141 – The First Stratum – The Watchdogs and Hellfires Realm 3 Part 1

It wasnt difficult for Wraith, Fran, and every member of the 3rd rank Hervor party to escape from the quicksand.

This wasnt a trap to instantly defeat them, but simply to stall for time.

If they have to use their own strength or magic to get out, that can buy us a few seconds. Thats enough.

Herv grabs the arm or the shoulders of her nearby allies and tosses them out lightly to save them.

If you can temporarily seal an extremely powerful chess piece like a Hero, that is the best result of a trap.




An immediate decision was made.

They came to an understanding with just an exchange of looks.

Fran gently lifted her cloak and I saw a peek at what was underneath…it was a grotesque right arm.

It looked out of place, like a giants arm was sewn onto a young girl, but she had no issues with moving it.

She grabbed Wraiths arm and tossed him straight up.

Her strength was unlike that of a young girl.

But that isnt what I was concerned with.

Instead of helping Fran, he made her save himself.

Possibly because he doesnt intend to use his magic to save his ally, but for something else instead.

「Cut off your arms…!」

That short cry was made louder using Wind Magic.

Loud enough to reach the separated Scathach and Theo.

Hes a quick thinker.

A Hero surpasses an ordinary person in everything.

From physical ability, magical talent, to how much they get back from their own efforts

Of course, this applies to how fast they think as well.

When Fenix was young, he would think about too many things in his head and not be able to speak well, and he was teased for that.

At the time, I cheered him up by saying that hes just thinking about every single thing in careful detail, so he cant turn it into words right away, and I genuinely thought that. Also, I wasnt wrong.

Actually, thinking back on it, its possible that he was only showing a portion of it at the time.

Because he could think about things deeply in only a short period of time.

The right occupation is identified at the age of ten, but its not like being granted a miracle.

Its just an identification.

In fact, Wraith studied under Aerial before his Job was identified, and his magic was tempered.

Anyway, its meaningless to measure the ability of a Hero by their age.

He instantly grasped the situation and made the choice that would bring him closest to the form of victory he envisioned for himself.

And then, his voice reached the leader of the 5th rank party, the Thunder Hero.

Theo, the one operating the strings, was staring at the approaching flames when he heard Wraiths words and said「Who-whose arms…?」 in bewilderment. In that time, Scathach did the deed.

「This is the fastest way to save you.」

By the time Scathach finished his sentence, all ten of Theos fingers drop to the floor.

He cut Theos fingers off cleanly at the base of the fingers rather than the palm in order to limit the amount of Magical Energy leakage.

Particles of light leaked out of the place where his fingers used to be.

「…! I-I see! Certainly, the flames would not reach me this way! Splendid! However, with the loss of my digits, you must consider that I can now no longer operate the strings!」

Theos smile has a slight twitch to it, but he seems to have understood their decision.

「All that matters is that you dont fall.」

Raid Battles are held with different rules from the norm.

Adventurers who have been defeated cannot return in the next stratum.

With only one exception.

And that exception is when you destroy two Floor Bosses.

There is, naturally, a Floor Boss at every stratum.

This means, if they finally reach her Highness, they would have gone through ten strata, destroying ten Floor Bosses, meaning that the maximum number of people they can revive is five.

In the Raid Battle, it isnt possible to revive more than five times.

The Magic Arrow Archer Caleena, limited to the second stratum, cannot return.

Its only natural for them to reach the conclusion that they cannot lose any more of their allies.

So long as they arent defeated, their Avatars can be repaired when they reach the next stratum. This is also allowed by the rules.

So even if you lose your ability to fight in this stratum, the decision to not let you be defeated isnt wrong.

However, one person was defeated, and another persons fighting ability has been cut short tremendously. There are only three people in the Scathach party that can fight at full strength.

As the leading party, h

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