106 – The Black Sorcerer that All Three Main Spirit Contractors Want is the Demon King Army Chief of Staff

The strongest. A title that sounds simple, very hard to reach, yet irresistible.

There are people who make fun of it as a childish desire, but I think that people who seriously strive for greater heights no matter how many years pass are cool. Even if their destination isnt to be「the strongest」.

The young man in front of me is saying that we should aim for that together.

I was honestly very happy about that.

I have failed at that once, and I was a wreck.

I was able to join the Demon King Army when Milla invited me, but the fact that I was never able to recover as an Adventurer weighed heavily in my heart of hearts.

Like that time with Aerial, I am very grateful to be highly evaluated and welcomed despite being a Black Sorcerer who was kicked out of the fourth ranked party.

But also just like the time with Aerial, I cannot accept this invitation. No, perhaps its not the same. That man was already first ranked and I refused the invitation in a different way.


「Nah, you dont hafta answer right away.」

Wraith interrupted me by saying that.

「You dont have any reason to trust me in the first place. Pretty sure youre not that dumb. Today was just a greeting and Im just happy for you to know how I feel.」

Smart kid.

Hes not letting the fact that he made a contract with one of the Four Great Spirits get to his head.

He doesnt think that everything will go his way just because he has power.

「I suppose you are right.」

「Also, enough with the formalities. Youre going to be one of my allies, after all.」

…Someones confident…

He says that I can give him a reply later, but he already believes that the outcome is going to be positive.

But I suppose its quite important to have the strength of mind to be able to say such things so plainly.

「Uhh…right. Leaving aside the becoming an ally thing, Ill be more casual.」

「Yeah. Oh and this is Fran. Her Job is Destroyer.」

A girl about the same age as him gave a quick bow of her head.

Her hair was white, almost as if it had lost its color, and red eyes. Her skin was white as porcelain, you could say she had a doll-like beauty.

A mantle covered her body from the neck down, with only her ankles being visible.

Destroyer, huh….thats very rare.

During the war, it was a Job that manifested a lot among a portion of Demi-Humans.

If a person can quickly get better at using weapons…that person will generally be a Warrior, but a Destroyer is special.

They are not technically good at anything but theyre strong.

They dont know any sword techniques and just swing it around randomly, but theyre strong.

Theyre movements are crude and they move however they wish, but theyre strong.

Thats kinda how they are.

You could say that its a Job that manifests in those that specializes in combat with an ability that is impossible to categorize.

「A pleasure to meet you, my name is Lem.」

「…Just like Wraith, no need, formalities…」

Her voice is small but not small enough to go unheard.

「Sure thing.」

「Huh? Arent you surprised? Isnt it your first time seeing a Destroyer?」

「It is, but a Job is just a Job.」

「…Whoa, as I thought, a person who aims to be a hero as a Black Sorcerer is really different. I agree. There are Heroes who are small fry and there are Black Sorcerers who are strong. What matters is

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