89 – No Matter Who Tells Me That, It Will Not Get Through



The two of them start running.

Instead of running side-by-side, Mark is following behind Philip.

From the movement of Magical Energy, White Magic is applied only to Philip.

It seems that he has increased its effectiveness by reducing the number of people its cast on and narrowing down the areas to be enhanced.

He probably enhanced his attack power.

Not only did he avoid the division by running closely together, but he also ensured the offensive and defensive power needed in order to break through Beriths counterattack.

He is the Diamond Hero. A swordsman with excellent defense ability.

He also knows his sisters magic. Did he judge that its possible for him to break through?



We also start moving.

We split up and I approached Mark in an arc.

A number of cones protrude diagonally from the ground in the same way the wall is created.

Philip still didnt stop.

He holds his sword sideways, cuts the cones right in half, and jumps over it.

Mark changed his direction at the last minute when I entered his blind spot. Then, the Holy Paladin rushed towards me.

While Philip rushed to Berith without any hesitation.

「If their combination is excellent, then we shouldnt let them cooperate.」


Its a simple solution. But it wont be easy.

If our cooperation is a nuisance, then they can just interfere with it.

There are loopholes, or more like conditions, in our cooperation.

If I start to fight, my thinking ability for magic will be reduced.

If Berith supports me, then at the same time, the durability of the wall that is activated and the attack power of the fist will decrease, the amount of time it takes for the magic to activate will also become longer.

Helping each other means using some of your abilities for the other.

During that time, you will become more distracted by yourself than before.

Its not good or bad, just a fact.

If there are people who win by helping each other, interfering with them would be an effective move.

Especially since Im a Black Sorcerer. The magic that I have shown so far wouldnt be able to force my opponents to leave the field. Even when my magic is combined with the combat abilities that Ive shown so far, its still not comparable to someone with an actual combat-oriented Job.

First, break the cooperation between Berith and me, then defeat me, after that defeat Berith that has lost her support.

Its an ideal and realistic strategy.

Thats why weve decided…


I saw them trembling for an instant.

Even though Mark is getting closer to me, while Philip is getting closer to Berith, we arent paying any attention to each other.

「…Are you insane?」

Mark murmured in an angry voice.

Well, thats just natural. Although Holy Paladin has an Aptitude for White Magic, it is generally said to be a degraded version of Paladin.

However, by no means is he weak. Hes still not an opponent that a Wizard can handle with a sword.

And yet, here I am confronting him with a sword staff.

Without Beriths support.

In other words, this is the same as declaring that I would win against him, while ignoring the disadvantages of my Job.

The more serious and harder they work, the more irritated they would be.

Do you think you can win?

Are you looking down on me?

I also understand that hes getting angry. I mean, I know what Im doing.

「Is this a battle of sanity?」

I dare to say it in an agitating way.

I know I cant win against him in terms of sword techniques.

The barrier of talent in relation to combat is thick, and even the result of effort might not be able to surpass my opponent.

Still, there were situations where I had to win.

At such times, persistence alone is not enough.

Thats why I use whatever I can.

Even if I can only take less than half a step forward.

For the sake of getting closer to victory.

「…Fine. If you want it to be that way, then I have no other choice but to defeat you with all my spirit.」

Mark probably noticed that and agreed.

Hes planning to win this, on top of accepting all my plans.

The battle begins.

「I think you were called Miss Berith, right? I once saw a Hero who fights in a similar way with you a long time ago.」


I had a giant fist to-…Philips fist is approaching!

Its fast!

I promptly deployed the amount of silver needed on my arm and protected my abdomen, which the fist was aiming for.

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The impact.

The silver wrapped around my arm cracked and shattered, then my body flew far backward.

「That Hero aspired to become an Adventurer just because her brother affirmed her childhood dream and chose a style that did not suit the times and the person herself, consequently she was forced to experience failure.」

I tried to create a shield from the ground-…!

I jump backward right away.

An instant later, the wall that was in the middle of being created was sliced and he came from the other side.

『I want to become a Hero. No matter how big, scary, many, strong opponents she has, or no matter how tattered she is, she will win in the end. Its so cool, right?』

『Ahh, you can achieve that.』

I recalled a memory of my childhood for a moment.

「That foolish brother didnt know the reality. Even after he failed, he didnt interfere with his sister because he was still hopeful that if its her, then just maybe. It wasnt until she reached the stage where her failure was apparent that they finally met again. That older brother was foolish, extremely foolish. He encouraged her, even when he himself couldnt

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