22 – The Chief of Staff and the Vampires Rendezvous

On that day, I woke up earlier than usual.

I washed my face more thoroughly and tried my best to fix my bed hair.

What few clothes I had were cleaned by the inn staff and were immaculate, but they are definitely a zero on the fanciness scale.

In this era of Adventurers, its fine to just wear a Black Sorcerer style black robe because its understood that we dont go on many outings with the opposite sex.

I am the one that decided on this outing, so I cant help but be worried.

In the end, Im just a kid from the country. Whenever I walk in front of a shop that handles fancy clothes, I cower before its aura and find myself dejectedly leaving. Maybe I just think of it as a shop that I must never enter.

Its times like these that I need someone to talk to but I havent known any of my co-workers in the Demon King Castle for that long yet.

I dont think this is a matter I can bring up with Fenix and Co. either.

But then, I remembered something.

Cashews mother works in a second-hand clothes shop.

Second-hand doesnt necessarily mean that they only have old worn-out clothes, there are many that are still in beautiful condition but had to be dropped off or sold due to circumstances.

I wondered if shed be willing to have a consultation.

She was. Gladly, too.

I tried various combinations of clothing and bought the one that was recommended. She informed me of the shops that sell various brand new items but sadly I dont think I can contribute to their sales right now, so I apologized and bought second-hand clothes.

I felt like I havent done enough to repay her kindness so asked if there was anything else I could do for her and as expected of a mother, she said「I think this will suit my little Cashew perfectly…」while holding a set of clothes.

Id rather ask the shops that sell brand new items for new sets of those clothes but when I think about it, Cashew has three siblings, one of them being a little brother.

If Cashew was the only one who wore sparkling brand new clothes, she would probably feel uncomfortable around her family.

Knowing how kind Cashew is, she would probably feel inferior to her family instead.

If thats the case, I thought about the amount difference between the items that I bought that day and the price of the items sold as new. In short, I told her that I would like to buy clothes for Cashew and her siblings with the profits Ive earned.

The mother was shocked and then told me that it was too much trouble, but after I told her how much her consultation has helped me, she finally nodded in agreement.

On the following day, meaning yesterday, Cashew came with her mother to give words of gratitude and a bashful smile while wearing the clothes that I bought for her.

After telling her that it suits her, she smiled even wider. That smile put a pep in my step.

For that reason, I wore the clothes produced by Cashews mother.

It wasnt flashy but neither was it plain nor striking, it had a somewhat refreshing feeling to the outfit.

I probably would have never bought something like this by myself. I once again thanked Cashews mother from the bottom of my heart.

Our appointment was at noon, I was nervously killing time so I decided to head towards the meet-up point.

On the side of the fountain in the plaza was a bench. On that bench sat Milla, whose back was as straight as a board.

There were about 30 minutes left before the appointed time but it seems that Milla got there early.

Maybe its because shes meeting with me, she hid her racial features today and wore a trim and tidy outfit. I approached her while thinking about how much she looks like the daughter of a wealthy family.

But then, someone else approached her before me.

「He~y missy, didnt I see you sittin here since the mornin?」

It was a red-faced middle-aged man. From his clothes, hes most likely an adventurer. I know about promising newcomers and the top one hundred parties in the world but I dont know this guy.

A beer bottle in one hand, the man gets involved with Milla.

「I am waiting for someone. I came here a little too early, pay me no mind.」

If she was here in the morning, just how many hours has Milla been waiting?

Milla wasnt even looking at him, but he seemed offended.

「What kinda man lets a smokin hot girly like you wait so long? If it were me, Id never do nuthin like that.」

「Is that so? However, you are not him.」

「…If ya have a little alcohol, youll know which ones the better man. Whaddya say, toots?」

The man extends a hand towards her shoulder but Milla brushed it off.

「Please leave me alone.」

But then, she noticed me.

Her body shivered faintly.

If Milla used her full strength, the man in front of her wouldnt be a threat.

…So then why do I still feel uneasy?

「You bitch! I was just being nice to ya!」

「A nice person wouldnt keep courting a woman who clearly isnt interested.」

I finally got close to the two of them. I grabbed the mans raised arm and twisted it.

「What was that you sl-owowowow! That hurts! Its gonna break!」

Even though hes drunk, I apply Confusion on him to delay his response, Defense Down, and lower his pain resistance.

The man was on his knees screaming「OK, I get it! It was my bad!」so I let him go.

His right arm will probably hurt for a short while, but I think it was too light a punishment for raising a hand towards a woman.

「Hello. Youre early.」

I smile at her.

Milla looked at me with eyes wide open and muttered something.

…I couldnt really make it out but I heard her say「…again…」or something.

At that moment, a flash of recollection swept across my brain. I remembered something.

Drunk. A man. A beautiful female Vampire.

And then I remembered the conversation that Blitz and Milla had.

-「I was saved by Lem, my relation with him started from there.」

It was during the time I left to go to work at the Demon Kings Castle, I thought it was just some obscure thing she told him.

But thats odd, my relation with Milla started when she called out to me that day.

Maybe I really have met her prior to all thi-.

「You, asshole…dont screw with me! I am the great Heavy Warrior Metal from the 536th ranked party!」

The man glared at me while holding his arm. He dropped his beer bottle.

First, he raises a hand against a woman and now hes going on incessan

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