After Luan QingXiao managed to perfectly spin up bullshit, Teacher Lins impression of her changed drastically.   

Thus, as the bell rang to signal the start of class, the Rocket Class stared blankly as they watched Teacher Lin walk smilingly into the classroom, followed by Luan QingXiao who had both hands stuck in her pocket and was walking in her same arrogant swagger.   

Liang Yans deskmate nudged him: “Teacher Lin seems to be in a good mood ma.”  

Liang Yans expression wasnt good as he said: “Maybe Teacher Lin called home and Luan QingXiaos parents said something to her.”  

The deskmate understood what he meant.  

The entirety of Shenjia High knew that Luan QingXiaos family background wasnt ordinary, it seems that Teacher Lin had also given in.  

Teacher Lin rapped against her desk, the classroom quieted down and Luan QingXiao walked back to her seat.  

When she passed Nie Zhener, Luan QingXiao threw her a wink.  

Nie Zhener pursed her lips and an adorable smile appeared on her face.  

After one class period passed, the Rocket Class students were entirely convinced by Teacher Lins capabilities. At the end of the class when Teacher Lin proposed the idea of forming a mutual help and assistance group, not a single person in class opposed.  

“Then itll be settled like this. After I review all your grades and form the groups, I have the English student representative inform you.”  

During the last break, Nie Zhener had been worried about Luan QingXiao so Li Ni didnt find it appropriate to make inquiries but during this break period, she was definitely going to ask.  

“Zhener, come to the restroom with me, well talk on the way!” Li Ni said with a bright smile.  

Nie Zhener knew Li Ni like gossips. Unexpectedly when the gossip is about her, the other seemed to be even more enthusiastic.   

Nie Zhener was originally hesitating whether she should ask Luan QingXiao what she and Teacher Lin had talked about, but now she should accompany Li Ni to the restroom first ba. 

The two girls walked hand in hand, their heads huddled close together. When Nie Zhener finished speaking, her face reddened as Li Ni looked at her with teasing eyes.  

“Wow~the school tyrant kabedoning the school flower, if only I was there, I wouldve helped you guys take pictures!”  

“Its not a kabedon…” Nie Zhener explained weakly, her shyness emerging from her damp eyes. 

Li Ni bumped Nie Zheners shoulder with her and said teasingly: “Aiyo~ Zhener is being shy~, okay I know la, its not a kabedon, not a kabedon.” 

The mutual help and assistance group name list was announced the next day, the students of rocket Class were a bit shocked, but what they mostly felt was jealousy!  

Luan QingXiao was actually put in the same group as Nie Zhener and Liang Yan!  

Luan QingXiao was also very surprised: Could it be that even if I dont do anything, fate will still push to be in between the male and female lead?  

【Ding! 520 has not detected any abnormalities, host shouldnt harbor any wishful thinking oh, completing the mission in seriousness is the right way to go~ the groups this time is really just a coincidence~】

Luan QingXiao reluctantly accepted 520s explanation.  

There are a total of fifty people in Rocket Class. A total of ten groups was formed with each group having five people.  

Luan QingXiao was in group five, other than her, in the group there was Nie Zhener, Liang Yan, Li Ni, and the P.E. student representative, Bai Fei.  

Some people felt that it was a waste for Liang Yan and Nie Zhener to be in one group. Both their grades are exceptional so wouldnt be better to put one of them in another group?  

In reply to this, Teacher Lin had the English student representative pass along a message: The groups this time were formed after her discussion with their homeroom teacher, the groups took the grades of all their subjects into consideration and were split according to literature and science. Although its not perfect, it was the most suitable group formed after their careful deliberations.

So…there will be no switching.  

In group five, other than Nie Zhener who was an all-rounder at all subjects, everyone else had a subject that could be improved on.   

Liang Yan was good at math and physics, Li Ni was good at chemistry and biology, Bai Fei was good at geography, and Luan QingXiao was good at nothing (they still dont know that she was good at English).  

The other saw that Luan QingXiao was in group five and their hearts felt a lot better. Carrying someone who doesnt study, maybe after a few days, the rest of group five will also become like her and not like to study anymore.  

Liang Yans deskmate rubbed his hands together wickedly and said to him: “Use cinnabar and youll be red, use ink and youll be black, being together with Luan QingXiao every day, Im afraid that the group of you will…ai!”  

Originally Liang Yan was happy because he was in a group with Nie Zhener but also unhappy because Luan QingXiao was also there. After being incited by his deskmate like that, the scale in his heart tipped. He thought maybe he should go find Teacher Lin and request for Luan QingXiao to be taken out of group five.  

