14 – First Day of Work

Its morning, 3 people are walking through town. 

Cashew was nervous. 

「I havent come to this neighborhood before…」 

It was the street that leads to the Demon King Castle. 

When you go somewhere for the first time, you cant help but glance here and there, right? I get it. 

But Cashew got lost doing that. 

Milla and I walked a short distance and by the time I had noticed that she was no longer by my side, she was quite a distance behind nervously standing still. I was getting impatient. 

Thats right. Sometimes children get distracted by something and break away from their parents side and stand still to see the scenery. 

However, the child might run off the right path immediately after being asked nicely by the mother.  

I have to be careful. 

Even if I tell her to act her age, Cashew is still only a little girl. 

After thinking it over, I go to call her to come back. 

「Uhm, Cashew?」 

「I-Im sowwyyyy…!」

Her face was filled with relief for a brief moment when she found me, then she was apologizing as she approached me while crying large tears because she thought I was gonna be angry with her.  

「Its alright, Its my fault as well. From now on, this is going to be our way to work, and youre looking at so many things and worrying about how youre going to remember the way to get there, right? Youre able to contemplate it, Im also contemplating it. Thats all. Im not angry, so dont worry about it.」 

「Ill do my bwest! P-pwease dont fire meeeee!」 

She says as she clutches onto me. 

My pants get soaked with Cashews tears, but more important than that, I want to stop her tears.  

Her cloudy expression is making me feel terrible. 

Being only a child, she somehow thought what happened just now would be treated as a failure and now shes afraid that she might get fired before she even starts work. 

I was a little lost at what to do, so I gently reached out my hand towards her head. 

This is different from patting her head as a customer, Im her boss now! I kept arguing with myself on whether or not this was the right thing to do! 

Her mother asked me to take good care of her, Im basically her guardian, it should be fine, right? But! 

She might think its too intimate and says she hates it now! Or something, maybe. 

Gently, between her ears, my hand touches her head. 

Her ears twitch upright, all the tension leaves her body. But shes still not letting go. 

I gently caress her fluffy hair. 

Cashew gently lifted her head. She looks at me with her tear-stained face. 

「Its alright, everybody makes mistakes. The important thing is to not regret and to not be afraid, instead think about how youre going to avoid those mistakes the next time.」 

I pull out a handkerchief and wipe away her tears. I did think a little if it would be better if I just handed her the handkerchief, but she probably would have refused it. 



「Im not fired?」 

「Id be in trouble if you werent there, Cashew.」 

「You would?」 

「Very much so. Youre my secretary after all.」 


Cashews eyes glittered and shined as the image of a capable woman dressed in a smart suit popped into her mind. Some children admire adults like that. 

The way children can switch their emotions so fast really is their strong point, I thought. 

「Uh, uhm, Lem?」 

「What is it?」 

「Im sorry I got lost.」 

「And Im sorry that I lost sight of you.」 

And with that, this little matter is over. 

「A-Also…Lem. I thought about it.」 

「Hm? Ah, about how to avoid making a mistake the next time?」 

Cashew nods her head a few times. 

Amazing. I wonder if this is the pliability of a childs reasoning. As soon as they understand what was said to them, they put it into practice. 

No, its probably because Cashews a clever and good girl. 

I wonder if shell say「Ill be careful!」without looking away. An answer like that would deserve a gold star. 

But for some reason, shes wagging her tail and her face is bright red. 

「Hm…?」I wonder, as I await her answer. 

「H…ha, …ha-,」 


She takes my outstretched hand into hers. 

Ah, hand. 

…Ah, I see. That would certainly be a solution. 

「Its OK, Cashew. You can tell me.」 

「If, we, hold, hands…I, wont get, lost…I think」 

Cashews face goes as red as a boiling kettle. 

I bet that took a lot of courage to say. 

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To an adult no less. Not that I consider myself an adult in any way. 

I take her hand and grasp her soft fingers. 

「Yes. With this, you definitely wont get lost. Truly an exceptionally effective solution, Cashew.」 

Cashew smiled with her whole face. 

Her cheeks, slacking loosely. 


Cute. Incidentally, I entrusted all the fruits that I bought from Blitzs shop with him. Milla told a subordinate of hers to carry them. I should thank that person

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