79 – What Is Your Affinity With Me?

An Avatar can only be operated in a space full of Magical Energy.

In other words, its basically the inside of the Dungeon.

When using an Avatar for working in a dangerous area, a method of scattering a large amount of Magical Energy in the space beforehand is adopted.

If the Magical Energy is left just like that, it will automatically diffuse, so with this method you must always scatter the Magical Energy.

If you dont do these methods, for example, when walking inside the town using an Avatar, it will break down in about thirty minutes.


Nicola stopped moving her spoon and said that.

Were talking about the matter of increasing the number of Avatar modification items.

「Ahh, even though it is said that its difficult to misuse an Avatar, its still a technology that allows you to become a different person if you want to. These organizers arent ordinary, even if its limited, they still managed to ease the restrictions.」

The Hero Show should have been organized for about twenty minutes with that in mind. If they want to hold it longer than that, they have to either distribute more Magical Energy onto the stage or hold it inside a Magical Energy space in the first place.

The generator is only deployed in institutions that have passed a strict inspection, but if it gets misused…

Even if its for only about thirty minutes, criminals who『If he gets killed, he disappears』『If he gets arrested, he disappears』『Whose identity cannot be identified』would be created.

The reason why no major modification in appearance is allowed during the Avatar creation stage is to prevent people from becoming a『different person』.

But this time, modifications were allowed on the condition that the Avatar and the Registration Card would be recorded by the tournament management.

In order to associate the specially made Avatar with the person using it.

「Fellow is an amazing person, huh? I thought he looked strong.」

「Is that so?」

「Yeah. Hes a Majin, but he probably has accumulated a lot of Magical Energy in his horns. His Magical Energy signature was just like an ordinary person, but it was too natural. Thats the part that made it very unnatural.」

「Ahh, so you think that he was suppressing his Magical Energy?」

「Its just my intuition though.」

Youre probably right on the mark.

He is supposed to be a Demon King, so he should have the ability to generate enormous amounts of Magical Energy.

Those who can do this probably would not waste their precious Magical Energy.

Since he looked like an ordinary person, he was skillfully concealing it.

「He is…a bit similar to Lem.」


「Lemegetons and Lems pressure of Magical Energy are completely different. A person that knows Lem probably cant even believe that theyre actually the same person. That just means that you usually hide it that well, right?」


Concealing Magical Energy is similar to closing a water tap. Its like, theres a lot coming out, but then its forcefully restrained so that only a little bit would come out and maintained at that level.

「Theres something like…a sign? Thats not right. How should I describe it? Its like I get a similar feeling from Fellow and Lem.」

Im surprised.

Thats probably because both of us have horns, so we belong to the same family of horns.

I didnt verbalize this to her, but Nicola perceived it.

With the exception of Fenix, who Ive been with since I was little, shes the second person to suspect this, following the first person, Aerial.

…Although, its rare for a Human to be able to meet both the Demon Kings bloodline and me.

But, even if shes a Hero, she shouldnt have been able to notice it that easily.

Technically, it shouldve been something that Aerial and Nicola dont even know.

This is why I have no choice but to think of this as something like a sixth sense that goes beyond common sense.

「I dont know about that. Since Ive never met Fell

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