128 – I Told You This Wont Make You Strong Right Away

Its been two weeks since that day.

The day of the Raid Clear is finally approaching and the town has been getting lively.

This is because the son of my master, and also the father of her Highness, Fellow, has various projects going once again.

He prepared a special experiment for the main event, but hes making good use of the preparation period.

Public Adventurer training exhibitions, symposiums, autograph booths, meet-and-greets, stamp rallies, and the sale of limited goods.

In perfect partnership with the shops of the town, there was a lively event that involved both residents and fans.

Also, TV stations would be insane to ignore such an experiment, so the town where the Demon King Castle is is on the news every day.

At one point, they even broadcast limited-time combat drills and so on being done in the space created in the Beginners Dungeon, the one that Thor earlier signed a contract with Fellow with to allow him to rent it, and it became a hot topic.

The video this time will have several versions produced, each version featuring each party as the main character and distributed in each partys channel.

Since there are officially five parties taking part, Wraith and his allies dont have their own channel.

This will end up raising peoples interest while limiting Wraiths exposure, which is most likely good for Fellow. Its probably all according to plan.

「Oh, look, Lem. It looks like they are introducing the Floor Bosses of the Demon King Castle.」

I kept on thinking while chewing my breakfast.


I half-heartedly answer whatever Milla just said.

Thats right, I have been stopped by a wall for the past two weeks.

I can sense the Magical Energy built into the Core.

I can also sense the Magical Energy thats released.

But I just cant absorb it into the horn. I concentrate and try to make the Magical Energy touch the horn, but nothing happens.

Ive tried this and that, but nothing works. It doesnt even twitch. Without grasping any sensation, Ive just wasted time.

「Hmph…Im sure that there are far better scenes of Carmilla. What a shoddy job…But Sitri does look cute on camera…Perhaps I should be more aware of the camera?」


「Vepar is ostentatious the moment she appears, so it suits her. How Furcus leads the Dragonkin and lies in wait is also…Hmm, I believe I might have to think of something more interesting for my role. Is Lord Lemegeton going to sit on the throne to welcome the Adventurers like last time?」


「By the way, does todays breakfast suit your tastes?」


「…Lem. The forecast said it will rain spears today.」


「I believe we have become quite intimate. Shall we get married soon?」


Marriage? Marriage…?!

I look up from my meal in confusion.

Milla looked unassuming, but if you looked closely, you could see she was pouting slightly.

I restlessly eat this painstakingly prepared breakfast in a daze while not listening to a word shes said. Of course, shed be in a bad mood.

「So-sorry…I was stuck in my own head.」

When I said that, she let out the air she was holding in her cheeks as a sigh.

「Is it about your lack of Magical Energy?」

「Yeah…its said that various people could do it, but still no success on my end…」

「…Knowing you, Lem, I believe you have already exhausted your thoughts thinking of various things. At such a time, wouldnt it be important to take a break rather than forcing yourself to think?」

「I suppose…youre right.」

「If you dont mind, you could consult with me? Or perhaps theres something I could help you with?」

Milla tilted her head, eyes wet.

I wonder if this is the usual performance she does.

She laughed as if suddenly losing interest, I realized that her expression hardened.

「Thanks, then, do you mind listening?」

「Of course not.」

Then I spoke.

About the past two weeks of absolutely no progress.

Until now, Milla had not asked me anything in-depth, perhaps out of concern for my well-being. I hadnt talked to her myself, so today was the first time I had talked to her in detail.

「…I see. This is quite an extreme method… Its like, no matter how much I were to struggle, I am unable to manipulate the blood of other races. I believe it is similar to that…」

The ability Vampires have to manipulate blood into weapons and armor is a Blood Manipulation Technique, if Im not mistaken.

「If there wasnt a previous person who succeeded, I would have thought the same thing.」

「Lems master, right…? Also her Highnesss grandfather.」

My master could do it. If its not technically impossible, then its possible. No matter how difficult it is to realize, its possible.

「Yeah, it might be hard to learn something at Sorcery level, but it shouldnt be impossible.」

「Can you not ask your master for guidance?」

「…There are many reasons for that, but either way, I dont think Ill make it in time.」

Fenixs and my hometown is deep in the countryside, so by the time I go there and return, the Raid Battle would have already started.

My master doesnt have an e-mail account, so all I can do is send him letters.

And well…I never really considered asking him about it in the first place.

Of course, it is important to ask people if there is something they do not understand. Even if you think about it yourself, there are times when you cannot find an answer. Rather than leaving it as it is and causing problems, it is much smarter to rely on someone.

「My master wouldnt give me training that had no meaning behind it. Even if his directions were unreasonable or nonsensical, they had meaning. By doing that, I definitely gained something and grew.」

「What a wonderful man.」

「To the rest of the world, he may not be seen as a good person. But to me, he is a great person, and I owe him a lot. Thats why I think that the skill to absorb Magical Energy from the surroundin

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