Kylie sighed as she leaned against the wall inside the elevator, She remembered her encounter with Liam a few moments ago and slapped the elevator wall in anger, how dare he think she was still in love with him after he had betrayed her for her sister.

” ah, what a jerk ” Kylie muttered and walked out of the elevator which had gotten to the top most floor of the Jade condominium which was the most luxurious condominium in the whole of Chennai.

Walking to the door of her apartment she nodded in approval when she saw there was only one apartment here apart from hers, She loved a peaceful and quiet environment.

Scanning the key on the scanner at the door, the door clicked open and she walked into the house and the light flicked on automatically, she smiled in happiness when she saw how the apartment looked according to her taste and how she liked it.

Pulling off her shoes and putting on her flip flips she dropped her bag on the couch, she walked into the kitchen and took a bottle of water out of the refrigerator, opening the bottle she gulped down the water and dropped the bottle on the cabinet.

Ring! Ring!! Ring!!!

walking to the living room, she picked up her phone and smiled in happiness seeing it was Julie calling her.

” Hey, Julie, ” Kylie said crashing on the couch with a smile on her lips.

” Hey…..there my cute innocent virgin, How are you doing today, ” Julie asked putting her hands on her jaws as she giggled, she knew how Kylie disliked her nickname, but she loved calling her that.

” Do you have to mention that vulgar word every time you talk to me? ” Kylie asked shaking her head in disgust at how Julie loved using vulgar language.

” Its not a vulgar word but a nickname darling ”

” Who gives someone a nickname such as that huh?? ”

” Only me baby, don you like it, ” Julie asked giggling at her friends obvious dislike of that name.

” I don like it, ” Kylie said scorning in response.

” But the name fits you perfectly well, you are a cute innocent virgin after all ” Julie remarked walking away from her previous to her window.

” No, am not, ” Kylie said firmly.

” Ah, don tell me you got a boyfriend without my knowing, who deflowered you?? ” Julie asked standing up straight almost fuming in anger. How dare one rotten man deflowers her cute innocent virgin?

” No I didn and nobody deflowered me, I don have a flint of boyfriends flocking after me since high school, unlike someone. ” Kylie said snickering at how Julie almost went berserk when she talked about a boyfriend.

” Well I do feel proud of myself for having multiple boyfriends but you see no one ever lasts, am currently single now, ” Julie said a giggle escaping from her mouth and a sigh of wonder.

” Well maybe, they were only after your money because you are a pretty rich heiress ” Kylie smiled. She and Julie both had bad luck in finding someone that truly did love them unconditionally.

” Not as rich as you though, also remember you owe me four years long shopping and we are going on that shopping in your mall by the weekend right??? ” Julie remarked from the other side of the phone.

” Why does it have to be your years ”

” I don know, ask yourself. ”

” Do you want to go clubbing on Friday night? ” Julie asked in excitement as a thought crossed her mind.

” But I thought we were going shopping on weekend, ” Kylie asked wiggling her legs and closing her eyes.

” We do both please, ” Julie asked from the other end of the phone with puppy eyes.

” Fine then, talk to you tomorrow I want to catch some sleep, ” Kylie said and ended the call.

Julie sighed. looking at her phone screamed, she only wanted to add some spice to her best friends life do she has decided till her best friend gets a boyfriend, she will act as a boyfriend to her, Looking out of the window in her office also her penthouse she spotted Cassie and Liam in the garden, grinning in the happiness she grabbed her suit jacket and walked out of her penthouse with an evil expression on her face.

Kylie walked into the bathroom after ending the call and after bathing, she moved to the balcony to get some fresh air with black lingerie on and a black jacket to cover up her body that was exposed and with her head tied into a ponytail.

A few minutes before.

Nathan came down from the car after Liam had driven out of the parking lot with a cold expression on his how dare that filthy man lay his hand on her huh?? but he smiled recalling how Kylie had beaten him to the ground.

Xander was puzzled at the expression going through his bosss face especially at the way his lips curled up in happiness and then his expression become as cold as ice.

” Boss, Im…having…been….meaning…to ask…. are you alright?? ” Xander muttered looking at his boss weirdly and trying to touch his head if he was alright.

Grabbing Xanders hand Nathan sighed

” Im perfectly fine, why do you think am not alright?? ” Nathan asked dropping Xanders hand and raising his hands to scratch his brows.

” you have been having too many expressions lately ”

”Have I ”.

” yes boss ”

” then you should be happy because am finally becoming human right?? ” Nathan said his eyes on Xander who told his assistant he either said yes or get lost.

” Yes boss, ” Xander said forcing a smile.

” then, you are dismissed, ” Nathan said and walked towards the elevator, getting in he pressed the highest floor and got in.

Xander looked at his boss weirdly, shook his head, jumped into the car, and drove off.

Nathan got out of the elevator and walked into his apartment, his apartment has painted a shade of Grey and black with black curtains covering the window.

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