71 – One Lem, Two Beautiful Woman

Cashew, Furcus, and I are staying in the same inn. The lodging expense would be taken care of by the Demon King Castle.

More like, all the expenses of this business trip would be taken care of by the Demon King Castle.

Since the Demon King knows about Furcuss stomach, the daily food expenses have been strictly set. That might also be why she was increasing the amount of training for me and the Beginners Dungeon staff, so that the number of meals would increase.

As for the prize money, I made the decision by myself. But, when I reported it to the Demon King, she said, 「…Wait for a bit.」

In terms of appearance, it might be better for them to get a loan from Demon King Castle rather than from me.

Well, Ill just leave the decision about that to her. Im also okay if the situation stays the same and Im the one to lend them the money. It was my own decision anyway.

Although, Im sure that if the Demon King Castle is the one to lend the money, I would be relieved from the anxiety that my savings will be completely emptied.

「Well then.」

Im nervous now.

A room in the inn. There is a bed, a round table, and two chairs. Along with a shower and toilet. Its a good inn with a sense of cleanliness. Although, I feel like the walls are a little thin.

By the way, Cashew is in the same room as Furcus.

Even though shes still small, she is a girl. I was concerned that it might be difficult for her to stay in the same room as me.

At first, Cashew said,「I want…to be together…」, but now she seems to be getting along with Furcus.

From the neighboring room, I sometimes hear「Teyaaa~」or「Toryaaa~」, I wonder if Furcus is teaching her something. As expected, even Furcus wouldnt demand a meal from Cashew, right?

No, wait, Cashews older sister, Maca, is a Chef. It might be possible for her to ask something like having her older sister cook for her just one time…

I dont know why Cashew would ask for combat training and anyway, this is all just a guess.

Maybe theyre just playing around.

「Yeah. That should be okay.」

I checked my hair and appearance using the mirror in the bathroom.

Then, I returned to the room.

From now, I have promised to meet someone.

She wont come here though, Ill summon her.

Among my Contracts, Cashew keeps a record of the schedule of those who work at the Demon King Castle in her notebook.

Well, the only one who doesnt work at the Demon King Castle is that guy Fenix.

Dont worry about that guy.

When I have a request for the Contracts, I would go through the procedure of contacting them by letter or, although it would cost a little money, via the citys public magic communication device to get their permission, then I would summon them at the promised date and time.

For example, Keis archery was strengthened due to the result of going through special training with the Black Wound Hunter Leraje, Ive asked the Chief of the Werewolves Marchosias to guide the Kobolds. Some Orcs and Goblins are Necromancers, so they are getting trained by the Spirit Commanding General Kimaris.

For the time being, Ive taught the staff who are Black Sorcerers, my training method, but it takes time for the results to show, and casting Black Magic to themselves naturally puts a strain on their body.

Its impossible to do it all day long at first, so I taught masters training to them after diluting it about ten to twenty times.

At first, they asked,「We cant improve our skill if we dont use magic, but Black Magic needs a target, right? How can we do that?」, so I answered,「Oh, just cast it on yourselves.」, then they were all taken aback.

If its Attack Magic, it will be considered used even if it is thrown into an empty space in the training room, but Black Magic and White Magic cannot be activated unless there is a target. It cant be used on an empty space.

Some people would cooperate if its White Magic since itll improve their condition, but usually, no one would cooperate if its Black Magic.

This is why it seems like a Black Sorcerer would cast the magic on another Black Sorcerer.

Casting magic on yourself is like burning, drowning, or tearing yourself up with Attack Magic, so it might be natural for them to have a sense of repulsion.

Personally though, its masters teaching and it wont bother anyone, so its my favorite training method.

「O-okay. Ill summon her.」

I took a deep breath.

This is inside the room I rented at the inn. A private space.

Im summoning her not to discuss work.

I was told that she would like to meet, so…I planned it with the feeling of just agreeing with her.

Of course, the one Im summoning is Milla.

Ive also confirmed the time. Its certainly the promised time.

I poured Magical Energy into the ring. The amount of Magical Energy needed to compose Millas body disappeared from inside my body. The amount of consumption is not small since the amount of distance between us is also added to it.

Before I knew it, in front of me – was Milla wrapped in a bath towel.




Only a part of her white porcelain skin was covered with the towel, the rest was exposed.

Her elastic skin that seemed to sink softly when touched jumped into my field of vision.

Am I a gentleman or a coward to instantly look away from her.

「Did-did I remember the wrong time?」

「Fufu, no? It is perfect.」

Eh? her voice sounded as if she was amused.

puff, I heard the sound of a towel falling to the ground.

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「Milla…um, youre not naked, right?」

「Please see for yourself.」

Am I getting used to this? When Milla says something like this, it usually means that its okay. An okay in this case would mean that she is wearing clothes.

Still, I timidly looked at her.

As expected, it was the correct answer.

What do you call this kind of thing? There are no sleeves or shoulder straps, it just stayed on the chest area…I wonder.

It was a dress in that shape.

「Dont surprise me like that…」

「But I wanted to.」

She smiled mischievously and looked fascinating.

「Then, it was a grand success.」

「Fufu, youre right. It was a grand success.」

When I look at her enjoying herself, I strangely end up thinking that its okay

「It looks like your work is going well. As expected of Lem.」

「Its all thanks to everyone. It was helpful that all the Dungeon staff were diligent and motivated and it was also great that our allies from the Demon King Castle helped me.」

「I wish I could also help you with something.」

「Milla has the third stratum right? I heard that youre busy too.」

Milla strongly nodded.

「Thats right! Recently, there were some people who came from famous places and there are quite a few Adventurers who can reach the third stratum. The Hellhounds are also not that energetic since Lem is not there and Kimaris is replenishing the spirits of the dead since his collection got annihilated in the Fenix battle. Well, the Adventurers are not stupid, so the more challengers there are, the more clues will be found on how to Clear the Dungeon. So, the Monsters on the lower strata are at a disadvantage, but even if its subtracted-」

Perhaps because we met after a long time, we, mainly Milla, talked a lot.

After it was settled.

Milla turned her gaze and took a glance at the bed.

I was shocked.

「Its already late, but…well, before you return me, do you want to…sleep together?」


「Of course, only if Lem doesnt mind.」

「…I dont mind.」

Somehow, it might be unfair to let her say it all the time.

I dont think its good that our relationship had progressed before I knew it.

No, its not that its a bad thing, its just a matter of my personal feelings.

We headed to the bed as she pulled my hand.

It was at that time.

The door was knocked on without any force in it.

I get the illusion that the room temperature has dropped to below freezing.

「…who would visit at such a time?」

「No, no way. Its probably Furcus or Cashew?」

「Then, it doesnt matter if I go out, right?」

Milla, your smile is scaring me.

For some reason, Milla wrapped a bath towel on her, as she did when she first appeared. If she goes out like this, the visitor would completely think that the relationship between me and Milla is like that. Maybe thats her aim though.

She doesnt seem to think that the visitor is Furcus or Cashew.

「Yes, what is it?」

Milla opened the door.

In front, there was a person with a depressed expression, Nicola.

「…Eh, isnt this, Lems room? Ah, there he is.」

Nicola slipped past Milla and came in front of me.

Ignoring Milla.

「Sorry, Lem. I dont have, anyone else I can rely on…」

Her eyes are swollen. Something happened.

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「…Lem? Can you, give me an explanation?」

Milla threw the bath towel on the table and her eyes were cold.


I racked my brains thinking about how to deal with this situation.

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