41 – A Speech Right Before Entering the Tenth Stratum

Link Rooms, which are rooms dedicated to transferring ones soul to their Avatars, have two main differences depending on whether they are meant for Monster-use or Adventurer-use.

Adventurer parties have a limit of five, so there are only five pairs of cocoons set up in the room.

Monsters have no restriction though, meaning many cocoons are needed.

And since the original body needs to remain in one of the cocoons in each pair, you cant have multiple people using the cocoons in succession.

Right now we were just about done transferring ourselves to our Avatars and have been transferred to the tenth stratum.

The place was similar to a large passageway in something like a palace. Actually, since it was only a straight line, I guess it would be more like a hallway…? Calling it a hallway kinda takes away from the grand feeling it was supposed to have, but yes, it was pretty much a hallway.

On each side of the pitch-black floor were tall pillars of the same color. The ceiling was also tall and black.

There were two doors in the long, long hallway.

One was the door where the Adventurers would be coming in from.

The other was the door wed be protecting.

There was a tall stone chair hiding that door, with stairs that led downwards behind it.

It was something like a throne.

Her Majesty is merely a Dungeon Master, but the setting was supposed to make her look like a legitimate king.

I stood up from the chair I had been sitting on.

Below my eyes were my subordinates who had been summoned specifically for this occasion.

「Fenixs party will be arriving shortly.」

They all listened to what I had to say silently.

「Im sure all of you are well familiar with them. After all, they were the ones who defeated you.」

My comrades are the Dungeons Monsters.

They were all people who were defeated by Fenixs party as they made their way this far.

They were well aware of their strength.

Does that mean theyre just weaklings fated to lose against them?


「Despite that, you all are still standing here. Why is that? The Flame Hero is someone who could be considered the strongest member of humanity. A rematch against him would surely result in failure.」

I purposely spoke provocatively.

「Are you standing here right now simply to lose again?」

「No! We have risen up once again in order to claim victory under the guidance of the Chief of Staff!」

The one who responded instantly was the Chief of the Werewolves, Marchosias.

「Thats right. These three heads of ours will rip out their windpipes this time for sure.」

Following, the Watchdog of Hell Naberius and the Invisible Executioner Glasya-Labolas roared out.

「I would love to add that Frost Hero to my collection. That could very well become a possibility under your direction.」

「Ill rot that elf who knocked down all my arrows for sure this time…」

The Spirit Ruler General Kimaris and his aide, the dark elf known as the Black Wound Hunter Leraje, responded as well.

There werent any Dream Demons, aquatic monsters, or birdmen called in this time around.

Only those who wished for a rematch against Fenixs party were gathered.

There was one odd exception though, and that would be the Black Knight of the Big Four, the Reaper Knight Furcas.

She, it turned out she was actually a girl, by the way, was someone who worked on a contract of one meal per one instance of assistance.

Meaning that she wouldnt be summoned here unless I specifically asked her to.

However, after she got defeated by Fenix, she appeared before me and repeatedly spoke the word「food.」

After a while, I interpreted what she was saying to be a request to participate in the rematch. It seemed that I was correct, seeing as she is here now.

「Excellent. After experiencing so many defeats, I know your souls will

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