When school ended at 8:30 in the evening, the dorm students still had to continue on for another half a class period after a ten minute break. The weather has been hot recently, the electric fan was turned on to the highest setting but it only blew hot air. The inside of the classroom was especially hot. During the break, the dorm students couldnt help but run out to the sports field to enjoy the brief cool breeze that had been bestowed by the heavens. 

There were only three off campus students in Rocket Class: Liang Yan, Nie Zhener, and Luan QingXiao. 

Liang Yan sat in the middle of the classroom, the minute the dismissal bell rang, he packed up and headed out of the classroom. When he passed by Nie Zhener, he paused for a moment and said in a low voice: “Im leaving, be careful around Luan QingXiao.”  

Nie Zhener lifted her head, only to see Liang Yan leaving in a hurry. 

Luan QingXiao leaned against the wall, only after she finished watching theshow did she leisurely begin to pack her bag. She stuffed the test papers from each subject into her backpack and stood up, swinging her bag onto her shoulder.

As she walked to the front row, Nie Zhener heard her footsteps and stood up hurriedly. Luan QingXiao didnt stop, after reaching the lectern she made a turn and headed towards the door.   

The fluorescent tubes emitted white rays of light, making the classroom as bright as it is in the daytime. 

Textbooks stacked together on the desks like mountains.  

Luan QingXiao walked to the door and looked back. Nie Zhener stood blankly in one spot and stared towards her direction. The pair of almond eyes seems to contain autumn lakes. Standing three meters apart, Luan QingXiao could still see ripples in the autumn waters within the others limpid eyes.

Pretty, she is, its just that she seemed to be a bit dimwitted.  

Luan QingXiao hit on the door twice. The noise made wasnt big but it startled Nie Zhener into trembling, she was flustered and at a loss for what to do.  

“Youre not planning to leave?” Luan QingXiaos voice was cold. 

Surprise blossomed in Nie Zheners eyes. She immediately picked up her school bag. Carrying it on both shoulders she sprinted over to Luan QingXiaos side. The clear pair of almond eyes met with Luan QingXiaos bored ones: “Im sorry, I thought, I thought you werent going to wait for me.” 

“Tch.” Luan QingXiao made a sound of displeasure. She gently patted the others head a couple of times, “Since I promised then Ill definitely hold up to it, next time dont stupidly wait there like that.”  

“I-Ill remember.” Nie Zhener replied in a small voice. The corner of her mouth unconsciously curved upward as she followed behind Luan QingXiao.  

Along the way, anyone who saw Luan QingXiao would walk around. Li Ni just finished using the restroom, when she came out she met with Luan QingXiao but missed Nie Zhener who was blocked by Luan QingXiao. Only when Luan QingXiao passed by her did she see a familiar figure, causing her face to turn pale with fright. 

“Zhener!” Why is her adorable deskmate following behind that demon king!  

Nie Zhener turned around. She had been smiling so much that her eyes had turned into crescents. When she saw LiNi she waved her hand at her, “Ill explain to you tomorrow at school.”  

In her fright, Li Ni forgot to grab onto Nie Zhener. When she regained her composure, she covered her burning cheeks with her hands. Zhener is so pretty when she smiles! 

District A wasnt far from Shenjia High, it only took about fifteen minutes to walk there. Its just that a section of the road was without streetlights, a girl walking alone could be a little dangerous. 

When they walked out of the school gate, Nie Zhener sprinted a couple of steps so she and Luan QingXiao were standing side to side. Lifting her head and seeing Luan QingXiaos icy expression that had no intention of talking whatsoever, she disappointedly bit her lips as she followed the others steps.  

Lights flickered from the neon signs of nearby shops. Their shadows intertwined together, constantly switching between long and short.

【Host dada, I have news to report, the male lead is following behind you ne!】

Hearing this, Luan QingXiao glanced backward. Liang Yan was about ten meters away from them, his figure hazily concealed in the shadows. Only his pair of pitch-black eyes gleamed with light, like a demon lurking in the night.  

Luan QingXiao: …Indeed worthy of being called the male lead, so dedicated.  

According to the original plan, Luan QingXiao wasnt supposed to destroy the beautiful period of time where the male and female went and left school together. She also doesnt know how things ended up being like it is now: The vicious female supporting character is together with the female lead but the male lead has to sneakily follow from behind, isnt this sad. 

Since Luan QingXiao noticed him, then naturally it wouldnt do for her to pretend she hasnt.She likes Liang Yan, so from time to time she would sneak glances at the male lead whos tailing behind them.  

When she thought of why Liang Yan had resorted to acting so surreptitiously, Luan QingXian felt that the number one love rival beside her was even more unpleasant to look at.  

The silence between the two of them was somewhat awkward. Nie Zhener didnt dare to take extra glances at Luan QingXiao. She took a deep breath and with great difficulty, managed to gather up the courage to say to Luan QingXiao: “In a few days it will be the final exams, how is Classmate Luan faring in preparation for it?”  

She spoke softly, her voice carrying a trace of sweetness like cotten candy. 

After her and Li Nis analysis today, she had come to determine that Luan QingXiao wanted her help with studying.  

Nie Zhener had already thought it through, if Luan QingXiao replied withnot so well or other similar answers, then she would take initiative and offer to tutor her.  

