God Of Sleep


I woke up dizzy and hungry, unable to remember where this place was. I had no memories of who I was.

For some reason, my body felt like I had slept for millennia. The more I surveyed this place, the creepier it got; its a dark cave surrounded by red flowers and beside me runs a beautiful yellow river. I thought I was in a dream; then I slapped myself

”That hurt. Im not dreaming; this nightmare is absolute. ”

I got up to score a drink from the river; I scooped it on the balm of my hands and drank; it had no flavor, but the moment the water entered my mouth, I started to get dizzy again And began to lose bits of my remaining memory. It was a mystery why I couldn remember the past or the present, but the more I questioned this insanity, the more of my recent memories began to fade. Then I heard a commanding voice.

”Welcome to The World Of Erebus. ”

When I heard the voice, I was relieved; I wanted to ask so many questions, but my stomach started to make weird noises, and I began to feel nauseous and threw up the water in my stomach.

I tried to reply to the unknown voice, but unfortunately, it didn hear me or It was Ignoring me. It mentioned that this world is called ”Erebus. ” I began to ignore the weird voice and started to drink from the river, then the cycle of forgetness began, but this time I only remembered ”Erebus. ” I began to scream.

”Why didn I forget the name of this world? ”

Then waves of sound exploded in my head before I passed out, and I heard a faint voice.

System Initializing.


*Ding!* [The System will now begin merging with the host.]


I woke up after ten minutes, my head spinning. I was frustrated with this world at first; I woke up hungry in a dark cave, not able to remember who I was. Then I tried to ease my stomach and drink from the mysterious river, but my remaining memories began to fade.

”WTF? I can remember. ”

Before I got knocked out, I heard a voice coming from my head. It said something about ”System. ” Then I listened to a beautiful voice.

[System Completely Unified With The Host]

”Whats a System? ”

[The System Is to Help You Control Your Powers and Know Knowledge Beyond this World]

”I don have the powers you speak of. ”

”Haha ”

The system began to laugh; the reason I don know, then it said.

[Say Status; You Should Beable See Your Strength]

I did as the System said, ”Status. ”

A moment later, a golden screen with white writing popped out.



[System Name: None]


[ Power: ∞]

[ Magic: ∞]

[ Skills: ∞]

[ Strength: ∞]

[ Speed: ∞]

[ Wealth: ∞]

[ Imagination: ∞]

[Worldly Summon: ∞]

[Qualification Points : 0]

My head started to hurt; I didnt understand the words on the screen. I only understood the name part, but its empty. ”I don understand what this Is. Can you explain why The name part Is empty? ”

[You Don Have

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