20 – The Frost Hero notices something. But what…?

Generally speaking, Black Sorcerers are not well received in the Adventurer business.

You would think that there would be people who find this treatment unfair and take action in the name of justice, but unfortunately in most cases, they dont think its unfair.

In todays adventurer parties, Black Sorcerers just arent suitable.

Therein, Bella concluded that Lem was not incompetent.

「Perhaps, this may be because I am not as hot-headed as the others, if you truly favored Lem just because he is your best friend, would you really have decided to relent in the end…? You would have naturally kicked Alba out of the party instead. But you are an impartial leader, thus you did not choose your team members based on your likes or dislikes. If you acknowledged someone like Lem, then perhaps he is not as incompetent as society says he is.」

「But…」continues Bella.

「If he was a Black Sorcerer worthy of being in a fourth-ranked party, I do not understand his reason for hiding his abilities. Surely he didnt sell his soul to the devil in order to master Black Sorcery and ancient dark arts.」

Realizing that she is just spouting nonsense now, Bella let out a small laugh.

My face was contorted, not out of amazement, but at the fact that she was half right, but Bella didnt notice it.

He didnt sell his soul to the devil. He became his disciple instead and trained under him.

「Its just a joke. If that were true, he would have been recognized as a threat to the country long before he became an Adventurer. Yknow, like the famous previous generation? He certainly would have aroused suspicion and hidden himself away. Assuming he uses Black Sorcery, he definitely wouldnt pick a job that has a 100% risk of being discovered like being an Adventurer. …If possible, even I wouldnt have picked an occupation that was completely dependant on public favor.」

It would seem that Bella chose to be an adventurer not out of longing, but out of monetary necessity.

Like me, she probably went to a Spirit Shrine, said something weird that piqued the interest of one of the spirits, and became the Frost Hero.

「Unless it really is Black Sorcery, theres no reason to keep it a secret. At least, thats what I, a newcomer who doesnt know anything, think.」

It is Black Sorcery so he does have to keep it a secret, but I cant tell her that.

For a moment, Bella looked at me in search of a response but I remained silent and she soon relented.

「At any rate, do you think they will broadcast this?」

Live broadcasts are rare. Basically TV companies will buy clips and broadcast a compilation that they think the audience will like. They will most likely cut out dialogue that doesnt pertain to the Dungeon Clear.

There are those who would be interested in a conversation about the exiled Black Sorcerer, but rather than a detractor, she is thinking about whether or not he had the ability.

It isnt an interesting conversation for television.

「If they dont cut all of it…I want to be recognized as being a member of Fenixs party as fast as possible.」

The replacement of one of the members of the Fenix party became a worldwide topic.

Recruitment was halted immediately after finding Bella, who had formed a contract with a Spirit and became a special Hero, but there were many who did not agree with the decision. Every day, self-aggrandizing Adventurers called out to her.

「I said that we five will Clear the Demon King Castle, right?」

「Even so, I must prove my worth. This is like a merit system.」

The conversation between the two of them stops.

Because the other three have somewhat recovered.

「Aah…damn it. I feel like I have a hangover.」

「…That was deplorable of me. Fenix, Bella, I deeply apologize.」

「…This is a nightmare. Well, lets edit the part where we embarrass ourselves to be nice and short and highlight the part where Bella freezes everyone to the front of the video. Honestly, I dont want to be seen but Dream Demons are so rare, it will get attention.」

「…but Lark, earlier you were wondering if this could be used on TV.」

「Rare demons, a party fighting against heavy odds, but then the new member with heavy expectations saves the day. Isnt that great? The television will back up our embarrassing moments.」

The three of them used Avatar Repair Medicine.

An item that temporarily replenishes lost Magical Energy, a one time use consumable item. With this, the replenished Magical Energy will go away after a fixed amount of time, regardless of damage. So this isnt recovery medicine.

In one Dungeon Clear, each person is allowed to use it one time. However, if you were to clear more than two strata in succession, each member is then allowed to use it once per stratum.

Apart from that, if you manage to reach the Safe Room, you can purchase up to one per person.

However, due to how expensive Repair Medicine is and its unpopularity with the audience, Adventurers arent fond of them.

Considering the current situation, they are a necessity.

「The Impregnable Demon Castle, huh? This place was set up to be the once demon headquarters, and with that comes all the worst kind of monsters, just rarin to go.」

「Certainly, there have been rare monsters since the first stratum. As expected, they dont have every species of monster. Rather, they have most likely prepared the rare ones.」

「There are five of us in the party, since we dont have a White Mage everyone except the Heroes get severely drained, Dream Demons become a real threat. Normally youd think that this wouldnt work…but when it comes to something like the Demon King Castle, I guess it does. That is something that we, as the first Capturing party, have to find a

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