81 – Friend, Dont Sulk, There Were Some Circumstances 2

She has a talent.

Thats right.

Milla learned about my magic and changed her perception of me first before she started watching a lot of videos.

Based on the premise that my Black Magic is excellent, she discovered my invisible activities

in the videos.

But Nicola seemed to have evaluated me even before I met her in person.

「A lot of people say rude things, but the 4th rank is one of the top class in the world. There are some people who think that theres no way the Black Sorcerer,  whos a member of that party, is incompetent.」

Only a few people could be at the level of correctly understanding my true strength, but if it gets widened just a little and go to the level of「He shouldnt be incompetent since he belongs to the 4th rank party」, the number of people will increase.

That doesnt mean they are my fans nor would they recognize the necessity of my presence in the party.

Most of them would think that, although hes not incompetent, hes not suitable for Fenixs party, or something like that.

Well, thats what a Black Sorcerer is.

「Right, but that doesnt mean they would be able to get any insight into what Im capable of doing.」

Anyway, they would have some idea that I might be able to use a useful level of Black Magic. Even if its on the scope of an ordinary person.

During the time when I was still in Fenixs party, Nicola perceived my work.

She was my fan and often watched the videos.

That might be why she noticed that Lemegeton was actually me during the battle.

Although the person herself thinks that she recognized me because of my passion-filled eyes.

Fenix nodded.

「Talent…or I should rephrase it as sense. This is innate.」

「You have it too.」

「What I have is a technical skill.」

She also felt that Fellow and Lemegeton are similar beings.

She has an excellent sense of intuition for sensing something that cannot be described with words.

In addition to her talent being invisible, it was neglected because she experienced her first setback, then after she went through that failure, she focused on acting out the appearance that was instructed by her older brother.

The talent to discern abilities.

Is Philip not aware of it or did he consider that its not something that can be marketable?

Either way, what a waste.

I wont say that its useless to fight gracefully, but her talents effectiveness would be manifested the most when she has a close fight with a strong person.

During a fight where an instant can be fatal, her sense can perceive that important instant.

「Have you told her about this?」

「I havent told her. Anyway, even if I did, she would only think that I was trying to encourage her.」

「For these kinds of things, its all about timing and the other party.」

She would be happier if she was told that she was a prodigy by someone that she respects, rather than suddenly being told that by a passerby.

But, what if she cant relate to her talent? For this kind of thing, its important to have her experience it personally.

What she needs is a successful experience.

To become a hero that can make the audience feel excited.

Until now, she had followed her brothers guidance.

She understood that it was because it succeeded that theyre able to have their current rank, and she also understood the balance she has with her teammates.

Thats why she continued to act as the Silver Prince perfectly until she met me.

That is what Philip described as the division of roles. Leave the leadership to her older brother and she should just behave nicely according to what the viewers want.

「Are you helping her because you feel that its regrettable that shes not aware of her own talent?」

「Hmm. She has an ideal hero image.」

「Just like us.」

「Yeah, but…not everyone can stay that way, right?」

Theres nothing wrong with her speaking out about her feelings to me.

Or rather. It all started when I urged Philip to listen to his sister.

She just fulfilled her role, but she got dragged along by the person she once admired.

It was me and Philip who pulled her out of her place and created a place where she is once again being denied.

Eventually, those two people might have fought about their opinions even if I wasnt involved, but this time it is a fact that I was the trigger.

It would be a lie to say that I didnt care about that at all.

No matter how much I was asked to team up for the Tag Tournament, I wouldnt have agreed to it.

Its true that Im interested in the tournament, but thats no reason as to why it has to be her if thats all Im interested in.

Then why? Why am I helping Nicola?

「Are you projecting yourself onto her?」

「Hmm, I wonder about that.」

Reality stood in my way, telling me that Im not capable of becoming my ideal self.

I wanted to be a Hero, but in reality, Im a Black Sorcerer.

Even though there was a way of fighting that I admired, it was the prince character that was popular in the world.

Projecting…well, that might be possible. But I feel like its different.

「Ahh, I also think that its different. Since you never gave up.」

「Im not as great of a person as you think. But you might be right, Im not helping her because were the same. More like, its the opposite. I probably want to help her because were different.」

「What do you mean?」

「If you cant do it, then you can just change it, its easy. However, you cant change your Job. I cant become a Hero, so I have n

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