136 –  Todays the Day

I had a dream.

Pretty sure it was because of that conversation with Lem.

‘Cause I dreamt about that day I asked my father.

『I got a job thats much more important than being a Hero.』

Just as Lem said, albeit worded in a cool way, the Unyielding Hero did not give up on being 1st rank, instead, he decided to not give up his family.

That is exactly why I hate myself.

If it werent for me, he would have been able to prove that he was the strongest Hero.

Wait a minute…

Speaking of which, I feel like I told my father the same thing at the time.

What did my father say in response…?

In the end, my dream ended there and I woke up.


I opened my eyes and what I saw was neither the ceiling, the wall nor the floor.

It was a face.

「What is it, Fran?」



She has long, flowing sickly white hair, and red eyes with no emotion behind them. Her skin was so white and her eyes and nose so neat that it was easier to believe that she was a doll created by a top-notch technician using the best of his skills rather than a person.

This almost fairy-tale-like beauty is my childhood friend.

I straightened up my back, scratching my head while looking at Fran.

Shes in a full-body robe today as well.

「Yknow, its been buggin me for these past few days, why have you been coming to wake me up?」

In these past few days, Fran has been coming into my room to wake me up.

At least, thats what she says, but its more like I wake up, and shes just there in the room. So technically, she didnt wake me up. But according to her, she came to wake me up. I dont get her.

「Michel said to.」


The Wizard in Uncle Airs party. The Crimson Wizard. Shes a strange one, but her powers the real deal.

「She said『Getting awoken by their childhood friend is every young boys dream~』.」

She said that trying to imitate Michels voice, but there was no intonation, so her voice didnt change at all.

「She said that?」

Fran nodded.

…What the heck do they talk about?

「So then, youre trying to fulfill that dream?」

「If Wraith is happy, I am happy.」

It is difficult to see what Fran is thinking from her facial expression.

But weve been together since we were toddlers, so Ive gotten pretty good at understanding her.

She isnt the type to joke or tease.

「Well, thanks.」

「Did it cheer you up?」

「Seeing your face always cheers me up.」


Ah, she averted her gaze. Seems like shes feeling shy.

「Ill go get something to eat and bring it back to the room.」


I wouldnt have minded eating downstairs with the others, but there was a reason.

I went downstairs to the dining room and approached the kitchen counter.

「Oh my, Wraithy-boy. Gmorning.」

The cafeteria lady noticed me and smiled. I smiled back.


「Are you and little Fran going to be eating by yourselves again today?」

「Pretty much.」

「You two are such good friends.」

「Well, weve been together since we were little.」

「Arent you still little?」

「From here on, were gonna grow up.」

In this country, fifteen-year-olds are considered adults. From fifteen, you are expected to act like an adult and take responsibility.

After you find out what your Job is at ten-years-old, you spend several years training and studying for future careers.

If you wanna be an Adventurer, you go to the School. If youre a Chef, you train at a restaurant that serves food.

Ten-years-old is young, but if you consider that theyll be considered adults in five years time, it isnt that young.

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As expected, there are a lot of adults who treat me like a kid…no, like a novice.

Among them, this lady treated me like a child at

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