4 – The Unemployed One and the Shopkeeper Take Down the Purse Snatcher

A Heros party is one subject to much admiration. 

There are parties full of handsome men that are heavily popular with the women, and there are also parties composed of solely breathtaking girls that the men support as well. There are all kinds of parties that satisfy different niches, but when aiming for the top ranking in the entire world, visuals are more important than anything else. 

Children love nothing more than parties that are strong and cool, after all. 

Fenix and I looked up to those parties as well. 

Fenix became a particularly special Hero. 

While I became a Black Sorcerer. 

Id be lying if I said I wasnt disappointed. I was 10 years old at the time. Of course I was frustrated to no end. 

Up until that point, I was convinced that Id become a Hero. 

But I soon got over it. I wasnt about to give up on my dream from something like that. Well, I guess it wasnt 「soon,」 perse. I was back into action after a few days… or a few weeks… about a month or so. 

My young self was determined to at least become the greatest Black Sorcerer out there. 

And after about 10 years had passed, I had just been kicked out of the #4 party that I worked so hard to rise up to. 

But I dont think my Job is inferior to others. 

And I continue to do my hardest to tell myself that. 

I train my magical energy in a way where other people wont notice. 

Since magic is something that can hurt others, there exist laws to crack down on that issue. 

Using just enough magic to get you through your daily life wouldnt be enough to get you arrested, but using it right out in the open too much is a bad idea. Thats why I had the shopkeeper take the lead role. 

The purse snatcher swung his knife as he pushed through the passer-bys. He didnt care that he had knocked some of them down in the process. 

…Capture complete. 


The purse snatchers face formed a grimace. 

His running speed became slower than even walking, and his head started shaking around with his hands on his throat. 

「What the?! I feel so heavy! Why is it getting dark all of a sudden?! Urgh, it hurts…!」 

The effects of an average Black Magic spell are honestly difficult to make out by anyone other than the caster. 

Attribute-lowering spells only lower them by a few percent, fixed damage spells do nothing but slightly lower the targets physical shape, and recognition-inhibiting spells have a low success rate and are difficult to maintain uptime. 

Heres an example. 

The enemy Black Sorcerer inflicts as many debuffs as it can on the Hero Fenix. 

Attack is lowered by 3%, defense is lowered by 3%, speed is somewhat lowered, a haze is cast over his consciousness for an instant, a poison that does a few dozen points of damage against his total tens of thousands HP that only lasts for a few minutes at most, blinding magic that obstructs vision to the point of feeling like a bead of sweat fell in your eyes, and confusion magic has no effect. 

Thats usually how it goes. 

And thats not to mention that the average Black Sorcerer cant cast multiple spells at the same time, and even if they did, itd only be two or three. 

On the monsters side, where there is no limitation to how many members there are, having a Black Sorcerer wouldnt exactly hurt anything, but its just hard to see enough value in one to fit one in a party with only 5 slots. 

You might say, 「Oh, then Black Sorcerers should just join the monsters, then!」 But its not that simple. 

Monsters used to be a race known as Demons. 

To fit the role of the enemy, you need to have a terrifying aura about you, so itd be hard for a Black Sorcerer to fit in . Since Monsters already have a lot of Black Sorcerers, they wouldnt exactly go out of their way to recruit a human one. 

Well, its not completely impossible, but… the whole point Im going through all this is so I can be an adventurer. 

As I thought about all of that, the fruit shopkeeper threw out his kicks towards the purse snatcher. 

「Hi-yah! Ha-yah! Doryah!」 

As he screamed out those mysterious noises, he first chopped at his neck to make him drop his knife, then threw his log of an arm into his stomach, and finally finished things off with an uppercut into his face while his body was bent over. 

You might think it all happened pretty fast, but it actually played out horribly slow. It couldnt be helped though, considering he didnt have a combat-type Job. He did have a large frame and muscular build though, so it at least did some decent damage. 

「And thats that!」 

The shopkeeper put his hand to his face and made a smirk. 

As I thought about how he always gets like that when he gets excited, I clapped my hands. 

「Amazing! He took care of that knife-wielding man so quickly!」 

The shopkeeper was showered with praise as he was surrounded by people. 

This was to avoid any attention towards the abnormality that occurred the moment before the shopkeeper striked. 

The plan had succeeded. 

The crowd roared even more when the owner of the bag came by to say her thanks. 

「Hahaha! It was nothing, I only did what anybody would think was the right thing to do!」 

In actuality, it was not a very easy thing to do. He ran out to confront him before I even said Id support him, and he relied on the magic of a Black Sorcerer that had just gotten kicked out of his party. 

He was a good-natured man straight down to his core. 

I approached Cashew and whispered in her ear. Her body shook with a 「Kyau!」 but she soon nodded her head in understanding. 

「Y-You were so cool, Shopkeeper!」 

Attention gathered towards the little girls words. Of course, I put some distance between us before that happened. 

The crowd noticed Cashew and then responded to the shopkeepers words. 

Next to Cashew was a fruit cart. 

The shop of the hero that had taken down an armed man and recovered a ladys belongings was right in front of them. 

The crowd, including the lady, flooded to the shop and began buying fruit one after the other. 

It was similar to how a street performer would get coins tossed into their hat. 

They wanted to return something for having experienced such an amazing sight. 

I wanted to see it as thanks towards my magic making the defeat of the criminal possible. 

I looked at the shopkeeper and our eyes met. 

He made a wide toothed smile and gave me a thumbs-up. 

After returning a smile to the shopkeeper and seeing that a guard had arrested the purse snatcher, I left the scene. 

I am nothing more than a Black Sorcerer. 

Even 10 years after I received my Job, I still follow the training my master taught me. 

Just like with physical strength and battle techniques, magic is something that grows stronger the more you train it.  

Because of my somewhat unique training, my magic is on a different level from what was typical.  

Using what I mentioned earlier, on top of lowering attack and defense, Im able to lower speed up to a max of 50%, trigger intermittent blasts of white in the targets consciousness, inflict poison that scales depending on the targets total HP and last for long periods of time, and completely blind vision using blinding magic. I could even make enemies attack each other with confusion. 

However, with Fenix, not only would most of those spells bounce right off him, he would continue to fight unperturbed. 

Why dont I tell my comrades that Im not a normal Black Sorcerer? Well, I made a promise to my master, but theres another reason for that as well. 

Im just too different from the norm. 


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