Marchosias question was understandable.

He was leaning over to look at Cashew. On top of his already large build, his sheer height made it impossible for her to even look him in the eyes but youd think that the form of him looking down at you would be less intimidating than a little while ago when he was in his wolf form.

「Sorry for the late introduction, I am Marchosias. I am in charge of the fourth stratum of this here Demon King Castle.」

Cashew, who was hiding behind me, suddenly sticks her face out and introduces herself.

「Im Ca, Cashew… Le-…the Chief of Staffs Secretary.」

「Oho, secretary. Certainly, Lemegeton is the Chief of Staff after all. It would not be strange for him to have an aid or two. But, Cashew, arent you a little too young? Ah, I am in no way opposed to it. I am a little curious is all.」

It seemed that Marchosias was concerned about Cashew.

Cashew looks at me, and then at Milla and then back to me.

「If its alright with you, you can tell him, Cashew.」

Cashew nods at my words and begins telling her story, bit by bit.

After hearing her story, Marchosias… wept!

He tries to endure by putting pressure on the inner corners of his eyes but the tears continue to flow.

「Lemegeton, you really are a man! You too, Ms. Carmilla!」

「Im a woman.」

「Thats not what I mean!」

Milla was calm and didnt seem opposed to the compliment.

「But to let things become like that, what is your father doing?」

I had heard that only her mother was around, but I hesitated about sticking my nose into her private family matters.

Marchosias had questions about my magical energy, but he showed consideration and refrained from questioning further.

So it would seem mean to ask out of interest. Moreover, if its difficult for her to answer, I shouldnt pursue it further.

Cashew looked a little sad but didnt show any hesitation.

「He said he was going out to buy lottery tickets…and that was it…」

He never came back, huh.

If he was telling the truth, then its possible that something bad happened to him after going out and he couldnt tell his family.

I dont want to place doubts on him from the get-go, but if I had to pick a side between an unknown father or Cashew, Im on Cashews side. Its bad enough to put her through such sadness, but if I find out that he actually threw his wife and children away and ran…I have to find him. I have to do something so that Cashew wont be exposed.

If by any chance he was kidnapped by someone, then Ill rescue him. Either way, I must find him.

And it appears that the other two thought the same.

However, one of us seemed to be thinking aloud rather than secretly.

「Is that so? Cashew, did your father leave anything behind in your home?」

「Eh? No…Uhm, I think he took all of his stuff along with him.」

He definitely wasnt buying lottery tickets.

「Even the smallest scrap will do. If theres something with that bastards scent, we can use it to find him…and rip him to shreds. Agreed, you two?」

Ripping him to shreds is definitely out of the question.

Theres no problem if it was in a dungeon, but youd be left with a bunch of scattered body parts in the real world.

「No, not at all」

Says Milla.

I knew she would be the voice of reason.

「Instead, we should let him live and crucify him in the plaza with a board detailing his sins put in front and prepare a large number of baskets filled with rocks. He should eventually come to regret throwing away his wife and children and in the end, regret ever being born into this world.」

The only thing that changed was the form of punishment!

「Hmm…Even though he is a dishonorable coward of a man, I cannot condone such one-sided torment. We should challenge him fair and square, forcing him is the right way.」

「For criminals, what is necessary is a punishment that forces them to recognize the error of their ways and repent. He cant do that if hes torn to pieces and killed.」

「Hmm…is that so? What say you, Lemegeton?」

Youre asking me?

Somehow, I noticed something. Milla is laughing a little.

She wasnt joking and she had judged Cashews father as「An unforgivable bastard that would do something like that」.

I could sense the Marchosias seriousness and as one would expect, he isnt about to change his mind about the form of punishment.

「Yes, I do think he is unforgivable…but I think ultimately, its up to Cashew to decide.」

Marchosias gave a big nod to my words.

「Indeed, you are completely right. Well then, Cashew, we are your allies. If you so wish, we will punish the bad man!」

「Uh, uhm…」

Cashew was nervous and troubled.

「I-it…doesnt bother me, its… OK」

「But why?」

While clasping her hands and squeezing her little fingers together, her face flush with red, and with a shrill and nervous voice, she says.

「It was sad that daddy left but…but if he hadnt, I wouldntve worked with Mr.Blitz and I wouldntve been able to…to meet Lem.」

She makes quick glances up at me.


Her excessive amount of admiration was too much for my heart and my consciousness flew away for a

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