“Luan QingXiao! What are you doing, let go of Zhener!” 

Liang Yan rushed over and pulled away Luan QingXiao who had Nie Zhener trapped.  

From Liang Yans perspective, Nie Zhener was ever so beautiful and weak, how can she withstand the wickedness of this vicious school bully?  

Thus, even if Luan QingXiao was a girl, he wouldnt be lenient with her.  

Liang Yans right hand grabbed onto Luan QingXiaos shoulder. He exerted force as he prepared to pull her away…or at least thats what hed planned???  

He was unable to move her at all!!!  

Liang Yan blushed from embarrassment. He actually lost face in front of Zhener, this was too shameful.   

At this moment, Luan QingXiao heard 520 report cheerfully in a tiny milky voice.  

【Detected that male lead had resorted to violent behaviors, system has automatically applied beginner skill [A Fathers Love is like a Mountain] to host. Skill explanation: A fathers love is so insignificant yet so mighty. Every fathers heart is imposing like a mountain– if Dad doesnt want to move, then no one can make Dad move. 】

Luan QingXiao: Beginner skill? What else didnt you tell me, 520 you might as well say it all right now.

What an unexpected surprise.  

, its time to display her acting skills.  

Luan QingXiao lifted her hand and brushed off Liang Yans hold on her. The smile she greeted Liang Yan with previously had disappeared without a trace.  

The person she liked actually treated her like this because of another woman. Luan QingXiaos entire being exuded displeasure, She threw him a sideway glance filled with contempt and said coldly: “What, you wanna fight?” 

“You!” Liang Yan clenched his fists tightly, causing the veins on his arms to pop.   

Nie Zhener, seeing the two face off with drawn swords and nocked arrows the moment upon meeting, immediately stepped in to mediate.  

She stepped between the two of them and anxiously explained to Liang Yan: “Liang Yan, you misunderstood, Classmate Luan wasnt bullying me.”  

The anger in Liang Yans stomach had pretty much already subsided when Nie Zhener came over. Its just that he had lost himself in anger before so his expression right now still wasnt great.

The girl in front of him is so kind. Even if she had been bullied by Luan QingXiao, she would probably choose to help her conceal it.  

Liang Yan softened his voice and said: “Zhener, Im here, dont be afraid. I already saw everything. Luan QingXiao trapped you against the wall, was she threatening you?”  

“She didnt, she really didnt threaten me.” Nie Zhener hurriedly explained.  

Luan QingXiao crossed her arms as she looked expressionlessly at Liang Yan. No one saw the dark glint that flashed through her eyes.  

Even if she did threaten Nie Zhener, so what? Was Liang Yan going to stand up for her? 

“I was the one who went to find Classmate Luan. I think us going and leaving school together isnt too appropriate, its easy to cause people to misunderstand, so I asked Classmate Luan to walk with me instead.” When she said this, a faint smile appeared on her face. She turned around to look at Luan QingXiao, her eyes filled with delight and trust: “Classmate Luan agreed just now.” 

Luan QingXiao: “…”She didnt mean to agree, but in order to anger Liang Yan, lets just pretend she did.  

Liang Yan didnt expect it would be like this. His face was filled with skepticism but his heart was quaking.    

Nie Zhener is so innocent and kindhearted, she would never lie.   

He was neighbors with Nie Zhener. A week ago, Nie Zhener brought up that she was afraid of the dark and asked if he could walk to and from school with her. At that time Liang Yang already had goodwill towards her so naturally he agreed.

Nie Zhener had a pure and kind character and her appearance was also very beautiful. Liang Yan intended to pursue her and finally got a chance to get closer to her but not even a week had passed and this golden opportunity was already cut off by Luan QingXiao. 

“Zhener, why would Luan QingXiao agree to walk with you so good-heartedly. Dont forget what kind of person she is.” Liang Yans tone carried contempt for Luan QingXiao as he earnestly persuaded Nie Zhener. He was just short of pointing his finger at Luan QingXiao and proclaiming she harbored evil designs.  

Luan QingXiao rolled her eyes at Liang Yan: “Waste of my time to even bother with you.” She then turned around and left.  

Nie Zhener chased after her for a couple of steps, “Classmate Luan, are you going to walk with me after school?”  

Luan QingXiao didnt look around, “En.” As long as she can break apart the two of them, its not a big deal to walk with her love rival.  

