Luan QingXiao really found Liang Yan to be irritating right now.  She couldnt muster any will to pretend to be secretly in love with him, much less play matchmaker for him and Nie Zhener. 

The fact that Luan QingXiao was good at English was only known by Liang Yan and Teacher Lin. Teacher Lin respected Luan QingXiaos decision and wont publicize this without her permission while Liang Yan wanted nothing more than to suppress her so theres no way he would tell anyone about how Luan QingXiao was good at English.   

Although Luan QingXiao was in group five, she basically had no interactions with the other group members. She rarely even talked to Nie Zhener. She spent time alone all day and occasionally, there would be a tail called Luo Xun following behind her.  

Li Ni always said to Nie Zhener how Luan QingXiao was cold and aloof. Nie Zhener wanted to explain for the other but didnt know where to start.   

The only benefit that came from Luan QingXiao acting like this was how Liang Yans blackening value had gradually decreased. It kept falling until it once again returned to 15%.

Like this, time flew. Soon, the time for final exams came.  

After taking the final exams, the two-month break started. 

Luan QingXiao returned home after taking the exams. The lights were off inside, other than her there was no one else.   

At first, she had been glad that Luan QingXiaos parents didnt live at home, this way she wouldnt have to worry about exposing herself. However, ever since she came to this world, month after month passed but she had never seen her parents. She couldnt help but feel wronged on behalf of the original host.  

The original host was a sensitive child, her parents negligence caused her to become theSchool Tyrant. She thought if she acted like this, she would be able to attract her parents attention. Using her identity as the school tyrant, she also conveniently punished sinners and eliminated evil, beating up many violent individuals, thus saving many students who were a victim of school bullying.    

However, even if she acted like this her parents didnt give her a fraction more attention. Added with her classmates misunderstandings and cold treatment towards her, the original host quickly gave up on herself.  

She became cold and cynical, she gave up on her studies and truly became the school tyrant, becoming the type of person that other people hated.  

And later on, because of the tiny bit of warmth that the male lead had shown her, she framed the female lead, thoroughly becoming the type of person she used to detest most.   

Luan QingXiao walked into the dining room. On the table were the two dishes and one soup made by the hired worker. The food was just been made not long ago, Luan QingXiao could sit down and eat it directly.  

Luan QingXiao ate while chatting with System 520 in her sea of consciousness.   

Luan QingXiao: 520, since Im occupying this body, then where did the original host go? 

【The original host was reported after sabotaging the relationship between the male and female lead and as a result couldnt reincarnate after her death so she came to the Plot Amendment Research Institute for help. The original hosts soul is still in her body, its just that it has been contained in a small corner but she is able to see with her own eyes as host completes the mission. Host-dada, please rest assured, before you complete the mission and leave the world, its impossible for the original host to resurface. 】

Luan QingXiao: Oh, then Im relieved. 

Tragedies arise for many reasons but the hurt inflicted may last forever. If the person hurt is unwilling to forgive, then no one else has the qualifications to say otherwise. 

And now there was a chance to redo everything…  

Since Ive replaced the original host, then Ill definitely bring Nie Zhener happiness.  

520, seeing that she wasnt the least bit suspicious, let out a sigh of relief. Because of the contract signed with the original host, some things cannot be said to Luan QingXiao so it could only randomly fabricate something.  

After eating, Luan QingXiao went upstairs to take a bath. After coming out from her bath, the cold air in the bedroom caused a layer of goosebumps to erupt over her skin.  

Luan QingXiao picked up the remote and increased the heater by a few degrees. She then sat on her bed and began to dry her hair.  

After blowing her hair dry, Luan QingXiao switched her clothes. After doing all this, it was already nine in the night.  

She took out her phone, wanting to make a call to her mother who was far away in the States.

On the third ring, the call went through.  

“Hello, XiaoXiao?” The calm voice of a woman came from the phone.  

“Mom, are you busy right now?”  

Liang MeiLing: “Its nothing, we can talk, Im just eating breakfast.”  

“En, I have something I want to tell you.”  


“I dont want to go study abroad, theres still two years time, I will definitely get into a top domestic college.”   

“XiaoXiao, I saw your high school report cards before. Arent you taking the difficulties of studying too lightly?”  

