115 – Absolute Idol Hero 2

Once again.

Ellies party has an unusual composition of one Hero, and a pair of Black Sorcerers and White Sorcerers each.

Their roles when Dungeon Clearing is simply split.

Ellie is offensive.

The other four are support.

This isnt unusual. The support roles dont fight, and Ellie doesnt support them.

At least, thats how the general public sees it.

No matter how excellent the five of them are, it is difficult to carry out this style of Clearing without losing an ally.

Im not looking down on them, rather that Dungeon Clearing isnt so simple.

Theres a trick to it.

This, again, has to do with popularity.

Ellies appearance and personality obviously attract people and the other four complete the picture.

Im sure there are people who are charmed by the sight of a beautiful woman leading handsome men.

Of course, they arent Adventurers that are so naive that they think they can survive on that alone.

No matter how beautiful or handsome, if only one out of the five in a party stands out, their popularity will fade quickly.

However, they are within the top 100 ranked, so their popularity is firm.

「Make Madam Ellie as fast as the wind! Quick!」

「Make Madam Ellie as fast as thunder! Quick!」

While the refreshing-looking Kent brushed back his chestnut hair, and while Jean, who is particularly fond of Ellie, clenched his fist, they each chanted White Magic.

Its not strictly unnecessary, but generally, you should avoid announcing to your enemy exactly what you are buffing.

But I suppose it makes it easier for the audience to understand, and they are quite handsome, and above all else-.


Foras couldnt call out to me in time.

He probably wanted to tell me to look out or to be careful.

But Foras words werent the only thing that couldnt reach me in time.

In one flowing motion, I took Foras large shield and turned directly behind me to slam someone with it.

「…You can see me?」

It was Ellies surprised face.

Ellie was trying to attack from behind, but she avoided my counter-attack.

This time, she kept her distance just fast enough for a camera to record it.

She really is a professional Adventurer.

I mean, all official parties are, but in her case, Im talking about her frame of mind.

Ellie doesnt simply think about the outcome of a match, she also moves while thinking a lot about how to charm the audience in a Clear video.

Dungeons use high-performance cameras. Even if you move at a speed invisible to the naked eye, it can be slowed down in editing to show the audience your movements.

Nevertheless, always moving at a high speed means that all the audience will see in the video is a slo-mo version of the entire Clear.

Determine the speed at which you can move that can just barely be perceived as fast when the video is played at regular speed, and maintain that speed except during the deciding moments of a match.

And then there are the effects of White Magic, I guess. Those two arent prodigies by any stretch, but they are excellent White Sorcerers.

Rather than the effectiveness, I assume that they trained to extend the effect duration.

When they cast their magic, Ellies speed increases. The magic does have an effect, but Ellie intentionally moves faster.

This is very easy to understand.

From a speed thats faster than an ordinary person to a speed thats faster than the eye can see. Watching at regular speed, Ellie disappears after receiving the effects of White Magic, reappears at another location, disappears, appears at another spot…again and again.

The weakness of White Magic is that, aside from healing, it is hard for the audience to see the results of the buffs, so she acts in a way that clearly showcases the buff effects, playing up the magic users, which results in them gaining more than usual favor.

Whats amazing about her is her sense of balancing that combines「Performance」and「Serious Fight」.

「Hah, as expected of the Demon King Armys Chief of Staff! How fun!」

This is the issue of working while pretending to be a Majin.

Horns arent the only thing that differentiates a Majin from a Normal.

Their body is also stronger.

Their physique, arm strength, leg strength, five senses, Magical Energy organ, as well as their ability to manipulate Magical Energy.

No matter what you compare, on average, Majins are better.

But the only thing thats Majin level about me is the horn, Magical Energy organ, and my ability to manipulate Magical Energy.

No matter how much training I receive from my master, theres no way I can completely become a Majin.

Its not like I got a special talent or something.

Even the horn, I wasnt able to use it as I do now during the beginning. From the day it was transplanted, where I wasnt even aware of it, to today, where I use it as if it was a part of me, I kept training.

In other words, what Im trying to say is this.

I have to fight in a way that doesnt reveal to everyone that the Demon King Armys Chief of Staffs endurance and close-combat skills are lackluster.

I didnt follow Ellies movements with my eyes.

I watched their Clear footage over and over again, deduced her attack patterns, and counter-attacked her assumed speed.

I need to fight without showing my lack of ability.

The fight with the Fenix party went well because I knew them very well.

From now on, that wont work.

No matter how many times I research Clear videos, unexpected things can happen in actual combat.

Taking that into consideration, just how far can I take this?

This battle is a good opportunity to test that out.


「Yes, sir.」

「Black Magic, huh?! Bring it on! Take that! And that!」

Ellie, who was keeping her distance, stopped moving for a moment and exaggeratedly swung her arms.

As if in response to that, the sounds of gusts of wind were produced, and the walls and floor had cuts in them as if cut by a giant blade.

「Brr… Its getting chilly in here~」

Said Shea, the One Horned Poet Amduscias, nonchalantly. [1 TL Note: You guessed it, another demon from the Goetia. Amduscias is in charge of cacophonous music and can make trees bend at will. Sound familiar?]

Ellies wind blades werent the only thing assaulting her.

Before their leader said anything, the two dressed in black suits raised their voices.

They chanted Black Magic, and soon Ellie released her attack magic. That Black Magic was…

「Let my enemy experience their feet being stuck in the mud, my magic! Quick Down!」

「Make my enemy move as if they were carrying a boulder, my magic! Quick Down!」

By the way, the names of Magic and Skills have been generalized in the industry for the time being. Its for the sake of classification, although the users dont often say it.

Lilys Godspeed is like that. It is sometimes used in live commentary or later when talked about, but the person herself does not shout it.

Come and read on our website wuxia worldsite. Thanks

Well, there are those that believe that skill names were made for shouting, and I can sympathize with them as a fan myself.

Skills are categorized by their

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