Nie Zhener gazed after her willowy silhouette. She touched the strawberry hair clip that was attached onto a book page and felt her heartbeat quickened a bit.

When Luan QingXiao walked out of Nie Zhener and Liang Yans vision, she asked: 520, I didnt perform well just now, will this affect the mission?”  

She only focused on pissing Liang Yan off and completely forgot about the plan to help the male lead play hero…  

【Although the process deviated slightly from the plan……but the result is still the same!Host is amazing~】

【Ding! The female leads current happiness value is 10%, Congratulations Host for obtaining victory in the first scenario~】


Its been ten minutes since the bell rang for the start of physical education class but the P.E. teacher was still nowhere to be seen. While the P.E. student representative went to the teachers office to find the teacher, and the rest of the students from Rocket Class gathered together in small groups to talk. Luan QingXiao found a spot under a tree and sat down in the shade as she listened to 520 provide an explanation on [Beginner Skill].

【The worlds are separated into the six ranks E, D, C, B, A, S, based on their difficulty level. In order to assist the hosts in completing their missions, in every world the host will receive a beginner skill. The beginner skill has no time restrictions and can only be used in the said world, after leaving the world the skill will lose effect.】

【Other than the beginner skill, Host can also use points to exchange for a chance to draw a limited time skill. 】

【Once Host has completed the mission to a certain degree, points will be given based on the level of completeness. Using the current world as an example, since the female leads happiness value has risen to 10%, Host can receive ten points. Like so, if the female leads happiness value rose to 50%, then Host will receive fifty points. Drawing a limited time skill will use ten points per draw. 】

Luan QingXiao: I have ten points right now, lets draw once to try it out.  

【There is only ten percent chance of success when drawing a limited time skill, may Host take this into consideration~】

Luan QingXiao didnt care if it failed or not. Not to mention, her luck had always been good since young: Draw.  

【Ding! Congratulations Host, for drawing the limited time skill [Miraculous Hands of a Painter]. Skill explanation: Fear not to pick up your brush, you are an outstanding artist! Time limit: One hour.】

A smirk tugged at the corner of Luan QingXiaos mouth: See, wasnt the draw successful? I told you I had good luck.   

Not far away, underneath a weeping willow, Li Ni tugged Nie Zheners hand and said in a small voice: “Zhener, look Luan Qing is smiling! A big iceberg like her actually knows how to smile!”  

Nie Zhener was originally reading a book but when she heard Luan QingXiaos name, she raised her head and subconsciously searched for that persons figure. 

“Over there.” Li Ni pointed to the weeping willow on their left. 

The light breeze scattered Nie Zheners crow black hair. She tucked the loose strands of hair behind her ears and looked over. On Luan QingXiaos cold face there a smug smile like she was pleased with herself, the corner of her eyes curving…

Nie Zheners fair ears reddened. Only when Luan QingXiaos smile faded did she slowly retracted her gaze.  

Li Ni found it novel for an instant but her attention had long shifted to somewhere. Her lively eyes looked all around before finally landing on the strawberry hair clip that was attached to a book page: “Say, Zhener, why do you think Luan QingXiao took your hairclip? If she took it, then thats that, but why did she return it to you?” 

Nie Zhener shook her head, “I also dont know.”  

Li Ni was very quick-witted, otherwise with her lackluster attitude she wouldnt have been able to get into Rocket Class, “If I have to take guess, I think its because Luan QingXiao wants to form a good relationship with you and thats why she took your strawberry hair clip.” Thinking that Nie Zhener wouldnt believe her, Li Ni continued: “Think about it ah, how is it possible for Luan QingXiao to take a liking to things like hair clips. If it wasnt for striking up a conversation with you, why would she take something that she normally wouldnt even look at…”

In order to talk to me…  

Nie Zhener felt her face heat up. She quickly fanned herself with her hand.  

“If I have to guess, I think she noticed your academic excellence, so she wants you to tutor her!” 

Nie Zheners hand froze. She gently pushed Li Ni once: “Dont talk nonsense.” 

Disappointment flooded her downcasted eyes. Turns out, she wanted me to help her study.

The author has something to say:

Luan QingXiao: I dont need a tutor.

Nie Zhener, blushing, her eyes drifting away:T-then why did you take my hair clip only to give it back to me?

Luan QingXiao, smiling fiendishly:Because…for the mission ya.

Nie Zhener: …


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