119 – The Words of a Certain Hero


I put my hand out to stop Lily, who was reflexively about to stop Wraith.

It is certainly difficult to grasp the situation at a glance.

However, this Wraith is helping the victim and punishing the perpetrator.

「Why did you stop me? Its too dangerous for children to fight with magic.」

Shes right. Lily is absolutely right. I say to her in a voice loud enough for only her to hear.

「…Hes a Hero.」

「Wha-?! …! The Water H… What is going on-」

「Young man.」

I call out to him.

「Im in the middle of something right now. The one floating is the bad guy, Im just passing by. Ill explain the rest later.」

Wraiths explanation was quick and concise. He didnt even look my way.

「He-help me! Thi-this guy…all of a sudden he-waaah!」

The young boy floating in the air via Wind Magic was raised even higher. If he goes any higher, hell fly higher than than the surrounding buildings. That boy must be scared out of his mind right now.

「Hold up, hold up. Isnt it weird to be calling for help? Im sure I heard you say something. When you pinned that kid to the wall and took his wallet, you said something, didnt you? Something like「If you dont like it, then do something about it.」or「Its your fault for being weak.」and so on. Well come on then, if you dont like it…do something about it.」

「Fo-forgive me!」

「Huh? Whats there to forgive? You didnt do anything wrong, right? The weak are the ones who are at fault. By your logic, that kid is the one whos in the wrong. Oh, or are you talking about now? But isnt that funny? You attacked that kid without forgiving his weakness, didnt you? So what makes you think only Id be kind enough to forgive you?」

「I-It was-it was my fault!」

「I know. Of course, it is. You throwing your messed up reasoning around annoyed the heck out of me. The worst thing in the world is that reasoning. That stuff about how the weak are in the wrong and the strong is always right. If thats what you think, then see it through! If someone stronger than you shows up in front of you, you should abase yourself and say that youre in the wrong without question, you idiot. You resisted at first, didnt you? People who change their way of life as often as they change clothes are the people I hate the most.」

Then, Wraith dispelled his Wind Magic.

「Huh, wha, waaaaaaaaaaaargh?!」

The boy fell. As if attracted to the ground itself. And then, just before he hit the ground.

He floated again softly and hit the ground with a small puff.

「Thats all I have to say about bullying and purse-snatching being bad things.」

There was a black stain spreading across the boys pants. He seems to have relieved himself out of sheer terror.

Wraith picks up the wallet that the boy stole and handed it back to the other boy who has been staring dumbfounded at it all until now.

「You dont need to be scared of ol pee pants over here. If anything like this happens again, Ill be in this town for a little while so…uh, right, Im staying at the inn called the World Tree Pavilion, so come see me anytime.」


「Youre welcome.」

Wraiths smile was an innocent one suiting his age.

After the child with the wallet disappears from the alley, Wraith finally turns to face us.

「You didnt stop me. Why?」

「Because youre Sir Wraith. Although I guess that isnt much of an answer.」

「No, no its not. I dont get that at all.」

Apparently, he doesnt seem to recognize us.

「Even if you were the disciple of Aerial, you wouldnt be drunk with power. If you were that much of a novice, you wouldnt be permitted to take part in the Demon King Castle Clear.」

Rather than going on a rampage, he used his magic rationally.

First of all, if he wanted to hurt them or scare them, there are plenty of other ways to do it.

He didnt damage the body of the bullying child at all. He just tossed his body up like a ragdoll.

He threatened to carve a lesson into him, without hurting his body.

Before dropping him, Wraith prepared magic to negate the impact.

Taking all the above into consideration, I still dont think its too much, though. 

Perhaps because I was once a victim, so I understand.

The perpetrators wont give up with that level of a temporary measure. How many times did Lem get hurt because of that?

Wraith said he was just passing by. I guess he thought that a half-hearted rescue would cause more pain to the victim at a later date.

He follows his own rules and cannot overlook wrongdoings.

However, the possibility of the act ending in hypocrisy may have been considered, and even the prevention of a second offense may have been attempted.

Also, there was the way he dealt with the victim earlier.

He does not find pleasure in exercising his power. He is a boy with a righteous heart.


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