10 – The Demon King Army Chief of Staff Obtains His First Contract, the Vampire Carmilla.

After that, Her Majesty, Milla, Agares, and others began taking turns explaining the details of my job. 

I took a seat in the empty Big Four seat and listened to what they had to say. 

Dungeons have a very give-and-take relationship with adventurers business-wise. 

In order to clear a dungeon, they first have to make a reservation and pay a clear fee. 

By the way, the clear fee varies depending on the entrance, and the fee increases with each stratum. Since the stratums are supposed to get more and more difficult as you go deeper into the dungeon, the higher fee is supposed to account for the more elaborate dungeon design and the hiring cost for stronger monsters. 

The video feed of the adventurers broadcasts are also handled by the dungeon, which also must be paid for. 

Any damages made to the dungeon can be repaired with magic, but the generation and purchase of that magic can be costly, leading to repair expense fees being issued if the damage to the dungeon goes unnecessarily overboard. 

Not just that, this system serves as a check to various obnoxious actions that can be taken by the adventurers, such as trying to find shortcuts by blasting open walls with magic, using magic thats complete overkill for monsters of a lower level, or destroying the camera if theyre about to suffer a loss. 

Dungeons also often have their own Avatar Creation/Modification Devices that they lend to adventurers as well. 

It costs money, but its cheaper than asking for services from a specialized store, and since there are further discounts after a clear, people often repair their Avatars on the spot at the dungeon. 

There are also safe rooms where Avatar recovery items are sold at fairly expensive prices. Dungeons are pretty much designed to squeeze as much money as possible out of you. 

Other than that, there are also dungeon tours hosted on days with no reservations for those who just want to take a look around.  

For example, the last dungeon I cleared with Fenixs party, the 4th stratum. There were a lot of werewolves. 

It was broadcasted over television instead of the internet, but there were apparently a lot of visitors who wanted to tour that dungeon after the broadcast. 

The Demon Castle purposely welcomed its visitors without repairing the traces of combat made by Fenixs party. 

It was a huge hit with the visitors. 

There were marks left in the ground where the Warrior Alba mowed down the enemies with his magic sword, marks on the ground and walls from the Hunter Lilys arrows, indents in the wall made from the Paladin Lark knocking monsters into the wall with his shield, and passageways scorched with the flames the Hero Fenix used to defeat all the enemies that came after him. 

It was basically a pilgrimage. 

But the location was the Demon King Castle, the dungeon boasting the highest known difficulty. 

…I kept it to myself that I felt that they were so resourceful with their marketing despite the fact that their floor got cleared. 

Of course, there were zero traces left from the Black Sorcerer Lem. 

Milla, being the sweet girl that she was, said: 

「When your party was being surrounded by werewolves from 3 directions at the crossroad, you were the only one that didnt move even a step and instantly cast Speed Down on everyone. When the trap was triggered and you put your hand against the wall to support yourself from the shaking, you were really cute. The way you cast Confusion on the werewolves and made them pack together to make it easier for the Hunter to land her arrows caught the Demon Kings attention. That scene where the Paladin misjudged the enemys attack power, you didnt miss a beat in instantly lowering their attack power and casting Speed Down on their arms, throwing off their slash attack before they inflicted major damage, was truly spectacular. There were so many amazing moments that its hard to focus on just one, but that fight with the Floor Boss was especially impressive! How was it that you were able to make so many breathtaking plays within just a span of a few hours! The moment that I particularly loved was -」 

After praising me for a few minutes, she finally realized what she was doing and got red in the face. 

As I looked at her from the side as she laid her face down onto the desk, my chest filled with emotion. 

It was me who decided that Id become an adventurer even though Im a Black Sorcerer, and I had no intention of breaking the promise I made with my master. 

Id contribute to the clear by supporting the victories of my comrades with the full might of my magic without standing out. 

I told myself that was good enough for me. 

But to tell the truth, I honestly did want someone to recognize my abilities. 

After all, why else would I be so happy from hearing Millas words. 

It seemed that Milla truly was passionate about watching the videos of my dungeon clear. Of course, that was probably only because she was talented herself to recognize exactly what I was doing… I think. Maybe that wasnt the only reason. Since the werewolves are her coworkers, she would have been able to hear the details from them, and since all the video data is originally from the Demon King Castle, shed be able to edit it and confirm the details for herself. 

I was really happy about it, but part of me was in shock over how easily she was able to see through what I was trying so hard to hide. 

Still, though. 

Why is it that Milla was so interested in watching the Black Sorcerer Lem? 

I was honestly at a loss. 

Even so, I didnt have the guts to ask her what she found attractive about me. 

「This should be enough for today.」 

There was still a lot I had to learn about my job, but it wasnt like I had to take charge of a dungeon right away. 

I didnt have to stuff everything I needed to know into my head all in one day. 

I nodded to the Her Majestys words. 

「Well hold a welcome party for you soon. Agares!」 

「Yes, leave the assembly hall arrangements to me. Ill make reservations for all your favorite sweets. If I may, Your Majesty, could I possibly have the honor of taking the seat next to you?」 

「Youre probably aiming to massage me in a weird place, arent you?」 

「Gwah…! Not at all! You dont have to look at your loyal servant with such suspicious eyes… Your Majesty… Thank you oh so very much…!」 

It looked like he was both happy and in pain at the same time. 

I turned my gaze away. 

Judging by how lightly the Her Majesty and Milla treated him, it was probably unlikely that he would go as far as to perform any criminal actions despite his somewhat perverse tendencies. 

It was enough to just think of him as someone with peculiar tastes. 

I looked towards the black knight that never said a single word throughout all of this. 

「…Oh, he was probably sleeping this whole time.」 

Milla was glaring at Agares with a scornful look, but she noticed the curious expression on my face and explained to me. 

One was absent and one was sleeping the whole time. The Big Four was quite an interesting bunch. 

「Ill take you outside, Lem.」 

After her suggestion, I

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