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After clearing the fifth stratum, we moved right on to the sixth one.

Dungeons typically have a central theme to them, but in the case of the Demon King Castle, the monsters and Dungeon structure wildly changes with each stratum.

Usually, Dungeons stick just with one concept, like having all the monsters be fire magic users, or having the dungeon be based on a mine.

This makes it easy to understand for those watching as well as the ones doing the clearing. They already have an expectation of whats about to happen, as well as the excitement in how itd be cleared.

The Demon King Castle was very different in that regard. In a way, it was TOO freeform.

The first stratum was the domain of the watchdog.

For some reason, it was outdoors. Obviously itd be impossible for the inside of a Dungeon to be outdoors, but the ceiling was painted with what looked like dark clouds, and the surroundings were made out to look like a wasteland.

And in the middle of the wasteland was the Demon King Castle. Of course, youd already be inside the Demon King Castle at this point, so this was just for show. It was made this way so the viewers would see it as「once they clear this stratum, then the hero party will be able to start challenging the Demon King Castle for real.」

In this wasteland scattered with tall walls of rock here and there, countless Hellhounds prowled the area.

The Invisible Executioner Glasya-Labolas, a Monster with wings of a bird of prey and a large body of a beast, had the ability to turn both himself and the other hellhounds invisible as they made their attacks on the Adventurers. They would only become visible the moment they attacked.

The Floor Boss was the three-headed Watchdog of Hell Naberius.

The second stratum was the domain of the necromancer.

The Skeletal Knights and Living Corpses, aka skeletons and zombies, were products of the necromancers work. It wasnt that those that had died were brought back to life. The necromancer was controlling the Avatars of Adventurers that had been defeated by the necromancer.

By using a special technique to eject the Adventurer out of their Avatar without harming it, the necromancer then places the empty shell that was left behind under his control.

The Spirit Commanding General Kimaris was the necromancer, and his aide was the Dark Elf known as the Black Wound Hunter Leraje. Lerajes arrows had the ability to rot flesh.

Leraje would inflict damage to the Adventures with her arrows of corrosion, and Kimaris would use his spirit techniques to preserve the Adventurers Avatar the moment the Adventurer gets defeated.

The 3rd stratum was the vampires domain, the 4th stratum was the werewolfs domain, and the 5th stratum was the Dream Demons domain.

The 6th stratum was the aquatic domain.

Since the stratums differed so much from each other, sometimes the party makeup could make Capturing quite difficult.

Take our encounter with the Lust Demon Sitri in the 5th stratum, for example. Since we didnt have a White Sorcerer, we were very much at the risk of being completely defeated.

We were able to make a comeback since we had two Heroes, but she was still a very formidable enemy.

After clearing the 6th stratum, we headed towards the usual pub.

We have five members. Bella is the fifth member that replaced Lem after he left.

We were successful in our clear, but everyones face was gloomy. They werent adjusting to the cheerful atmosphere of the pub.

「Um, would you all have a moment to spare?」

It was Bella. Fitting of the Frost Hero, she had hair and eyes with a transparent blue shade. She had a small and slender frame. The thirteen-year-old girls weapon of choice was the rapier.

「I feel that Capturing Dungeons from here on out will be difficult at this rate, so I have a suggestion.」

「Huh? What is it?」

Albas voice was unenergetic. He didnt get to do much this time around, and he was aware of that. The other two seemed to be just as dejected. They hadnt touched their alcohol this whole time.

Bella turned her eyes towards me. After seeing me nod, she continued.

「Starting from the 6th stratum, the Dungeons Recommended Level has increased. Taking that into account, the achievements of the three of you do seem to be somewhat lacking.」

Dungeons all have a Recommended Level associated with them, with the max being 5 and the least being 1.

The Level didnt represent the actual strength of the dungeon, but rather a measure of overall party cooperation and clearing experience determined by the Adventurer Union.

Its called a「Recommended Level」 but essentially it means that if your Level i

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