6 – The Demon King and the Unemployed

Past the curtains was a wide area. 

It was somewhat dark yet my vision was still clear, kind of like a dungeon. 

What surprised me a bit was how empty the room was. 

Small rooms just like the one we were in were in all four corners, as well as one being near the center. 

In the center was a rectangular desk that seemed to be carved out of stone. Along the desk were five chairs also seemingly carved out of stone. It was possible that there was one chair for each room. 

As I looked at the lined up chairs, I came to a realization. 

It was like one of those things where the top brass of an organization gather to have a meeting. 

One was probably meant for the Demon King, with the other four seats across from it. 

…Is this place a meeting room? I couldnt see any exits in the room, so maybe it was only accessible via teleportation? 

As we drew closer to the long table, a voice ran out. 

「So youve returned, Carmilla.」 

Oh, now I remember. Thats right, Carmilla. 

Now then, if the Heros party is an existence meant to perform heroic deeds, then monsters are an existence meant to get defeated. Of course, its sometimes exciting when the heroes end up getting pushed back or being forced to retreat, but people naturally want the heroes to win in the end. 

But dungeon clearing is a form of entertainment. 

Its better when the viewers have thoughts such as 「that was fun」 or 「he actually lost there!」 It means they want to keep seeing more. 

But there are some people who bring the 「acting」 of dungeon clearing into reality. 

For example a drunk picking a fight with a completely random orc just because their favorite Hero lost to an orc the previous day. 

Because of things like that, the monsters working in the dungeons can find themselves in dangerous positions. 

Thats why at some point, monsters began wearing outfits that hid any characteristic features they had and started using stage names specifically for use in dungeons. 

「Yes, Your Majesty. I have brought the Black Sorcerer Lem with me.」 

As Milla responded respectfully, I could see that she… was actually quite different from the vampire I defeated in the dungeon. 

…Wait, thats strange. Is the Milla I know really the same person as the vampire Carmilla? Well, they should be. 

My naivety then began fighting against that conclusion in futility. 

Carmilla was a cruel demon that enjoyed tormenting humans.  

And she incorporated the blood she sucked, or rather magical energy, into her attacks. 

Shed suck peoples magical energy until they ran out and cut down their comrades with blades made out of their magical energy. Shed also attack them while making sneer remarks. 

There are rumors that there have been adventurers that were so affected by the treatment they received fighting against Carmilla that their dispositions went as far as getting twisted. …Should I feel sorry for them? Well, as long as theyre enjoying themselves, I suppose theyre fine.  

By the way, she finds directly sucking the magical energy to be too vulgar, so she has her underling bats do it for her. 

Ive seen some adventurers say stuff like 「Man, I want her to suck me directly~」 but by the time they exit the dungeon, theyre on their knees begging their sweet queen Carmilla for forgiveness. 

As I thought about those alarming memories, Milla turned her eyes to the side towards me. 

Once I noticed that, her face grew red and she covered it with her hands. 


I just gotta believe. This ones the real Milla! 

Its normal to get passionate when it comes to your work.  

The fact that shes getting so into her role just means how much of a pro she is. I should be respecting her for that! 

And shes such a broad-minded person for recruiting me for a job despite having lost to my party! 

「So youre Lem?」 

My consciousness was brought back into the moment when I heard my name. The phantom known as Carmilla has left my mind. Im normal right now. 

「Yes, Im the Black Sorcerer Lem.」 

The voice was kind of childish for a Demon King. It sounded like a little girl. 

Information on dungeons can easily be found if you search for it on the internet, and many dungeons even have home pages.  

The Demon King Castle has one too, and as expected of a dungeon where no one has reached the final floor, despite having information on various stratums, the majority of the pages are blank due to no one ever clearing them.  

The 4th stratum we had cleared the other day had information recorded regarding the Floor Boss and the werewolf enemies. 

Since its a stratum thats been cleared before. 

The Demon King Castle is a dungeon with a total of 11 stratums, with the final stratum involving fig

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