65 – The Silver Prince and her Brothers Morning

Someone famous walking down the streets would cause a stir. Thats why most of them normally wear a disguise or hide their appearance.

They put on hoods, cover their mouths, or wear sunglasses.

In the case of Adventurers, they have a way of creating their Avatars with slight differences when compared to their real bodies.

Its illegal to make wild changes that make you completely unrecognizable as the same person but altering small things like your hairstyle, beauty mark, or having single or double eyelids is not a problem. You cant give yourself muscles but you can adjust the level of fat you might have.

You cant alter your constitution, but you can change your body shape within your range. You cant attach muscles to your Avatar. Basically, you cannot add on stats that your main body didnt actually train in.

In actuality, the reverse is possible. A buff macho man can have an Avatar that is sleek and slim.

Honestly, I dont recommend going beyond just changing your outward appearance. Its easy to move in a body that is the same as your regular body, but you lose that advantage when you have the awkward sensation of controlling two different bodies.

Well, lets leave the Avatars ease of operation aside for now.

Anyhow, when all these things are changed, it becomes surprisingly difficult to recognize the real person.

In my case, my Avatar has short hair, in contrast to my real bodys long hair.

My Avatar has a modest breast size while my real body has big b-…h-huge…larger than normal-sized breasts.

My Avatar has a mole under my left eye while in actuality, I dont.

Also, I wear glasses on my real body. Non-prescription ones, though.

「Yo Niko, lets go Clear this Dungeon.」

I was eating my breakfast at the inn were staying in when my older brother appeared and slammed down a piece of paper on the tabletop.

Hes two years older than me, his name is Philip.

My hair was up in a ponytail, it was over my right shoulder and then it flowed and dropped behind me.

「…Not even a「Good morning」?」

「Good morrow to you, my darling sister.」


That made me want to cough up my breakfast. Ignoring my glares, he sits directly opposite me and resumes the conversation.

「Look, its a Dungeon thats in this town.」

「Im trying to eat my breakfast here.」

「Its an Elementary-Level, but ever since they started this new campaign, its become the talk of the town.」

I give a big sigh and put my meal on hold.

「I havent heard about it.」

「Thats cause you dont drink. Bars are a treasure trove of information.」

In a town that has a Dungeon, there are bound to be restaurants and the like that segregate Adventurers and Monsters.

Bars where Adventurers gather can be found anywhere and I guess they love trading information there.

「Youre the one who told me not to go to bars. You said it didnt fit the Prince character or something.」

As can be expected, even if you change your appearance a little, a place full of other Adventurers is bound to get me found out if I show my face there.

Im not good at holding my liquor in the first place, so Im fine with not going.

「Oh, thats right. Well dont worry, just leave the information gathering to me.」

「You just want to get your drink on.」

My brother chuckled at that and continued the conversation.

「So last night, right? These unknown newbies were having a grand meal way above their paygrade. I listened to their conversation and apparently, they paid for the meal with the Clear Reward they got from this Dungeon. If you search online, there are already a number of clear videos posted up. So far its just dumb newbies and low-ranked trash.」

「Cant you do something about that foul mouth of yours? I mean, for a Princes brother, youve got some decency issues.」

「Im not interested in putting on a persona in front of family.」

「I dont know how you can just freely admit to having a bad personality like that.」

「Well, arent you getting cocky? Whatever happened to my sweet little sister who used to call out for her big brother?」

「You know I have a knife and fork in my hands, right? Id go with the knife.」

「Hmm, well back to the conversation.」

In everyday conversations like this, Im able to talk back to my brother, and he will pull back.

But when it comes to business, he wont take no for an answer.

I pick up the piece of paper and give it a quick glance.

「Elementery Level – Beginners Dungeon? …Ooh, that forest-looking place.」

「Thats right. Pretty large sum, yeah? An old-fashioned Dungeons last-ditch effort campaign to save them from going out of business. Ripe for the pickings.」

「…Hold on, were a ninety-ninth rank party. Sure, it doesnt say that theres an entry restriction, but wont this make us look bad? Theyll probably reject us when we try to make an appointment anyway.」

This must be just a typo.

There are many cases where they wont accept you if you dont match the Dungeons Recommended Clear Level, even if the gap is below two levels or more.

The Dungeons level is one, our level is four.

Its only natural that theyd reject us.

Well, normally, it should be mentioned in the Dungeon Details but this is probably just a typo on their part.

Even then, well definitely be rejected if we try to make an appointment.

Itll be like an adult joining in the childrens pretend sword fight with a real sword, theres no way thats gonna be fun for the viewers.

Not that Elementary-Level Dungeons are childs play. Just making a metaphor.

「You always think a little too much.」

「Yeah, whatever. So?」

My brother pouted in frustration, looks like this isnt over yet.

「According to the information that Lord Fellow provided, it used to be stated that this Dungeon does not allow Level 3 or higher parties in.」

「Lord Fellow? …How does he know that?」

「Hes a Majin, Im sure they have their own information network or something.」

Due to our line of work, we tend to keep our distance from Demi-Humans.

However, this is just to fit the image of an Adventurer, if taken too far, it becomes discrimination.

There are many people who deal with Demi-Humans in their occupation, theres no hate.

Come and read on our website wuxia worldsite. Thanks

Now that I think about it, Lord Fellow has a lot of Demi-Humans working under him.

「So…what? The Dungeon prepares a lavish Clear Reward and at the same time,

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