123 – The Elfs Astonishment and a Favor

The saying busy as a bee means exactly as it sounds.

Securing direct subordinates, training their coordination.

Making a Contract with all the Floor Bosses and rare Monsters, in addition to discussing their best position that suits each of their characteristics.

Coordinating with the helpers from other Dungeons, etc.

Theres also my duties as the Chief of Staff to advise every stratum, gather information about the challengers who are part of the Raid Battle, and investigate them, all at the same time.

Not to mention my own training. I have to resolve my lack of Magical Energy.

Even Cashew, who keeps me connected with every stratum and helper as my secretary, is very busy.

Everyone else is also busy strengthening their own stratum and training the new recruits.

On top of their regular job…dealing with Adventurers.

Although many of them are repelled at the third stratum, recently there have been parties that were able to reach the fourth stratum.

「Im sorry, did I make you wait?」

One of the causes may be the many Clear videos circulating the world, inspired by the Fenix party. Since the movements of their predecessors can be used as a reference.

As the number increased, it became easier to find a method to break through that suits their party.

Another cause is simply that…the number of highly skilled challengers have increased.

「We ran into an unexpected individual…Im sorry for being late, despite being the one who called you.」

In the tavern where Fenix and I had a meal before.

Fenix and Lily arrived late and approached the table where I was sitting.

I rounded up my thoughts and looked at them.

「Its alright. Who was the unexpected individual?」

They both sat down and ordered drinks. Since I knew what they liked to eat, I had already ordered.

「It was the Water Hero.」

「Ah, joint training?」

The raid includes the Aerial party, the Hervor party, the Scathach party, as well as Wraith and Fran.

I heard that they, including the Fenix party, got together to exchange ideas and do some joint training.

「No, we arent taking part in that, so we didnt go there. He…was lost.」

They told me the story of how he got rid of a bully in a slightly extreme fashion.


Believers of strength…huh?

Its true that he is rather obsessed with strength.

Coupled with his attitude brimming with confidence, he may come off as cocky.

But it is completely different from a child who is drunk with godlike powers stemming from inexperience.

The way he looked at Fran was one of trust and familiarity, and even though he was chided by Aerial, he changed his attitude towards Scathach and apologized for his impoliteness.

And now this story from Fenix.

Wraith doesnt act arrogantly, flaunting his strength.

He believes in his allies and holds a conviction to never abandon them.

Even if their beliefs may differ, he responds flexibly if cooperation is necessary.

Also, if theres someone who oppresses the weak through violence, he drives them back without physically hurting them.

Within him, he holds a clear definition of what a strong person is. Or rather, what a hero is.

「Hey Lem, Ive been thinking…doesnt that kid look famili-」

Fenix was interrupted by the waiter who brought the drinks.

「What about Wraith?」

「…Later. That discussion will deviate too much from what were trying to do today.」

By the way, I have obstructed their recognition ever since the two of them entered the tavern, so the other customers and workers dont notice them.

Of course, they do think of them as customers, but thats all.

「Hmm. Well, alright. So, Lily. You wanted to talk, right?」

「Y-yes…Before that, a moment please.」

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Lily takes a sip of her cider, only enough

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