Luan QingXiao wasnt good at studying. She was publicly acknowledged by the Rocket Class to be themalignant tumor of their class. Luan QingXiao was surprised that Nie Zhener actually dared to mention studying in front of her.

Luan QingXiao just had a fight with Liang Yan today. Seeing how Liang Yan was following right behind them, she didnt want to ruin her prospects of chasing her man so she forcibly pressed down her temper and said: “Im doing whatever.”  

Nie Zhener was waiting for this line. Her eyes shone brightly. She immediately raised her head and said to Luan QingXiao: “I can help you study for it.”  

As the top student in her year, Nie Zhener was qualified to tutor Luan QingXiao, who was a trash student.  

Luan QingXiao: …Indeed worthy of being a white lotus female lead, shes even nice towards a school bully like me. 

【It must be because of host dadas charisma~】

No matter how much she wanted to sigh, the show must still continue.  

Luan QingXiao let out a cold laugh like she had just heard a joke, “You help me study?” The lofty top student really is a Holy Mary.  

They entered the section of the road with no streetlights. A stray cat leaped out in front of them and made elongated meows, adding to the spooky atmosphere.  

Nie Zhener cant help but lean in towards Luan QingXiao. Because of the cats cry, she missed out on the intonation of Luan QingXiaos words. Nie Zhener earnestly nodded her head in response.   

After nodding her head, she remembered that Luan QingXiao couldnt see her. Nie Zheners soft and gentle voice sounded through the darkness: “Classmate Luan is so smart, if you can just study seriously for a bit, you will definitely be able to get good grades. Im just helping you sort out the agenda so you can review the important points. If you have any questions you dont understand, you can also ask me.” 

Once in the past, Nie Zhener happened to see Luan QingXiaos exam paper by accident. The score wasnt high, barely reaching the threshold to pass, but so long as Luan QingXiao did fill in a question, they were all correct, not at all like other people who wrote things down all the same regardless if they knew it or not, hoping they would get lucky and receive a few more points. 

On that exam, there was a short response question with a complicated math problem. Luan QingXiao got that question right whereas Nie Zhener had gotten it wrong. When she saw the proficiency Luan QingXuan had solved the question with, she had been very curious. How can a capable person like this have so many questions they didnt know how to solve?

They exited the darkness as they turned a corner. “Oh,” Luan QingXiao made a random noise in response, “Do as you please.”

A love rival insisting on helping her study, what a novel experience. 

Nie Zheners hands trembled. Her mouth curve slightly upward and her cheeks that were already exquisite became even more dazzling. 

Luan QingXiao has seen countless beauties in her life. Not to mention the beautiful and charismatic female celebrities seen on television, she had seen all sorts of school flowers, department flowers and class flowers. Some were pure and breathtaking while others were charming and experienced but none of them had a smile like Nie Zheners that could make her heart pound. 

Luan QingXiao pursed her lips, she stopped her steps and said to Nie Zhener who was looking at her in a daze: “You have to make a turn here.”  

Nie Zhener didnt know what to do with her hands, she raised them and gripped her backpack straps. Her thumbs unconsciously rubbed against the straps, “Ah, right, make a turn. Classmate Luan QingXiao, thank you for today. Then Ill be leaving now, pay attention to your safety on the rest of your way home.” She rubbed her sweating palms against her backpack. 

“No need to thank me.” Luan QingXiao raised a brow, her next sentences carrying a trace of ridicule, “Scaredy-cat, are you feeling afraid again?”  

“Then Ill reluctantly watch you enter your house before leaving.”  

Luan QingXiao glanced over at her, her gaze cold like freezing water. However, Nie Zhener did not feel afraid at all, on the contrary, her heart felt calmer. Because of Luan QingXiaoscare, her face was slightly red.  

“Im not a scaredy-cat.” Her voice was small like a mosquito buzzing.  

“What are you muttering about?”  

“Its nothing, Classmate Luan, Ill see you tomorrow morning at seven.” After Nie Zhener said this, she hurriedly turned around and fled. 

The young madiens graceful figure was akin to a fish swimming in water. In a blink of an eye, she had already ran far into the distance.  

Luan QingXiao watched as the other walked through the door. A light footstep sounded behind her.  

“Luan QingXiao, just what is it that youre planning?”  

Luan QingXiao turned around and was met with Liang Yans dark gaze.  

“Heh,” Luan QingXiao patted Liang Yans flimsy chest, “You have to remember, it was Nie Zhener who asked me to walk with her.”  

“You!”Liang Yans face blackened.  

“Me? What about me? Im doing just fine!” Luan QingXiao smiled wickedly. Turning around, she left.  

She doesnt need to look to know, the male lead must be angry enough to explode right now.  

【Ding! The male leads blackening value is at 10%! Once the male leads blackening value reaches 100%, the blackened mode will be unlocked. The consequences will not be favorable, may host proceed with caution!】

The author has something to say:

Liang Yan: Luan QingXiao, you simply cannot be reasoned with!

Luan QingXiao, smiling lazily: Thank you for the compliment~

Liang Yan: What are you always lingering around Zhener!

Luan QingXiao: Because…for the mission yah~

Liang Yan: …(This troublemaker is beyond his capabilities)

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