7 pm Royal Stars ✨ Hotel.

Royal Stars was the biggest hotel in the whole of Chennai, it was painted with the color of Royal blue and night gold, it had a spacious garden filled with different flowers and a large swimming pool at the back, close to the artificial lake built behind it to give it a homely feeling, the hotel looked beautiful, especially in the night. it was a seven-star hotel owned by the Heiress Julie Creek who was going to become the chairwoman of Creek Estate incredibly soon.

Coming down from the car Kylie smiled looking at her friends dream become a reality and at how people were swooping in and out of the Restaurant, below the hotel walking towards the door of the restaurant she heard a faint scream coming from her side and the wind rushing towards and turned her head

” Ba…by… Kylie….my…Kylie is finally here…my cute innocent Virgin is here….. ” Julie screamed running toward Kylie who was standing bewildered at her friends choice of words and her lack of properness.

Running into Kylie and giving her a tight hug, enough to raise a dead man from the grave Julie jumped happily with Kylie in her hands and sighed in relief when she saw her friend was healthy.

Pushing Kylie away she gasped and shouted in excitement

” oh..my…baby is here and alive and kicking,… I missed you so much ” she hugged Kylie tears brimming in her eyes, she didn know why her nose felt itchy suddenly.

” hey.. hey.. enough now don hug me to death, I just came back and you are already giving me troubles…. but to be truthful I missed your troubles a lot… I always wondered when next I was going to see my little one. girl. ” Kylie said with tears droplets falling from her eyes as she hugged her friend back, although she complained about Julie hugging her so tight, she had missed Julie a lot.

” if you missed me, then why did you go…why?? tell me… I said I was never…never talking to you again…. ” Julie remarked her voice sad tears dripping down her eyes.

The people around looked strangely at the two girls who were on the verge of crying standing in the middle of the road and hugging each other like they were lovers.

” am sorry Julie…I didn plan on leaving like that…Im so sorry little one ” Kylie said pushing her friend away from her and wiping the teardrops in her eyes and face,

” Don cry you know, you look like a balloon when you do, your face becomes red and puffy ” Kylie just looked at her Julie who was looking like popcorn.

” stop that….don tease my beautiful face…my cute innocent virgin, ” Julie said and burst out laughing at Kylies face which looked disgusted by her choice of words.

” do you have to speak with such vulgar language in public?? ”

” Yeah I do, is there any law that says I can and wheres the fun in not doing it, ” Julie said as she burst out laughing again.

” Come on lets go in before you say worse things, ” Kylie said walking in hurriedly afraid of what Julie might continue blotting out of her uncircumcised mouth.

” ooh come on baby don tell me you are still a virgin….. or are you????..phew someones gonna die a grandma virgin ” Julie shouted teasing and chasing after her, laughing to her hearts content.

” stop Julie else am gonna murder you here and bury you here in this hotel, ” Kylie said getting to the private room they prearrange which was possible because it was her babys Restaurant.

” Do your worst.. baby I dare you…hahaha ” Julie said pushing into the room and giggling.

” I hate yoJulieulie, ” Kylie remarked looking at Julie with an Amused gaze.

” You do know I equally hate you, babe… ” Julie giggled.

” Okay lets eat am starving.. ”

” Lets eat our favorite then, spicy pork belly, chicken breast, and the best of the best Steak ”

” Fine but am pretty sure your mom will beat you up if she finds out what you are about to eat ”

” blah..whos gonna tell her…not you..not me, ” Julie said pointing to herself and Kylie and smiling, pressing the bell on the table, a waiter walked in

” yes, maam what can I help you with ” the waitress muttered her voice shaking, why wouldn it when the heiress who was known for being cold-blooded had just called her in,

” I want those marked on the menu and also the oldest alcohol in your collection ”Julie muttered with no smile on her face looking at the waiter.

” yes ma ” the waiter muttered hurriedly and walked out.


” Did you have to scare that poor girl? ” Kylie asked giggling in laughter.

” whats the fun in not scaring her?? huh?? ” Julie said hugging her friend.

Kylie patted her head and hugged her closer

” I miss you ”

” Me to a lot ”

” Im sorry for leaving without telling you ”

” I have forgiven you but don leave me ever again ”

” I promise not to ”

” Also you owe four years worth of shopping, I want clothes, especially from your recent collections ”

” we can go to the mall on Saturday and you but them ”

Sitting upright Julie took Kylies face in her hands and with simmering puppy eyes she muttered

” baby you know Im too poor to buy clothes, you have to give me for free please ”

” no can do can it ”

Julie hugged her tighter as she muttered

” baby thank you I love you so much ”

The maid pushed the door open and gasped in awkwardness seeing them in a compromising position almost as if they were kissing, she stood frozen on the floor.

Julie snorted loudly which snapped the waiter back to life, the waiter quickly dropped what they had ordered and walked out.

After eating to their hearts content, Julie and Kylie walked out of the hotel, strolling in the gardens, Kylie checked her time and saw it was past 9. She nudged Julie was looking at a couple kissing from afar,

” We have to go I have a meeting with the investors tomorrow ”

” Fine but remember we are meeting on Saturday, ” Julie said and hugged her.

Ring! Ring!! Ring!!!

Julie opened her bag and picked up her phone and answered the call,

” yes mom, am on my way just give me 30 minutes ”.

” Im on my way now ”

Bidding Goodbye to Kylie, Julie ran off muttering on the

” am on my way mum ”

Kylie smiled looking at her best friend walking away and hoping she was safe from her mothers nagging.

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