5 – Being Jobless, I Couldnt Resist Despite Feeling Suspicious

I walked alongside Milla, the vampire. 

Unsurprisingly, her beauty attracted the eyes of many along the road. 

Despite having an enormously greater level of exposure to the world compared to her, not a single person noticed me. Youd think the Black Sorcerer-like robe would at least catch a little bit of attention. 

Im just not flashy enough. Thats also partly why Alba shunned me. 

「Excuse me, Lem.」 


I responded in a way that didnt reveal my nervousness. 

「In case unsavory rumors start spreading because of you walking next to a vampire, maybe we should put a little distance between ourselves…?」 

Milla spoke with a sad voice in consideration for me. 

While it may have been different hundreds of years ago, nowadays there is hardly any discrimination towards those not of the human race. 

But adventurers and monsters are essentially enemies in the business field. They prefer not to interact with each other any more than what is considered necessary. In towns with dungeons, facilities are often split in terms of accommodating adventurers or monsters. 

She wasnt thinking about the idea of a human with a vampire, but rather an adventurer being with one. 

「Oh, Ill be fine. In fact, its you that Im more worried about. They might think you have bad taste in men.」 

After widely opening her eyes, she pressed her hands to her mouth to contain her giggling. 

「You really are a kind person. Are you sure you dont mind?」 

Milla looked so cute with her upturned eyes that I ended up getting stunned for a moment. 

Is this actually possible? How could such a perfect person exist? The world isnt fair at all. Well, I dont mind such unfairness if it means that girls like her can exist. 

Thats just how attractive her expression was. 

「Y-Yeah, Im sure.」 

「Im glad.」 

Flashing a smile, Milla hopped half a step closer to me. 

Her golden hair caught the light as it danced in the air. 

「Even if Im this close?」 

「…Of course.」 

Dont let yourself get the wrong idea, Lem. You dont even know if shes actually a real fan of yours yet. 

Its hard to imagine anyone looking up to a Black Sorcerer of all people. 

「Oh, gosh… my face is getting red. Ive met the person Ive always looked to and theyre being so kind to me. This is like a dream.」 

She spoke while pinching at her cheeks. 

「Ow. So this isnt a dream.」 

「Yeah, this is reality.」 

「Im glad.」 

「Im glad to hear you say that, too.」 

「Really…? Id imagine someone as grand as you would have all kinds of girls throwing themselves at you, no?」 

What kind of person does this girl think I am? 

It was unlikely that she knew that I had trained my Black Magic to be close to the level of Black Sorcery, but she talked as if she felt I was in a position deserving of more respect. 

Was she trying to say that I was just as good as the rest of my party members when I was in the worlds #4 party?  

So she felt that it was wrong of me to get treated as a deadweight? 

「Haha, thats not true at all.」 

「Dont be so modest. There are only three Black Sorcerers in the top 100 parties, and youre the only one in the top 10. Besides, the only reason your party is clearing floors in the worlds most difficult dungeon, the Demon King Castle, at record-breaking speeds is because of your Black Magic. That Hero Fenix was only able to take down that floor boss in one strike because you had weakened all the enemies in the area. How could those fools even think of kicking out such a high-level Black Sorcerer… But thanks to that, we-」 


「…?! H-Haha… I mean, thats what my friend told me.」 

Milla spoke with her eyes darting about. 

I see. Her friend, huh? That makes sense. Milla would never talk down on a Heros party while letting out such a malicious aura!  

I forcibly convinced myself. Yeah, that had to be what was going on. 

「O-Oh, your friend? If you ever see that friend again, do you think you could deliver my thanks? Just knowing that theres someone out there that thinks so highly of me gives me a lot of motivation.」 

I still thought of Fenix as my best friend, so I didnt want to talk bad of him, but I still felt somewhat happy hearing someone say that the decision to kick me out from the party was a mistake. 

I wasnt used to being praised. 

The other four were always showered with praise, making any compliments towards me feel like a miracle. 

「O-Of course.」 

Milla nodded her head. 

「A-Anyway, we got a little off track there, but… do you really not have a significant other or anything?」 

「…No, I dont.」 

「Would that have anything to do with the negative view society has towards Black Sorcerers?」 

Society often saw Black Sorcerers as gloomy, unsociable, or petty. It was truly a sad thing. What in the world did Black Sorcerers do to them?  

All theyre doing is throwing out status afflictions from a distance, arent they? 

「Who can say? Its not like Im a particular interesting person in the first place, anyway.」 

She looked a little annoyed at my response. Her cheeks were moderately puffed up. 

「The ability to make the people around you smile or have a way with words definitely is a desirable trait, but its not a requirement to be considered attractive. I think kind people are attractive. For example, people who stop a criminal even though they lost their job and let someone else take credit for it on top of that. I think people who act solely because they believe it is the right thing to do are the true heroes.」 



I had suddenly stopped in my tracks, which led Milla to look at me with a curious look. 

I didnt want to be looked at right now.

I moved my hands to cover my face. 

「I-Its nothing…」 

「Im sorry, did I say something rude just now?」 

Milla was getting a little flustered. 

「Not at all. Its the opposite, in fact.」 


I was unsure of what to say as she tilted her head in confusion. 

「W-Well, when I was little, I dreamed of becoming a Hero.」 

「Id imagine thats not a very uncommo

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