Luon stood up straight away.
Rancell was perplexed when he saw him checking his condition by tightening the leather straps of the protector.

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“You want to go right now?”

“Is there any reason to go later?”

Rancell, who had been mumbling foolishly, immediately nodded.

“Yeah, it’s better to finish it quickly.”

“A guy named Abil will lead the way.
He is in charge of supplying the monastery, so he knows the mountain roads best.”

“Where is he?”

Suddenly, the door opened and a man walked in.
Scratching his head with an uncomfortable look, the man said,

“···I’m Abil.
I was listening outside and I heard you start talking about me.”

Luon nodded his head toward Abil, who was standing in an awkward position.

“Let’s go.”


The mountain path was quite rugged.
The poorly paved road revealed that it was not used to people’s footsteps.
In the first place, the only person who knew about the path in the village was Abil, the hunter.
Even now, he was moving on a path that only he knew.
However, if there was anything different from usual, it was the big man following behind Abil.

Abil, who was walking in the front, glanced back and carefully asked,

“Are you alright, mercenary?”

“Call me Luon.”

“Oh, yes, Mr.
Aren’t you tired?”

Luon shrugged.

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“I’m alright.”

Looking at his sweat-free face, Abil said,

“You have great stamina.
I also get out of breath when I pass by here, but you look really fine.
You did say that we should take a shortcut because it doesn’t matter if it’s rough?”

Luon smirked.

“I just thought that if you were a hunter, you would have at least one path that only you knew.”

Contrary to his intimidating appearance, Luon responded quite well to his words, and Abil decided to ask the question he had been curious about.

“Excuse me, Mr.
Can I ask you a question?”

“Go ahead.”

“Are you really a mercenary?”

Abil asked, removing the twigs.

“The fact that you came here after hearing that a devil had appeared is more important to you than other mercenaries.”

“You look like someone who wants to die?”

“Ah, no, I don’t mean that, I’m saying it because it doesn’t seem like you are someone who works for money.”

Embarrassed, Abil waved his hands, and the corners of Luon’s lips went up.

‘What a nice guy.’

Luon said,

“When the game was launched, there were devils in the opening video.
I came here just in case there’s a clue.”

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“What? Game? Em… What’s that?”

“There’s something like that.”

Ambiguous to ask further, Abil hurried his steps.
Luon’s eyes, which followed Abil, were deeply immersed.


In the days when his sole focus was survival, devils were beings that he could not even dare to touch.
But now, that time has passed and Luon has grown stronger, he is considering incorporating devils into his journeys as well.

The first time he thought of it was after he leveled up in Grungrad.

Seeing the level-up that came after nearly three months, Luon accepted that it would be difficult to grow further with just ordinary battles, and decided to confront the beings and stories that he had been avoiding.

This monastery was the starting point.
Of course, he came here only after hearing the song and rumors from a minstrel,

‘I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I’ll find out soon enough.’

Luon, we have arrived.”

Abil wiped the sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand.

Luon opened the lid of the box with Abil behind him.
Rotten food with an unpleasant odour caught the attention of his eyes.
He spoke after looking alternately at the dark grey monastery and the box.

“You may go back now.”

“Oh, is that okay?”

Abil was ecstatic.
It looks pretty scary.

“When you want to come down, you can follow the main road over there.”

Luon did not say that he had memorised all the shortcuts.

“See you later.”

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“Please be careful.”

After Abil left, Luon, who was alone, approached the entrance to the monastery.
He arrived in front of the large iron gate and placed his palms shoulder-width apart on the iron gate.
And then he pushed his firmly fixed palms forward strongly.

Trying to push open a door locked with a latch!

It was the perfect act to be treated like a madman if anyone saw it, but the scene that followed was surprising.


The latch that was hanging on the other side of the iron gate screamed.
As the snake-like veins on the back of Luon’s hands and arms trembled, the screams grew dangerously louder and louder.
The more he pushed, the deeper Luon’s toes dug into the floor, but they were never pushed back.

Kreee, Bang!

The hook that was wrapped around the latch could no longer withstand the tremendous force of the contracted muscles.

Ting, Ting, Ting!

He didn’t commit such an ignorant act because there was no other way.
He could break the window to enter, or since it was a fairly large building, he could find another door other than the main gate.

Nevertheless, the reason Luon chose such a noisy method of breaking the bars to enter was because he wanted to feel the increase in his strength that he had recently invested in.

There may be no dramatic changes, but those who deal with power are sensitive to change.
As you can see, the results were satisfactory.

Luon grabbed the handle and pulled open the now free door.
The first thing that greeted him as he entered the building was the peculiar smell of old soil in the stone building.

Like a horror movie background.

Luon muttered inwardly at the gloom given by the building that had no sign of activity.
According to what he had heard, more than 20 people, including nuns and monks, lived in this monastery.
Even if they were playing hide-and-seek as a group, it shouldn’t be this quiet.

Luon walked in with his hand on the handle of the sword.
As he reached what appeared to be the kitchen, he frowned at the devastation that unfolded before his eyes.

Dark red blood was splattered everywhere.
Looking at the broken dishes and objects, it was clear that something serious had happened here.
The strange thing was that even if every one of them died, there was not a single body around, even though there was a lot of blood splattered around.

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Ordinary people would have screamed and run away, but Luon was a warrior with so much power that he couldn’t remember when he was an ordinary man.

Luon gathered his breath and slowly awakened his five senses.

Suddenly, in Luon’s eyes, there was a picture of an unknown being attacking the people who were eating.

Two were killed in an instant, and the third person who was watching the scene was stunned, and the last surviving one hurriedly drew a kitchen knife and resisted, but died due to the arteries in his neck being cut off.

The vivid series of scenes was an illusion created by mixing Luon’s sharp senses with imagination.
In other words, it was irrelevant to say that it was a work that embodied an area called intuition.

That’s why Luon didn’t really trust this ability.

This is literally just an imagination, as it was far from a cheat-like ability, like in a game, where just clicking the right mouse button makes the clues glow red and you can grasp the situation at a glance.

Nevertheless, Luon chose to follow the traces created by his imagination.

Rather than wandering around looking for the perfect answer, it was Luon’s method that he has consistently maintained over the past few years to bump into something that can be used right away.

Luon boldly ignored the half open or closed door and proceeded without hesitation.
Soon after entering the lobby overlooking the central staircase, he noticed something and stopped.

Right in front of the stairs, a man in a torn monk’s robe was looking at him with a blank expression.
The hazy, out of focus eyes on his pale face were somehow creepy.

The man approached with slow steps.
Luon grabbed the handle of his sword.

“If you come any closer, I will cut you.”

Despite the harsh warning, the man did not stop walking.
Instead, an ominous light flashed from his forehead.
At that moment, the man’s mouth opened wide.


Screaming, the man ran towards him.
Luon swung his sword horizontally without hesitation.
The man’s head flew up the stairs, spraying blood.
His body, which had lost its head, floundered and collapsed.

As he approached the fallen head, Luon rolled the head with his foot to check the man’s forehead.
Seeing the symbol carved like a quiver, he muttered quietly.

“It’s a devil.”

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