9 – The Demon King Army Chief of Staff Receives a Very Convenient Item

「I look forward to working with you.」 

Milla made a flabbergasted face to my words. 

She probably didnt expect me to respond so quickly… No. 

Her face gradually began to take on the color of joy. 

It was as if her mind went white from the sheer happiness she experienced for a moment, and then eventually returned back to reality. 


Milla asked to make sure out of unease. 

「Yes, well be coworkers from now on. Um… since youd be my senior, maybe I should be calling you something other than Milla.」 

As I nodded, Millas eyes looked like they were about to burst out in tears at any moment. 


I began to panic. Did I say something wrong? 

「I-Im sorry… I know Im the one I that asked you, but I really didnt think youd do it… Im so, so happy.」 

I guess she was just crying out of joy… Well, no, she never actually started crying, but her eyes looked pretty watery.  

But still, it felt kind of odd to have her be so happy over my decision. 

「Also, just call me Milla. When were on duty, you can call me Carmilla.」 

Milla made a blooming smile with her eyes still bleary. 

She was so incredibly charming that I ended up putting my hand to my chest because it felt like my heart stopped beating. 

Oh, thank goodness. It didnt stop. 

「Very good! Youve made the correct decision, Lem. No… Lemegeton!」 

The Demon King shouted with energy. 

She sat in her seat with her arms crossed while nodding to the two of us satisfyingly. 

「Leme-what? Leme… geton?」 

「Ive been thinking about it ever since Carmilla brought you to my attention. Its customary for the Demon King to give dungeon names to new members.」 

「Oh, so thats what it is. So my dungeon name is, um… Lemegeton?」 

「Has a nice ring to it, wouldnt you say? Considering that youll be leading the monsters from now on, it fits you well.」 

Just like how Milla was Carmilla, the dungeon name included part of my real name. 

「Thank you very much. But, um… wont people figure it out? The name still hasLem in it, and Id still be a Black Sorcerer.」 

「Theres no need for worry! Ill have you pretend to be a Majin, after all. We can stick some horns onto your Avatar. This normally wouldnt be allowed, but youre someone that survived Grandfathers training as his disciple, so I dont want to hear any complaints.」 

Now that dungeon clearing has become a form of entertainment, there have been numerous systems developed and utilized in order to make it as safe as possible. 

The most important ones would be the Avatar system and the ability to retreat. 

To put it simply, both dungeon clearing and defense takes place using clones made out of magic. The real body interacts with special equipment that allows it to be spiritually linked to the clone. 

It takes much time, magical energy, and money to make the clones, but theyre just as strong as the real body. 

Theres no issue with making the skin complexion a little better or changing the hairstyle, but any modifications that would compromise the clones likeness to the user are not allowed. Those are the regulations. 

The clones are called Avatars, and the Demon King was planning on putting horns on my monster Avatar so that it would look like a Majin. 

This would still be within regulations. Its not like putting horns on someone would make them look like a completely different person, its the same thing as changing your hairstyle a little bit. On the other hand, Demi-Human adventurers are able to remove certain physical traits from their Avatar, such as the animal ears or tails. 

That subject actually came up when the Hunter Lily first joined Fenixs party. She ended up in an argument with Alba over whether or not she should hide her elf ears. 

Alba said that she should hide them, while Lily was adamant in keeping them. In the end, Fenix and I agreed with Lily and that was pretty much that. 

Elves look nearly identical to humans, and since theyre usually exceptionally beautiful as well, theyre a race thats been garnering popularity as of recent years. There are more and more elven adventurers every year, as well. 

But there were some viewers that insisted only on watching humans fight, which was probably what Alba was concerned over. 

But even with a Black Sorcerer and an elf, we became the 4th ranked party in the world. 

But Alba still wasnt satisfied. 

Why am I even talking about him, though? Forget him. 

「You should put on a mask, too. Even though itd be a waste to hide that face of yours.」 

Milla spoke to me. 

「A waste? His face is nothing worth showing off.」 

「Your Majesty?」 

「…W-Well, I suppose he could be considered attractive, everyone has their own taste, so even if I might not exactly agree, Im sure there are plenty of people out there that would find him pleasing to look at.」 

Millas cold smile instantly made Luci start backtracking. 

「Dont threaten the Demon King, vampire. Thats the second time.」 

I was slightly startled. 

The Majin male who had been silent this whole time suddenly spoke out. 

His silver hair was brushed back with a pair of goat-like horns coming out of his exposed forehead. Wearing a tailcoat, the man appeared to be in his later 20s. 

「Oh, you were here, Agares? I didnt notice you.」 

Milla made an emotionless smile to the man she called Agares. 

「Even if we monsters might find delight in submitting to Her Majestys threats, under no means should the monsters be the ones doing the threatening.」 

He sounds like someone thats really uptight on upholding the pecking order… Wait, didnt he say something weird just now? 

Um, what did he say exactly? It was…  

My thoughts were cut short as the man got up and greeted me with a bow. 

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「I apologize for the late introduction. I am one of the Demon King Castles Big Four, the Time Demon Agares. Congratulations on taking the p

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