107 – A Gathering of the Strong 1

I was called to a tavern that specifically caters to Adventurers.

When I actually went there, it was rented out and everyone there, besides me, were participants in the raid.

Not every member of a participants party was here, there are a few who didnt attend.

All the Heroes are here and I was caught by Herv when I was thinking about saying hello to Aerial.

And now, that Aerial is standing behind Wraith.

「Im sorry about him, Lem.」

「No, its…its fine.」

「Yeah. We were just talkin.」

「Knowing you, I bet you invited him to join your party out of the blue after just meeting him.」

「Guh…and what if I did?」

「If you did that, anyone would be baffled at your sudden invitation.」

「Thats why I told him that he can give me an answer later.」

Looking at them, I feel like they know each other very well.

Like theyve known each other for far longer than a day or two…

「Pardon me for asking but, have you two known each other for a long time…?」

「Oho, very astute of you.」

「The old mans a little too friendly with me, aint he?」


「Stop hitting me!」

Says Wraith, but Im pretty sure he could dodge it if he wanted to. I suppose choosing not to dodge it is accepting his part of the exchange.

「Hes the son of my friend. Through that connection, weve met countless times since he was little.」

「Not friend. Enemy.」

「I think of him as a friend.」

「Thats cause youre the winner.」

For a moment, Aerials expression was sad, but it soon returned to a smile.

「…He-. No, not now.」

「Hmph. Yeah, I guess so.」

Wraith agreed with a bored-looking face.

His father must have been an Adventurer.

Enemy makes you think that hes a Monster, but Wraith is a Normal.

Its not totally impossible that he might be a Human Monster like me, but its more natural to assume that hes an Adventurer rather than consider an exception like mine.

Besides, if he was an Adventurer, it would explain the sense of deja vu I feel whenever I look at Wraiths face.

Ive seen his father in a Clear video before. I just cant remember who.

「It doesnt matter who my father is or who he knows!」

Says Wraith, but something tells me he doesnt mean it.

As soon as his dad became the topic of discussion, he became emotional.

「Again with that…Nevermind. Anyway, Lem.」


「The person I want to introduce you to was this boy. I think youve heard it already, but hes been insisting on asking you to become his ally.」

「Dont talk about me like Im some selfish kid.」

「But you are a selfish kid.」

「…Dont think that youll be No.1 forever, old man.」

「Im always looking forward to a threat. The appearance of a rival that pushes each other to higher heights is a wonderful thing.」

「I hate that calm composure of yours.」

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「I see, I see, and youre my cute little disciple.」


「Im not your disciple.」

「Hmm, you asked me so earnestly to train you, did you not?」

「That wasnt trainin

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