In any case, Luan QingXiao was notorious for not studying. Her family didnt lack money and no matter what kind of college she got into, there will be assets at home for her to inherit. It didnt really matter if she was in group five or not.  

During recreational sports, Liang Yan asked the homeroom teacher for a leave, saying he had something to ask Teacher Lin. The homeroom teacher surveyed him, causing Liang Yan to break out in a cold sweat. From when he was small up to now, this was the first time he had told a lie.  

“Just this once, I know you are a good student but your body is just as important. In the future, youre not allowed to request a leave for things like this. Now go ba.”  

Liang Yan nodded his head: “Thank you, Teacher Zhang.”  

After walking out of the homeroom teachers sight, Liang Yan set out a sigh of relief. 

Arriving at Teacher Lins office, he knocked on the door before entering. When Teacher Lin saw him, a smile appeared on her face: “Student Liang Yan, do you need Teacher for something?”  

Teacher Lin looked very gentle and she also spoke softly. She was not lively like she was in class nor was she like two days ago when she had been angered by Luan QingXiao.  

Liang Yan felt that Teacher Lin must have a very good impression of him. Full of confidence, he slightly widened his eyes, and with an aura that saysIm a good student, he said: “Teacher Lin, I have something to say to you.”  

“I feel like the groups for this times mutual help and assistance group are not suitable. It is especially so for our group, it is the most unsuitable one.”  

Teacher Lin was surprised: “Could it be you dont want to be in the same group as Nie Zhener?”  

Liang Yan hurriedly said: “Teacher Lin, its not Nie Zhener, the one Im talking about is Luan QingXiao.”  

“You saw Luan QingXiaos grades, not a single subject has a passing mark. That is enough to see that Luan QingXiao doesnt want to study at all, otherwise it would be impossible for a person with normal intellect to score this badly.”  

Teacher Lin smiled and stopped him from speaking further: “I see. Liang Yan, I have an exam paper right here, why dont you try doing it?”  

Liang Yan didnt know why theyre suddenly talking about an exam paper, he said puzzledly: “Right now?”  

“Yes, right now. There are still twenty minutes to this period, you shouldve requested a leave from Teacher Zhang so stay here and do the test ba.”  

Teacher Lin took out an exam paper and gave it to Liang Yan along with a pen, “You only need to do the backside.” 

“Oh, okay.” Liang Yan was muddleheadedly led to a seat by Teacher Lin and he began to do the exam.  

After fifteen minutes, Liang Yan managed to fill in two-thirds of the paper with a taxed expression. Teacher Lin said: “Alright, lets end it here ba.”  

She received the exam paper and said smilingly: “That was a bit hard no? This was an exam paper created by the head of our English Department.”  

Liang Yan had even begun to doubt life doing that test. When he heard this, he felt a lot better. He smiled ashamedly: “It really was a bit hard.”   

Teacher Lin compared the answers and marked his exam, there were only two wrongs, both were fill in the missing part of the sentence.   

“Your accuracy is quite high.”  

Liang Yans face cant help but light up with joy. Teacher Lin said this exam was hard but he only got two wrong. He lowered his head and expectantly waited for the praises that Teacher Lin would say next.   

“Take a look at this exam paper.” Who knew that Teacher Lin didnt continue speaking, rather she had him look at another test paper.   

Liang Yan looked over and saw a paper full of red checks.  

Was this written by Nie Zhener? But Nie Zheners words were delicate and refined. The handwriting in front of him was messy to the point that the words were about to fly off the paper, this was definitely not something written by Nie Zhener.   

“Teacher Lin?” Liang Yan looked towards Teacher Lin in befuddlement.  

Teacher Lin had on a faint smile, her eyes were still gentle as before but she unleashed a bomb on Liang Yan as she said: “This is Luan QingXiaos paper.” 

“Thats not possible!”  

“I randomly chose an exam paper and saw with my own eyes that she finished everything in only five minutes. She even got everything right.”   

“Since its like this, do you still want to switch group members?”  


Meanwhile, Luan QingXiao was lazily slumped onto her desk, her eyes closed as she rested.   

【Ding! The male leads blackening value has reached 20%! Once the male leads blackening value reaches 100%, the blackened mode will be unlocked. The consequences will not be favorable, may host proceed with caution! 】

Luan QingXiao opened her eyes. She was speechless: “Fuck! There must be something wrong with this male lead.”  

Shes not even provoking him but he can still blacken by himself.

Translators corner:

Ai, the male lead is kinda cute. A good honest boy wanting nothing more than praises. Too bad you cannot give Nie Zhener happiness ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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