133 – The Morning Before the Raid Battle, the Demon King Armys Chief of Staffs Resolution

The Great Saint Panacea is a woman who has an extremely high Aptitude for White Magic. Of course, without her own efforts, she wouldnt be able to produce such effective White Magic.

So long as the wound is not fatal, her ultimate White Magic can heal it completely. This magic should be called a Miracle or White Sorcery.

She has a cheerful personality, and the nickname Saint, which she herself sarcastically says it doesnt suit her.

She is a thirty-two-year-old who has children, yet there are still many teenagers who have had their hearts captured by her beauty. Beauty that has never waned and only seems to be getting more polished as the years go by.

Pregnant with her third child, she has decided to retire.

Because of that, I was invited in the past to be her replacement member.

Since I declined, the Aerial party had to invite someone else.

And that member is…

『The Gale Hero Mr. Ewan! He made a contract with a high-ranking Lesser Wind Spirit and turns thirteen-years-old this year! Mr. Aerial was invited to be a guest lecturer at the School and met him there. After joining, his actions are reminiscent of the younger days of the Storm Hero and excite the hearts of the fans who were depressed at the Saints departure!』

This Ewan seems to be from the same year that the Frost Hero Bella is from.

I read an article about how this years batch of students are the cream of the crop, and the article was thoroughly about Bella and Ewan. In particular, the two of them have both joined high-ranking parties, and it can be said that they have a lead on their peers when it comes to popularity.

And they were judged not as being out of ones depth, but as excellent.

When judged as members of the 1st and 4th rank party, they are talented enough to stand out from the group.

I have actually talked to him before, but…how should I put this…perhaps due to how I was Aerials first choice, he sees me as his rival of sorts, so he wasnt the friendliest of people to me.

He is a courteous young boy and responded to conversation properly, but I sensed a slight edge to his tone.

From his point of view, I am the man who refused the invitation of the Storm Hero, who he admires. It was thanks to my refusal that he was invited. He probably has complicated feelings, but it cant be helped.

「Recently, there have been many Adventurers with beautiful faces.」

If Wraith is a cheerful handsome boy, then Ewan is a cool handsome boy.

「Milla, do you pay attention to things like that?」

「I wonder. They say its a feast for the eyes, and it certainly does feels good to have something beautiful in your sights.」

Milla answers, casually.

「I see…」

I suppose Fenix is a fair-skinned, handsome young man that is swarmed by female fans, and Lark, despite his sleepy eyes, is quite handsome, so hes popular with the ladies.

In recent years, it is the truth that the appearance of Adventurers has become more important.

In order to attract casual fans, the easy-to-understand charm of beautiful men or women is effective.

In that sense, I am unpopular.

I understand what Milla is saying, yet for some reason, I feel slightly uneasy.

「However, to me, it is just like adm

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