8 – Will You Continue to Be Unemployed? Or Will You Join the Top Brass of the Demon King Army?

「Youre a really talented Black Sorcerer, Lem.」 

Milla spoke out to me. 

I thought so too myself, so I didnt deny it or show any modesty regarding it. 

「It seems like you have somewhat of a fixation on Heroes, but what exactly is it that you find so appealing about them?」 

「Well, I mean…」 

Theyre just damn cool. 

Back in our rural hometown, dungeon capturing was one of our sole forms of entertainment available to us. 

A party cant be formed without a Hero. Thats just how special they are. 

Theyre pretty much loved by god. They may differ slightly from Hero to Hero, but all of them excelled in mastering both magic and martial arts at superhuman rates. 

They represented something that could not be achieved simply through hard work. 

They stood out more than anyone on the screen, and they took down their enemies regardless of how many of them there were or how big they were. 

Of course, Id end up admiring them. 

「Is it the fact that they defeat monsters that make them cool? Or is it the flashy way they do that? Or maybe its because of their status and achievements? Does it seem fun to get up close and cut down monsters?」 

It was then that I realized for the first time that my admiration towards Heroes actually wasnt very well defined. 

No, to be more precise, it was more like I had forgotten why I had admired them in the first place. 

The things Milla mentioned were definitely aspects that attracted me as a child, as well as the future I had imagined for myself. 

Man, I really wanted to cut down my enemies up close. I wanted to show off my flashy sword techniques and launch out fire and ice and stuff. When people noticed that Id be walking in town, they would all gather around me with cheers. I would have engaged in close-cut battles and led a life filled with excitement. 

It was my dream as a child. A naive dream of a perfect roadmap for my future. 

「You retired from your party from practically being chased out as a result of not showing your fellow adventurers your true ability, correct?」 


「Even if you found a new party, you probably wouldnt tell them about it either, right?」 


Thats right. Even though I was in the 4th ranked party in the world, I couldnt find even a single person to party up with. It sucked, especially since any of my other party members probably wouldve been in huge demand. 

「Theres huge discrimination towards Black Sorcerers in the adventurer world. No party would want to fill one of their already limited 5 party slots with one.」 

I couldnt deny it. I believed that to be the truth. 

「At this rate, even if you find another party, you wont ever become anything like a Hero. Considering the adventurers general treatment of Black Sorcerers, I think that should be obvious.」 

Thats right.  

No one would think that a Black Sorcerer would be a worthy addition to a party. 

In fact, there are lots of people that would be anxious to chase them out. 

Black Sorcerers have no future as an adventurer. 

I knew that. 

I knew that, but I still didnt want to give up. 

「Will that change if I become a monster?」 

I didnt ask out of hope, but rather just out of curiosity. 

「It will.」 

Milla spoke with confidence. 

Her face was completely serious, without a single ounce of flirtation. 

She had no ulterior motive, she simply spoke straight from her heart. 

「Lem, what exactly is a hero? Im not talking about the Job.」 

A hero. A person with courage. A person that never faltered and achieved victory no matter what. 

No, there was a stronger definition that was engraved deep inside me. 

They were words spoken to me that had become a precious treasure of mine. 

「Those who take action not for glory, but for whats right, are those who should truly be called heroes.」 

But what exactly is the right thing to do in this situation? 

「Adventurers increase by the number every year, but the same cant be said for monsters, wouldnt you say? More and more monsters suffer defeat day by day as the number of successful parties increase. Do we monsters exist just as game to be hunted?」 

「Not at all. Dungeons are exciting because of the scary monsters. And without the strong monsters, the power of the Heroes wouldnt be needed. Monsters are equivalent to adventurers. Ive never thought of them as game b

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