67 – Failed Clear, the Demon King Army Chief of Staff, and the Prince Who is a Fan of Lem

「Phil got defeated! What? Black Magic?! That means that those with a wand cast the debuff, while timing it with the arrow?!」

Leila keenly and nimbly approached one of the Goblin wand holders and slit his throat.

Following that, she tried to jump on the two nearby Goblins wand holders, but then her stance got broken.

This is not like her.

At that time, the wand holders jumped on that opportunity. Unexpectedly, they threw out their wand and pulled out a knife from their waist.

Theyre not Sorcerers!

Their movements are equal to those of the Goblins I had just solidified. They actually had battle stances.

「My body…heavy. This is…bad.」

Leila got stabbed by knives from both her front and back and fell down.

「…Healing ma-」

Mark tried to cast the magic, but he wasnt able to make it in time.

「Protect yourself. Ill take care of the enemy. 」

I brought out silver from the ground. It took the form of a humans hand wielding a sword, then it swung the sword toward the wand holders.

The Goblins chose to evade it, but it was useless.

Because the arm…extended.

The slash cut them in half.

Then there was the sound of something running.


When I looked, I saw that Mark, along with his shield, was being crushed under the front legs of the Centaur who had jumped at him.

「Welcome, Heroes. My name is Orobas. 」

A masked, Centaur woman.

「You were the one who defeated our allies, right? Sorry, but Ill have to avenge them. 」

「I refuse. After all, I dont want my Avatar to be destroyed. 」

Then, she just turned back.

I couldnt go after her.

Because, for a moment, my body couldnt move, as if Id been turned into stone.

Using that short moment, she created distance between us.

In the direction she ran off, there was a Majin.

It seemed that the archer wasnt the only monster to deal with in Level 4.

But I was surprised after seeing him.

A one-horned Majin.

「…Lemegeton? Wh-why are you here? 」

He was looking at me.

I felt a strong sense of déjà vu when I looked into his eyes.

「Do you think that were cheating, Silver Hero?」

After hearing him talk to me, I quickly recovered my Hero persona.

「…You came out because were in the Advanced Level, right? I cant imagine someone as good as you showing up for those who are at the Intermediate Level. 」

「Thats right. This is the first time Ive had to come out to defend this Dungeon. 」

「Is this a Level 4 because you show up?」

「Thats just so, since the battle was left to the others.」

If thats the case, then this might just barely be inside the boundary of a Level 4.

Since he also seemed to be excellent in Black Magic.

「Why did you show yourself?」

「Why do you think?」

Which meant you did this on purpose.

「Ill come again. Next time, well perfectly clear this Dungeon. 」

「Well then, we shall wait for you at the deepest Stratum. 」

And so, I gave up, just like what my older brother had instructed me to do.

I was tempted to challenge him here, but I didnt do it.

After the defense.

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「Wh-why did you make an appearance?」

Thor continued with a worried look on his face.

「If they distribute this video, there might be a lot of Adventurers thatll aim for you. 」

「I dont think thatll happen. 」

「Do you really think so…? Would you please explain it to me…」

「It seemed like they came here already expecting that the degree of difficulty can change. A Dungeon that can change its degree of difficulty and the Demon King Army Chief of Staff. If they post the video of their defeat, it would definitely attract attention, but it wouldnt lead to the partys popularity. On the contrary, they would be spreading valuable information.」

「Wh-which means…uhm, because they would want to clear this Dungeon by themselves, they wont do something like sharing the video to the world because it would just increase their rivals?」


「But wouldnt the cha

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