

Scathach, who was subjected to a testing gaze from Herv, shook his head in denial.

「I cant afford to lose any more allies. Wraith, Fran. Can you assist us?」

「Of course. If that is what it takes to win, Ill do anything you need.」

Wraith smiled innocently, and Fran nods with nary an expression on her face.


The Floor Boss, the Watchdog of Hell Naberius, fought hard but he wasnt able to defeat anyone.

If the Scathach party insisted on being the center of the Clear, they probably would have lost one or two more members.

However, they proved why they are the worlds 5th-ranked party.

They didnt do something as foolish as putting their allies in danger for the sake of their pride.

There is perhaps another reason.

If only for Raid Battles, Floor Boss battles are at a disadvantage for the Dungeon side.

The Dungeon is divided into several sections.

The biggest section is the Dungeon. Referring to the whole thing.

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Next is the stratum. Referring to each stratum starting from the first all the way to the deepest.

After that is Area. In the first stratum, there are two Areas, the wasteland Area, and the Floor Boss Area.

In this Area, usually, the Fl

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