3 – Today Begins the Job Searching of the Unemployed

Now then, several weeks have passed since then. 

As for me, I was in the middle of the ever-so wonderful process known as job hunting. 

After making a big show of leaving the #4 ranked party in the entire world, I was now having trouble finding a new one. 

Even if I found one, they wouldnt let me in. 

There are multiple ways to find a party. 

One way is to take advantage of ones personal connections. 

Unfortunately that method wasnt available to me. I had many acquaintances, but their evaluation of me didnt amount much further than 「the Black Sorcerer that was in Fenixs party for some reason.」 

And now considering that I had left that very Fenixs party, it would prove difficult to find anyone that would lend me their strength. 

Another way is to find a party thats looking for members. 

This might appear to be a more effective method at first, but parties looking for members typically have a specific Job that they want. 

Itd be something like 「Needed ASAP – Frontline Job!」 They wouldnt ever be looking for a Black Sorcerer even by accident. 

Another way is to use the Matching Service provided by the Adventurer Guild. It costs money and it doesnt guarantee finding a party, but its an attractive option due to it being much faster than just asking people one by one. 

I actually came to the guild to try it out today. 

The results were miserable. 

Why did the Job of Black Sorcerer even exist? Its like it was Gods way of bullying, enough to make me cry over how much no one wanted one. 

I found several groups purely composed of Black Sorcerers that were searching for Black Sorcerers for the sake of Black Sorcerers, but I wasnt desperate enough to join something like that. 

Having 4 out of 5 members in a party be Black Sorcerers would just be too horribly balanced. 

Maybe they thought theyd be able to debuff the enemies so badly that theyd be able to take them down just by whacking them. 

It might entirely be possible, but I doubt itd be popular. 

But there was a more realistic problem to it. 

Due to regulations, a party has to have a Hero. 

The number of adventurers as of late has been rising rapidly. 

It was to the point where many children dreamed of fighting for the top ranking as their aspired job. 

Kids who became Heroes almost always became adventurers. Since parties require Heroes, party applications pretty much revolve around them. 

The world is filled with unpopular Jobs, so much that many people drop out of the industry due to no one ever recruiting them. 

Thats right, Im a Black Sorcerer. It was impossible for me to establish a party on my own. 

「This is bad…」 

I cant return back to my home. 

The moment it was revealed I was a Black Sorcerer, my parents were devastated. Well, I cant blame them. Theres no proper job that a Black Sorcerer would be applicable to. They have no choice to become a Black Sorcerer. 

In the end my parents actually did find a job for me, but I rejected it and decided to become an adventurer instead. 

Because of that, it was hard for me to look them in the face now. 

But even so, I had no intention of giving up. 

「All right!」 

I slapped my hands against my cheeks to chase out the dark thoughts in my head. 

I stepped out of the Adventurer Guild building. It was still bright out since it was the afternoon, and the town was filled with activity. 

For the time being… I suppose Ill find something to eat. 

My stomach was empty. 

I made my way to the marketplace to get some skewers and I happened to meet eyes with a young girl. 

She soon recognized who I was, as her dog-like ears and tail started wagging. 

She looked like she was about to rush towards me, but she restrained herself and instead waved her hand towards me. 

I immediately changed my direction and flashed a smile back at her. 

She was at a fruit store run by a good-hearted middle-aged giant of a man. 

「Hey, Lem.」 

「Good afternoon. And good afternoon to you too, Cashew.」 

「Yes, good afternoon, Lem!」 

Demi-Humans. A general term used to refer to creatures like goblins or orcs that closely resembled humans. 

Even though they were referred to as Demi-Humans, they were almost exactly the same as them, often only having a few traits that separated themselves from humans. 

Cashew was a dog Demi-Human. She had fluffy light brown hair and ears that popped up at a higher position on her head. 

I gave a hug to this girl who stood out with her large eyes and characteristically v

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