“My grades in middle school were very good.”  

“…If you are determined, this is something I can consider. However, I want to see your sincerity by the time you reach Year Three. If your test grades cannot meet my expectations then youll have to listen to me and transfer to the international class to prepare for your studies abroad.”  

Liang MeiLing originally planned to switch Luan QingXiao into the international class during Year Two where students had to choose between majoring in Humanities or Science. She didnt expect Luan QingXiao to suddenly have a change of thoughts, wanting to go to a domestic college.   

Initially, she didnt plan to agree but when she thought of Luan QingXiaos excellent grades in middle school, in the end, her heart still harbored some hope, so she agreed on certain conditions. 

“Okay, Ill work hard. Mom, go eat ba, Ill go study for a while, bye.”  

Hanging up the call, Luan QingXiao walked into the study and got to work.  

The contents in this worlds textbooks were more or less the same as her own worlds. Not to mention, the original hosts intelligence wasnt low and her memory was also better than the average persons. Luan QingXiao believed that it wont take long for her to make up all the missed lessons.  

After staying at home to study for two days, Luan QingXiao wanted a change of pace. Thus, she decided to head out to the market and buy some fruits home.  

The fruits that the paid worker occasionally bought were all the original hosts favorites. She herself didnt like them very much. 

It rained all of last night so the ground was still a bit wet. When Luan QingXiao passed by Nie Zheners house, she subconsciously glanced towards it.  

Coincidentally, at this moment, the houses door swung open, revealing Nie Zheners delicate figure.  

She wore a floral print dress and in her hair was a light pink lace ribbon. She resembled a beautiful and fragrant rose, attracting butterflies and bees to approach her.  

Luan QingXiaos footstep paused. When Nie Zhener raised her head and saw her, her porcelain-like cheeks were rapidly dusted with a layer of pink. As she was about to run over, she suddenly remembered that she was wearing a dress. Embarrassed, she changed from running to walking, “Classmate Luan, what a coincidence.”   

Luan QingLuan reservedly nodded her head.  

A pleasant scent lingered in the air around Nie Zhener. Luan QingXiao took the initiative to talk for a rare change: “You used perfume?”  

“Ah? No, I didnt.” Nie Zhener waved her hand, a bit flustered. 

Luan QingXiao lowered her head, she walked closer to Nie Zhener and smelled the top of her head. Nie Zhener froze, not daring to move an inch.  

“What brand of shampoo did you used?” Luan QingXiao liked the fragrance quite a bit.

Nie Zhener told her a brand name: “Classmate Luan, I have a lot at home. If you like it, take a bottle with you ba.”  

Luan QingXiao wasnt polite with her: “Thank you.”  

“Youre welcome.” Nie Zhener lifted her head, a strand of raven hair slipping off her forehead. Her large almond eyes were limpid and warm like spring water: “Classmate Luan, where are you heading to? Maybe we can walk together on the way ne.” 

“Im going to Forever Fortune Supermarket to buy some fruits.”  

“Forever Fortune Supermarket…its very close to the art studio Im heading to,” The corner of Nie Zhener mouth curled upward in joy, “I can go with you~”  

Nie Zhener, really so adorable ah.  

Luan QingXiao let out a sigh in her heart.  

【Ding! Scenario two is about to occur, in order to avoid missing this opportunity, may Host head to Qing Feng Art Studio with the female lead and sign up for the art course.】

Luan QingXiao asked: “You want to learn art?”  

Nie Zhener nodded: “I started in middle school, Ive already been learning it for four years. Is Classmate Luan also interested in art? The art studio I learned at is very good, this time Im going to enroll in their summer course.”  

Luan QingXiao lowered her head and saw the hopefulness in the others eyes. Her mood was greatly improved, a faint smile emerged on her face: “You can just call me by my name, from now on Ill also call you Zhener. Since the art studio is so great, I come along with you to have a look. Maybe Ill also sign up.”   

“En! Classmate Luan, no, I should say…QingXiao!”Nie Zhener raised her head, showing a radiant smile.

Luan QingXiao reciprocated with a faint smile. She used her forefinger to boop the other on the tip of the nose.  

Really a silly girl.  

However, she was cute this way. 


(˶◕ v ◕˶) ԅ(ↀᆺↀ ๑)

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