118 – Fire and Water

「The revival of the Raid Clear has captured the worlds attention right now, does the Fenix party have any comments about it?」

It was an interview being held in a room of an inn. Todays interview is for a magazine that handles Adventurer information.

「If youre asking me if I had an interest in it, I did, for a moment.」

At my answer, the eyes of the bespectacled journalist gleamed.

「My word! But looking at the current situation, isnt it true that you have declined?」

「We have failed once in Clearing the Demon King Castle.」

「Considering that the furthest point that humanity has ever reached was the seventh stratum, what your party has achieved is a spectacular feat. For your efforts have updated the records a great deal.」

Once, there was a record of Adventurers reaching the seventh stratum of the Demon King Castle.

However, the stratum information is updated whenever the Floor Boss changes.

The introduction of each stratum of the Demon King Castle is published on the home page only when that stratum is Cleared.

Before our Clear attempt, only the first to the third stratum was revealed.

This means that the Floor Bosses of the fourth stratum and below were changed. The same goes for the first to the third stratum, just that other Adventurers have reached them.

In other words, the past and present Monsters who serve as gatekeepers to the next stratum are different. You could say the same of their subordinates. There are possibly some who remained, but there are many who have left and joined anew.

But I dont believe that we surpass the previous Adventurers simply because we updated the records.

「That Clear attempt clearly showed us what we lacked in strength. But even so, I still want to Clear the Demon King Castle with this party.」

「I see. So what are your thoughts about the parties that are participating in the Raid Clear?」

「I cannot say anything about the Water Hero Sir Wraith and his ally for I am not acquainted with them, but I believe that they are all wonderful and excellent.」

「And what about multiple parties diving into a Dungeon?」

「I guess thats why the Demon King Castle is such a difficult Dungeon to Clear. In fact, each stratum has different characteristics, so it is effective to prepare a variety of Jobs. Just because we chose to Clear it with a single party doesnt mean that we believe that this is the correct way.」

「The world seems to have the opinion that the Adventurer side shall be victorious this time…」

Once, during the age of Lems master, several parties, which included a young Storm Hero Aerial, were completely annihilated on the first stratum. 

It is a famous story among Adventurer fans, but the world in this case most likely also includes people who are slightly interested or regular people with a passing interest in Clears.

Members are members. It is not unreasonable to think so.

「I am praying for their victory.」

「This time, the 2nd ranked party isnt participating either, do you believe they have a similar reason to your party?」

「Please ask them that question.」

「My apologies, you are right. Now then, you all are currently in this town to-」

And the interview continued on, ending without any problems.

「yawn Lame. They said itd be a party interview, but theyve just been slinging questions at Fenix. Do we even need to be here?」

「After having our picture taken, we were pretty much left alone. Some people are better at that than others, though.」

「Getting paid to do nothing sounds like a pretty nice job to me.」

The Warrior Alba, the Paladin Lark, and the Frost Hero Bella all expressed their feelings in turn.

「Well, wanna leave?」

「I guess so. Are Fenix and Lily really not coming with us?」

Lily and I nod our heads at Larks question.

We are currently in the town where the Demon King Castle is located.

The reason is that we were contacted by the raid members.

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