121 – The Mermaid Princess is a _______ Fanatic

This is the definition of a stratum in a Dungeon.

For example, the Demon King Castle has a total of eleven strata, but it doesnt mean you can Clear the Dungeon by breaking through eleven chambers.

Maybe its easier to imagine it as a regular building.

One floor of the building doesnt necessarily have only one room.

Adventurers open the doors of a lot of chambers until they finally find the chamber that connects to the next stratum and fight the Floor Boss in order to move on. By defeating the Floor Boss, that stratum is considered Cleared.

One floor is called a stratum, and the rooms within it can be of any number and type.

The Demon of Love Sitris fifth stratum, which was filled with maid Dream Demon, and also the battle with the Fenix party in the tenth stratum. These strata that had one chamber per stratum is an extremely rare configuration.

There are more if you include the strata that have a stage that is a vast expanse of wasteland, forest, or sky.

The sixth stratum sea stage is also close to this, but the number of chambers is two.

Until now, Milla and I were in the first one, now were in the second one.

「Shes not…here.」

The chamber is a square. The floor of one half of it is filled with white sand, while the other half is filled with water. Its like a space that had a beach stuffed into it.

The weather was sunny. Although it seems like its possible to change the period of time to evening or night, and the weather to stormy or cloudy.

In the center of the sea section is a long pillar…no, its a tube. A hollowed-out column that towers over its surroundings.

It was made out of some transparent material, and it was filled with seawater.

In a Dungeon Clear, the Floor Boss would be there to greet the Adventurers and then proceed to battle.

Well, to begin with, people are rarely in the Boss room on a regular basis. Its just a stage.

However, Vepar often secludes herself.

If she isnt above water, then shes probably under it.

「As I expected.」

Said Milla, then she pulled something out from her cleavage.

It was a thumb-sized plate that looked similar to the Registration Cards we all regularly carry around.

As a function, it is almost the same thing.

Its called a Memory and functions exactly as the name implies.

Its a small Recording Stone but it can record the Clear video of a Dungeon. More precisely, when youre finished with a Dungeon Clear, you take the Memory that contains the video and hand it to the reception desk.

「Vepar. Ive got the usual goods.」

Said Milla. The way she said it sounded like the start of a shady business transaction somehow.

But there was no response.

The waters surface was still. Not a single wave.

「Its the Dungeon Clear video from the former Elementary Level –  Beginners Dungeon, now All Level Dungeon. Of course, its the completely uncut, full version.」


Im pretty sure that was when Thor and I fought the Phillip party…?

Its the talked-about Clear video that has had its momentum slow down lately by the news of the Raid Battle, but conversely, only the parts where I appeared have picked up again.

「Also, I managed to get the video where Lord Lemegeton and Furcus had just begun their training sessions.」

It felt like the floor shook.

No, perhaps the whole stratum was shaking?

The sands were constantly shifting, the water surface became rough.

「Here, Lord Lemegeton.」

Milla held an umbrella over us.

I didnt think she had one,

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