146 – The Third Stratum – The Realm of Vampires and Underlings Part 1

Let us go back to the time before the third stratum battle began.

In the Link Room.

The people under the Vampire Queen Carmilla, her subordinates, gathered.

In other words, the pigs and I.

「Tonight, the vile villains who dare tread on our realm are no mere Adventurers. One could say that they could defeat us all single-handedly, Hero or not.」

As expected of Vampires, none were frightened by my words.

「I would tell you to be careful…but that will not simply ease your mind. So instead, I shall hold food in front of your snouts.」

Haagenti twitched in response. She was clearly excited and fidgeting.

「In accordance to your actions, I shall give out rewards.」


Like a child, Haagenti jumps up and down.

The others were trying to remain calm, but they couldnt seem to contain their excitement.

「If by some miracle, one of you manages to take down a Hero…hmm, yes, so long as it is within the boundaries of a superior-subordinate relationship, I shall respond to any request.」

The Link Room became noisy.

I stamp my heel on the floor and they immediately quieted down.

「S-sister…no, Lady Carmilla. W-would it be alright to request for a…a duo suck?」

The place became noisy once again.

Duo suck.

This refers to the action where two Vampires mutually suck each others blood.

In the past, Vampires did not attack Humans because they liked the taste.

It was just that they were the most numerous and individually weaker, yet have more Magical Energy than other animals, which made them tasty prey in a different way.

If possible, we would rather suck a Majin or a Hero. To relish the taste of their exceptional Magical Energy.

Which means it does not matter if we are from the same race. We are Vampires, a race said to be a transcendent of Humans.

However, hunting the same race is many times harder than hunting Humans, also they can sense those of the same race and avoid them, theres also a rule against Vampires from sucking their relatives in order to preserve order, and various other reasons make it a rare occurrence.

However, whats delicious is delicious. Its delicacy is without a doubt.

So, someone, somewhere, somehow, tried it. Sucking each other at the same time.

Vampires give supreme pleasure to other bloodsuckers.

The feeling of getting sucked is amazing.

Also, those who eat something delicious experience a sense of euphoria.

Vampires who suck each other simultaneously will both experience euphoria together.

An extreme sense of pleasure and satisfaction will overrun your mind.

Haagenti is asking if I will grant that.

「Do you think that my fangs are worth that of a Heros life?」

「…! O-of course not…! Please pardon me, Lady Carmilla!」

I dont really mind giving such a reward for defeating a Hero, but I simply did not wish to suck anyone elses blood but Lems.

That said, its probably not good to shoot down a subordinates request just after saying that I would give them a reward.

「But yes, if you so desire it, I am willing to give you my blood.」

Haagenti fell to her knees. She wiped off her drool and continued.

「slurp…thats too amazing… I-I suppose directly sucking it is…out of the question. Then, let your blood drip on your foot so that I may please lick it off of it…」

Is this girl alright in the head? 

That is what I think, slightly worried, but it honestly isnt enough to put me off.

I, too, say embarrassing things to Lem when I feel an intense desire to suck blood.

To Vampires, the desire for the blood of someone you like is fearsome.

In her case, it is slightly strange how she can express to her partner, reflecting her sexual preference, without hesitating.

I guess its acceptable, considering how good she is. Yes.

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「If you are able to defeat a Hero, Ill think about it.」


Haagentis body trembled in anticipation.

「Fu…fufufu…FUHAHAHA! Thank you, Lady Carmilla! On our pride as Vampires, we will bring you victory!」

Almost in concert, the other pigs begin to squeal.

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